Press Release: Where to from Here: Cognition


Author André M. Slade presents ‘Where to from Here, Cognition’

The Book of Revelation 10 and the Guide to The New Kingdom

South Africa – “Where To From Here, Cognition” (published by Xlibris UK) by André M. Slade and Katarína Križáni is the final third edition wherein the authors reveal the mystery of God and the details of Creation. This powerful compilation of a lifetime of root-research presented in this volume was derived from science, archaeology, health, occults, religion, Bibliology, history, mythology, astronomy and archaeoastronomy.

The authors take readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride of logic and fact, mixed into a gripping collage of blood-curdling, breath taking revelations. Amongst many others, it also sets the records straight with regard to heliocentrism.

“Where To From Here, Cognition” proves that God, Enki, Narayana, Allah, Jesus, Horus, Poseidon, King David and YAHSHUAH are all the same person whose identity is also disclosed. These are the keys to the New Kingdom and the opposition to the New World Order.

The authors guarantee: “Not only is the work presented here neat, it is also true and exact with emphasis on etymology. This book has been superlatively proven by an internationally certified genius.”

Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2014917618

ISBN:  Hardcover    978-1-4990-9012-3

Softcover     978-1-4990-9010-9

E-book         978-14-990-9011-6


About the Authors:

Born in South Africa in 6/6/1962, raised in Windhoek, Namibia, André M. Slade completed his schooling at a Technical High School in 1981. He went on to complete his compulsory Military Service as a Corporal in 1983 after which he returned to the country of his birth. He then studied electronics and became a working technician specializing in laser electronics. After quitting the electronic world in 1995, he started a company in mechanical design, prototyping and manufacturing. At the age of 45 he gave up the corporate world to relocate to the Elephant Coast of South Africa. In 2001, he achieved the SABS Design Award for mechanical design excellence. Slade was also awarded a Wildlife Photographic Award for underwater photography in 1993. He has great passion for the ocean, nature and people.

Co-author born in Slovakia 31/3/1989 raised in Bratislava, Katarína Križáni was schooled at the Academy of Animation’s branch of graphic design. She is an internationally awarded, gold-certified Genius Logicus, ranked 33rd. She is a multi-talented, extraordinary fine artist and explorer, nature-lover and traveller.

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  1. You are a mightily confused fool who crave fame and personal power,not different from hitler if given resources. If your Love for God was true, you would love everything he created. (IF I must address you at the level of your folly.You do not have the Spirit of Christ in you, IF you knew the bible you talk about sincerely,you would discover the Holy Spirit whose evidence in persons is the basis of their falsehood or truthfulness of their conviction.His Holy Spirit is not found in such vile of a heart. The Lord help you indeed with so many you have ill spoken.Shall your end be with the Lord..?,only you can determine and mend lest your judgement comes hastily. I trust the Lord as He has shown Himself in my life and speaking to me audibly,using me to heal and cast out devils from people in Jesus name,he again shall vindicate the lowly,may you live long to see Him


  2. As close as you are to the truth, your obsession has done with you what what has been done to the Christians. you started leaning in a direction and never tried to see if there where any flaws to your beliefs. Just so you know, enki and friends ( if their still alive) are coming back, if not them, then their sons and daughters are. their not coming to save any of us, all we are, are slaves to them. we should start standing together as one race. The humans. That’s if we want to survive whats coming. PS Enki is the one who saved the Black race that you so desire to be pushed away. Why if you are against them, why do you call yourself enki? (food for thought)


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