Global State Capture, God vs. Satan in the Constitutional court of South Africa.

This post will be the diary where We will log Our progress during this case. This brings to a point 18 years of collective research between the two of Us. Herein Andre’s log is in blue and Katarina’s in red.

Here is the link where all relevant case documents and evidence is uploaded; it is the gallery of this Case.

On 11th November 2019 the clock started ticking.

11/11/2019 We submitted a preliminary Affidavit to apply to a special Tribunal that was set up by Ramaphosa recently; it was turned down as apparently it was not their mandate. In the end We were referred to the Zondo Commission.

27/11/2019: Katarina has worked tirelessly for two months, barely sleeping, to be able to bring you this. South Africa owes Her big time as you have interrupted Her femininity course. Today We submitted Our Founding affidavit Complete and Notice of Motion starting a case against inter alia the State, the RCC, the Council of churches and the Jewish Board in the Constitutional court of South Africa. The Affidavit is an interactive PDF which even has Our book Where to from Here: Cognition on-board, but the Video references are chronologically displayed here.




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