Written by Andre Martin Slade, Edited and Revised by Katarina Krizaniova.

Date: 08/08/2021

Here is an article that is posted on my Academia profile that was submitted for peer review, I received some mixed review but was rejected by the world’s intellect. It is the backbone of Our article on Climate Change. I thought I would share it here as it has a reference list.


With this article we officially challenge our darkest mystery: the currently accepted postulate of Heliocentrism. Since the Scientific Revolution, our perception of heliocentrism has not been revised. This interdisciplinary document argues the current Heliocentric model and therefore also our understanding of human history. This challenge is based on data collected from all avenues of our consciousness, with focus on the Great Year as defined by Plato, a period of 25,920 modern years. It raises and answers the most logical question: Is it possible for Earth to orbit the Sun in one year?


The Inventor Nikola Tesla known as The Father of Electricity said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” My qualifications in the fields of electronics (including laser) and mechanical engineering (SABS Mechanical Design Excellence award, CNC programming) combined with the competence of My partner Katarina Krizaniova ( Golden Genius Logicus No. 33) has enabled us to present a unique objective view of heliocentrism based on both intuitive reasoning and logic.

Main Argument

To discover the truth about heliocentrism, we first needed to acknowledge the fact that all Universal laws apply to everyone and everything, including Earth and its orbit. The foundation law of the Universe, The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every cause there is an equal and opposite effect. I realised that the balance point or the crossing of the equator between the cause and its effect can be determined by the equation for electromagnetic resonance: f = 1 / (2π √LC). Electromagnetic resonance was introduced to humanity by Nikola Tesla (Tesla 1993); it applies to all energetic entities from the atom to the cosmos (i.e. L = Aether and C = water). It will be the basis of this argument as it explains our planet’s orbit around the Sun.

To test the validity of the current model of heliocentrism, we needed to apply electromagnetic field fundamental laws to it (Guru and Hiziroglu 2004). My basic knowledge of these laws made Me realise that the Sun is the central perpetual electromagnet of our solar system, which is a part of Cosmic Clockwork. This invisible gear system is powered by resonance. It spins the Sun’s electromagnetic force field, which in turn causes all other electromagnets, such as our planet Earth to spin   (Mitchell A. 2018). Her electromagnetic field rotates within the Sun’s field known as Aether (Tesla, US Patent 685957, 1901). Aether/radiant energy (neutron and proton) unites with Earth’s electrons; this creates high voltage electricity evident in lightning. Earth’s relationship to the Sun is electrical; for instance the blue sky is the result of the high voltage electromagnetic field of Earth interacting with UV (Sun). This was proven by Tesla’s plasma or fluorescent lamp (Tesla, U.S. Patent 0514170, 1894).

A Sun’s resonance causes an electromagnetic field which holds its solar system together. Celestial objects congregate around their Sun’s equatorial plane in their unique orbits powered by its magnetic rotation. Magnetic influence on their polarised metal/carbon content keeps them close to the neutrality of the equatorial plane. They cross the equatorial plane between its north and south poles twice in one orbit. Celestial objects reverse their electromagnetic orientation when crossing their Sun’s equatorial plane (Mitchell A. 2018). Were the present definition of Heliocentrism correct, Earth would flip polarity every six months and be uninhabitable; furthermore, Earth would travel at a comet’s average speed, making it impossible for the Moon to orbit Earth as it does. If our calendar does not represent Earth’s orbit around the Sun, then what does?

Earth’s original calendar system is known as The Great Year; it is the 25, 920-year cycle which measures the slow rotation of the background stars relative to the rising sun (Trulear 2016). My breakthrough realisation was that The Great or Platonic Year is the period it takes Earth to complete one cycle around the Sun and that this process works like invisible gears. The Sun’s magnetic field moves Earth very slowly in the opposite direction to what is perceived i.e. East of you when the Sun is at noon, according to the rotation of the Sun’s magnetic flux. This is provable by the direction of the stellar shift of one degree every 72 years (Velikovsky 1950). It takes Earth 25,920 years to complete one 360 degree orbit around the Sun: 72 x 360 = 25,920. Earth crosses the Sun’s Equator twice in a Great Year, every 12,960 years.

The crossing causes total darkness ( The Bible 1611; Mitchell A. 2018); humanity will see the Sun for what it is for the fist time because Earth’s light, so to speak, will go out until the polarity has corrected. Earth will also become a giant magnet for a brief moment in time drawing space debris toHer surface ( The Bible  1611; Velikovsky 1950; Mitchel and Avenet-Bradley 1997); such catastrophic events have befallen our planet and are studied by coherent catastrophism (Sweatman 2017; The Bible 1611; Clapham, Dachille, and Dirkzwager 1983  ).

Although the majority of the most recent catastrophic events such as the sudden freezing of the Siberian Mammoths have been carbon dated to around 10,000 years (Heyns 1991), our research indicated that Earth previously crossed the Sun’s Equator about 12, 960 years ago (Firestone 2006; Sweatman 2017) . So   why do carbon years not correlate with calendar years? Carbon decays independently from how Earth moves in Her Great Year orbit; Carbon 14 decay is a constant, as is the period of a Great Year orbit. These two constants led us to discover that Earth’s calendar years had changed. A Great Year naturally takes about 20,600 carbon years; the Sun’s Equatorial plane divides the orbit into two halves of 10,290 carbon years. Thus a quarter of the Great Year contains 5,145 carbon years. The original period of 5,145 years perfectly reflects in archaeology but not in history. We needed to align archaeology with history.

History has a well-logged incident which occurred on Earth around 6,500 years ago i.e. 4,500 BC best known as Noah’s Flood ( The Bible 1611;   Platt 2016; The Hope Trust   1994). Our research into the origins of humanity revealed that Earth was struck by a comet in north Africa cca 5,150 years ago i.e. 3,150 BC (Slade and Krizani 2014). Google Earth  will confirm the impact’s footprint which also sheds light on the Sahara’s hidden history (Gazur 2019). As result of the Moon’s gravitational pull, Earth naturally spirals around Her Great Year orbit. We realised that the comet pushed Earth away from Her orbit by 2.5 Million Km and that Her momentum preserved the spiral. The angle of the comet’s impact compressed and enlarged the spiral trajectory and increased Earth’s rotational speed by 20,6% from 290 to 365.25 revolutions per year (Bellamy 1956). The frequency of the spiral orbit increased from 5,145 to 6,480 per quarter of the Great Year; however, the C14 decay rate remained the same. This caused the dual dating system. Plato dated the catastrophic destruction of Atlantis to about 11,600 years ago; this is indeed the time of the last crossing calculated using both carbon and calendar years: 5,145 + 6,480 = 11,625 years ago (Firestone 2006).

This secondary spiral orbit interrupted Earth’s magnetic resonance when it created another set of equinoxes experienced as seasonal changes. This was documented by building New Grange, one of the oldest man-made historical landmarks (O’kelly 2015; Ray 1989). These additional equinoxes confuse astronomers and scientists who equate equinoxes with Earth’s orbit of the Sun. This spiral orbit with a diameter of 5Mkm is causing extended “Climate Change” the way it is happening. The CO2 measurements in red on the graph below ( Global Monitoring Laboratory of NOAA 2021 ) demonstrate how Earth tumbles to and from the Sun’s equatorial plane in Her Spiral orbit; the highest point of an annual wave represents perihelion.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3-87cb092aa1.jpg

The pole reversal happens when Earth’s equator lines up with the Sun’s. Every time Earth approaches and departs the opposite field, it generates an extreme amount of radiant energy, which is stored in Earth’s capacitor i.e. water (Gritskevich et al. 2001). This flow of energy heats up her core which results in volcanic eruption, one of the causes of CO2 increase. The dynamo effect of the magnetic interference causes super concentrated flux flow on Her axis which is melting the polar icecaps. We proposed in Our book   that the Earth’s northern hemisphere would touch the equatorial plane for the first time in Dec 2015 (Slade and Krizani 2014). The initial interaction resulted in a huge CO2 spike, an unexpected change in quasi-biennial oscillation   and a stir in the science community (Osprey et al. 2016). The graphic below demonstrates Earth’s orbit (NOTE: Read 1.47 Mkm on perihelion).

Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade. Library of Congress Control Number: 2014917618

In Conclusion

To challenge an old postulate about a subject pivotal to human existence, We applied a new logical way of thinking based on intuitive reasoning and logic. Through this process we uncovered and corrected the logical errors implied by the current definition of heliocentrism. In the light of this revised theory, it is clear that Earth can not revolve around the Sun in one year. Amongst the key discoveries was the fact that Climate Change is the effect of the comet strike as well as the fact that Earth is an electromagnet which is about to cross the Sun’s Equatorial plane and reverse Her poles. The revised model of heliocentrism does not only enable humanity to calculate the season of the crossing; it also renders a tangible explanation to our darkest mystery.


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Published by André Martin Slade

I am Yahshuah, The Lion of Judah also known as The Son of Man. Katarina, my partner, is Immayah, the doner of your mitochondria. We are Elohim or Enki and Ninki if you like. All of humanity's genetic root is connected to Us. We are the source of your consciousness. In 1999 I started research into the origins of humanity to prove something to myself; that we are not here by chance and that your perception of heliocentrism is incorrect. This search took Us into 7 fields of study. This blog, based on Our book, is Our official log.

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