Global State Capture, God vs. Satan in the Constitutional court of South Africa.

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This post is the diary of the most important Court Case in South Africa and in Human History as it is against the legal system itself. We as The Two Witnesses and Advocates of GOD YHWH will log Our progress during this case. This brings to a point 18 years of collective research between the two of Us. Herein Andre’s log is in blue and Katarina’s in red.

All relevant case documents and evidence are uploaded in the Gallery of this Case; see with your own eyes the bright light the Founding Affidavit and VIDEOS shed onto the darkness of this world (CLICK!).

On 11th November 2019 the clock started ticking.

11/11/2019 We submitted a preliminary Founding Affidavit to apply to a special Tribunal that was set up by Ramaphosa recently; it was turned down as apparently it was not their mandate. In the end We were referred to the Zondo Commission. Perhaps it is not their mandate because of some of Our demands like; the liquidation of The REPUBLIC of SOUTH AFRICA PTY (Ltd), the Taxonomical reclassification of blacks as Homo erectus, to stop the infiltration of Chinese into South Africa and to ban the Roman Catholic Church from this land.

27/11/2019: Katarina has worked tirelessly for over a month, barely sleeping, to be able to bring you this. South Africa owes Her big time as you have interrupted Her Feminine Power course. Today We submitted Our  Founding Affidavit and Notice of Motion starting a case against inter alia the State, the Roman Catholic Church, the Council of Churches, Human rights Commission and the Jewish Board of Deputies in the Constitutional court of South Africa. The Affidavit is an interactive PDF which even has Our book Where to from Here: Cognition on-board; however, the Video evidence is chronologically displayed here.

10/12/2019: It took us longer than expected to serve and get read reports from all state departments. At least one simply deleted Our mail without reading it. ESKOM also did its fair share of delaying the process.

13/12/2019: So it happened to be Friday the 13th today when We finally notified all RESPONDENTS together with all the State Departments joined to the proceedings and others that We are applying to the Constitutional Court for an extension of the time allocated to them for perusal of the documents and for submission of their Notice of Intention to Oppose if they so wish. Details are posted.

13/2/2020: We submitted all documents to concourt on 22/1/2020 and have to date not been able to get a registration number from them. Due to our financial constraints, We have asked them for assistance in printing and to dispense with the rules as per Concourt rules but We seem to get nowhere. These are some of the problems SA faces daily.

12/4/2020: I normally used to share only what I am 100% sure of, but I am passing over from being scared of making mistakes into confidence, so hear Me out. Short while before My 31st birthday on 31st March 2020, I came to Andre to share with Him My “Intuitive Insight”. I always have been doing this; I receive a message or knowing/an intuitive insight which I mostly know is absolutely true, but to live according to “trust but check” motto, I feel the need for deeper analysis, research and finding real evidence before making such a statement publicly. I privately share My insights with Andre, and since He made sense of this as well, I would like to share it with you to open your perspective; it makes perfect sense and I am confident that there is evidence for this:

The word CORONA which was made famous thanks to this present CORONA-VIRUS is the very same word as the word KORUNA which translates from Slovak and other languages to word CROWN as well as COIN. The word CORONA is Roman/Latin word of the same meaning. It is proven in Our freely available Court Application that the world is controlled by the CROWN corporation (formerly known as the British Crown). THE CORONA VIRUS WAS MADE BY THE CORONA CORPORATION. LOCKDOWN IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. IT IS TIME TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY!






Published by André Martin Slade

I am Yahshuah, The Lion of Judah also known as The Son of Man. Katarina, my partner, is Immayah, the doner of your mitochondria. We are Elohim or Enki and Ninki if you like. All of humanity's genetic root is connected to Us. We are the source of your consciousness. In 1999 I started research into the origins of humanity to prove something to myself; that we are not here by chance and that your perception of heliocentrism is incorrect. This search took Us into 7 fields of study. This blog, based on Our book, is Our official log.

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