Written by Andre Martin Slade, Edited and Revised by Katarina Krizaniova.

Date: 08/08/2021

Here is an article that is posted on my Academia profile that was submitted for peer review, I received some mixed review but was rejected by the world’s intellect. It is the backbone of Our article on Climate Change. I thought I would share it here as it has a reference list.


With this article we officially challenge our darkest mystery: the currently accepted postulate of Heliocentrism. Since the Scientific Revolution, our perception of heliocentrism has not been revised. This interdisciplinary document argues the current Heliocentric model and therefore also our understanding of human history. This challenge is based on data collected from all avenues of our consciousness, with focus on the Great Year as defined by Plato, a period of 25,920 modern years. It raises and answers the most logical question: Is it possible for Earth to orbit the Sun in one year?


The Inventor Nikola Tesla known as The Father of Electricity said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” My qualifications in the fields of electronics (including laser) and mechanical engineering (SABS Mechanical Design Excellence award, CNC programming) combined with the competence of My partner Katarina Krizaniova ( Golden Genius Logicus No. 33) has enabled us to present a unique objective view of heliocentrism based on both intuitive reasoning and logic.

Main Argument

To discover the truth about heliocentrism, we first needed to acknowledge the fact that all Universal laws apply to everyone and everything, including Earth and its orbit. The foundation law of the Universe, The Law of Cause and Effect states that for every cause there is an equal and opposite effect. I realised that the balance point or the crossing of the equator between the cause and its effect can be determined by the equation for electromagnetic resonance: f = 1 / (2π √LC). Electromagnetic resonance was introduced to humanity by Nikola Tesla (Tesla 1993); it applies to all energetic entities from the atom to the cosmos (i.e. L = Aether and C = water). It will be the basis of this argument as it explains our planet’s orbit around the Sun.

To test the validity of the current model of heliocentrism, we needed to apply electromagnetic field fundamental laws to it (Guru and Hiziroglu 2004). My basic knowledge of these laws made Me realise that the Sun is the central perpetual electromagnet of our solar system, which is a part of Cosmic Clockwork. This invisible gear system is powered by resonance. It spins the Sun’s electromagnetic force field, which in turn causes all other electromagnets, such as our planet Earth to spin   (Mitchell A. 2018). Her electromagnetic field rotates within the Sun’s field known as Aether (Tesla, US Patent 685957, 1901). Aether/radiant energy (neutron and proton) unites with Earth’s electrons; this creates high voltage electricity evident in lightning. Earth’s relationship to the Sun is electrical; for instance the blue sky is the result of the high voltage electromagnetic field of Earth interacting with UV (Sun). This was proven by Tesla’s plasma or fluorescent lamp (Tesla, U.S. Patent 0514170, 1894).

A Sun’s resonance causes an electromagnetic field which holds its solar system together. Celestial objects congregate around their Sun’s equatorial plane in their unique orbits powered by its magnetic rotation. Magnetic influence on their polarised metal/carbon content keeps them close to the neutrality of the equatorial plane. They cross the equatorial plane between its north and south poles twice in one orbit. Celestial objects reverse their electromagnetic orientation when crossing their Sun’s equatorial plane (Mitchell A. 2018). Were the present definition of Heliocentrism correct, Earth would flip polarity every six months and be uninhabitable; furthermore, Earth would travel at a comet’s average speed, making it impossible for the Moon to orbit Earth as it does. If our calendar does not represent Earth’s orbit around the Sun, then what does?

Earth’s original calendar system is known as The Great Year; it is the 25, 920-year cycle which measures the slow rotation of the background stars relative to the rising sun (Trulear 2016). My breakthrough realisation was that The Great or Platonic Year is the period it takes Earth to complete one cycle around the Sun and that this process works like invisible gears. The Sun’s magnetic field moves Earth very slowly in the opposite direction to what is perceived i.e. East of you when the Sun is at noon, according to the rotation of the Sun’s magnetic flux. This is provable by the direction of the stellar shift of one degree every 72 years (Velikovsky 1950). It takes Earth 25,920 years to complete one 360 degree orbit around the Sun: 72 x 360 = 25,920. Earth crosses the Sun’s Equator twice in a Great Year, every 12,960 years.

The crossing causes total darkness ( The Bible 1611; Mitchell A. 2018); humanity will see the Sun for what it is for the fist time because Earth’s light, so to speak, will go out until the polarity has corrected. Earth will also become a giant magnet for a brief moment in time drawing space debris toHer surface ( The Bible  1611; Velikovsky 1950; Mitchel and Avenet-Bradley 1997); such catastrophic events have befallen our planet and are studied by coherent catastrophism (Sweatman 2017; The Bible 1611; Clapham, Dachille, and Dirkzwager 1983  ).

Although the majority of the most recent catastrophic events such as the sudden freezing of the Siberian Mammoths have been carbon dated to around 10,000 years (Heyns 1991), our research indicated that Earth previously crossed the Sun’s Equator about 12, 960 years ago (Firestone 2006; Sweatman 2017) . So   why do carbon years not correlate with calendar years? Carbon decays independently from how Earth moves in Her Great Year orbit; Carbon 14 decay is a constant, as is the period of a Great Year orbit. These two constants led us to discover that Earth’s calendar years had changed. A Great Year naturally takes about 20,600 carbon years; the Sun’s Equatorial plane divides the orbit into two halves of 10,290 carbon years. Thus a quarter of the Great Year contains 5,145 carbon years. The original period of 5,145 years perfectly reflects in archaeology but not in history. We needed to align archaeology with history.

History has a well-logged incident which occurred on Earth around 6,500 years ago i.e. 4,500 BC best known as Noah’s Flood ( The Bible 1611;   Platt 2016; The Hope Trust   1994). Our research into the origins of humanity revealed that Earth was struck by a comet in north Africa cca 5,150 years ago i.e. 3,150 BC (Slade and Krizani 2014). Google Earth  will confirm the impact’s footprint which also sheds light on the Sahara’s hidden history (Gazur 2019). As result of the Moon’s gravitational pull, Earth naturally spirals around Her Great Year orbit. We realised that the comet pushed Earth away from Her orbit by 2.5 Million Km and that Her momentum preserved the spiral. The angle of the comet’s impact compressed and enlarged the spiral trajectory and increased Earth’s rotational speed by 20,6% from 290 to 365.25 revolutions per year (Bellamy 1956). The frequency of the spiral orbit increased from 5,145 to 6,480 per quarter of the Great Year; however, the C14 decay rate remained the same. This caused the dual dating system. Plato dated the catastrophic destruction of Atlantis to about 11,600 years ago; this is indeed the time of the last crossing calculated using both carbon and calendar years: 5,145 + 6,480 = 11,625 years ago (Firestone 2006).

This secondary spiral orbit interrupted Earth’s magnetic resonance when it created another set of equinoxes experienced as seasonal changes. This was documented by building New Grange, one of the oldest man-made historical landmarks (O’kelly 2015; Ray 1989). These additional equinoxes confuse astronomers and scientists who equate equinoxes with Earth’s orbit of the Sun. This spiral orbit with a diameter of 5Mkm is causing extended “Climate Change” the way it is happening. The CO2 measurements in red on the graph below ( Global Monitoring Laboratory of NOAA 2021 ) demonstrate how Earth tumbles to and from the Sun’s equatorial plane in Her Spiral orbit; the highest point of an annual wave represents perihelion.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3-87cb092aa1.jpg

The pole reversal happens when Earth’s equator lines up with the Sun’s. Every time Earth approaches and departs the opposite field, it generates an extreme amount of radiant energy, which is stored in Earth’s capacitor i.e. water (Gritskevich et al. 2001). This flow of energy heats up her core which results in volcanic eruption, one of the causes of CO2 increase. The dynamo effect of the magnetic interference causes super concentrated flux flow on Her axis which is melting the polar icecaps. We proposed in Our book   that the Earth’s northern hemisphere would touch the equatorial plane for the first time in Dec 2015 (Slade and Krizani 2014). The initial interaction resulted in a huge CO2 spike, an unexpected change in quasi-biennial oscillation   and a stir in the science community (Osprey et al. 2016). The graphic below demonstrates Earth’s orbit (NOTE: Read 1.47 Mkm on perihelion).

Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade. Library of Congress Control Number: 2014917618

In Conclusion

To challenge an old postulate about a subject pivotal to human existence, We applied a new logical way of thinking based on intuitive reasoning and logic. Through this process we uncovered and corrected the logical errors implied by the current definition of heliocentrism. In the light of this revised theory, it is clear that Earth can not revolve around the Sun in one year. Amongst the key discoveries was the fact that Climate Change is the effect of the comet strike as well as the fact that Earth is an electromagnet which is about to cross the Sun’s Equatorial plane and reverse Her poles. The revised model of heliocentrism does not only enable humanity to calculate the season of the crossing; it also renders a tangible explanation to our darkest mystery.


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Global State Capture, God vs. Satan in the Constitutional court of South Africa.

Join my discussion on Academia:

This post is the diary of the most important Court Case in South Africa and in Human History as it is against the legal system itself. We as The Two Witnesses and Advocates of GOD YHWH will log Our progress during this case. This brings to a point 18 years of collective research between the two of Us. Herein Andre’s log is in blue and Katarina’s in red.

All relevant case documents and evidence are uploaded in the Gallery of this Case; see with your own eyes the bright light the Founding Affidavit and VIDEOS shed onto the darkness of this world (CLICK!).

On 11th November 2019 the clock started ticking.

11/11/2019 We submitted a preliminary Founding Affidavit to apply to a special Tribunal that was set up by Ramaphosa recently; it was turned down as apparently it was not their mandate. In the end We were referred to the Zondo Commission. Perhaps it is not their mandate because of some of Our demands like; the liquidation of The REPUBLIC of SOUTH AFRICA PTY (Ltd), the Taxonomical reclassification of blacks as Homo erectus, to stop the infiltration of Chinese into South Africa and to ban the Roman Catholic Church from this land.

27/11/2019: Katarina has worked tirelessly for over a month, barely sleeping, to be able to bring you this. South Africa owes Her big time as you have interrupted Her Feminine Power course. Today We submitted Our  Founding Affidavit and Notice of Motion starting a case against inter alia the State, the Roman Catholic Church, the Council of Churches, Human rights Commission and the Jewish Board of Deputies in the Constitutional court of South Africa. The Affidavit is an interactive PDF which even has Our book Where to from Here: Cognition on-board; however, the Video evidence is chronologically displayed here.

10/12/2019: It took us longer than expected to serve and get read reports from all state departments. At least one simply deleted Our mail without reading it. ESKOM also did its fair share of delaying the process.

13/12/2019: So it happened to be Friday the 13th today when We finally notified all RESPONDENTS together with all the State Departments joined to the proceedings and others that We are applying to the Constitutional Court for an extension of the time allocated to them for perusal of the documents and for submission of their Notice of Intention to Oppose if they so wish. Details are posted.

13/2/2020: We submitted all documents to concourt on 22/1/2020 and have to date not been able to get a registration number from them. Due to our financial constraints, We have asked them for assistance in printing and to dispense with the rules as per Concourt rules but We seem to get nowhere. These are some of the problems SA faces daily.

12/4/2020: I normally used to share only what I am 100% sure of, but I am passing over from being scared of making mistakes into confidence, so hear Me out. Short while before My 31st birthday on 31st March 2020, I came to Andre to share with Him My “Intuitive Insight”. I always have been doing this; I receive a message or knowing/an intuitive insight which I mostly know is absolutely true, but to live according to “trust but check” motto, I feel the need for deeper analysis, research and finding real evidence before making such a statement publicly. I privately share My insights with Andre, and since He made sense of this as well, I would like to share it with you to open your perspective; it makes perfect sense and I am confident that there is evidence for this:

The word CORONA which was made famous thanks to this present CORONA-VIRUS is the very same word as the word KORUNA which translates from Slovak and other languages to word CROWN as well as COIN. The word CORONA is Roman/Latin word of the same meaning. It is proven in Our freely available Court Application that the world is controlled by the CROWN corporation (formerly known as the British Crown). THE CORONA VIRUS WAS MADE BY THE CORONA CORPORATION. LOCKDOWN IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS. IT IS TIME TO KNOW YOUR ENEMY!







Haven’t you read The Key To Tesla 369 Riddle yet????
Then now is the time to do so because what you are about to read is based on it.

After having been on an odyssey of truth for many years, on 31 August 2012 at 22h00 South African time I received The Breath of God; that is when it all started….

If you are asking Can it get any better than this?, the answer is yes!

At the same time but in the opposite hemisphere of Earth in Slovakia She spontaneously books a one-way ticket to fly to South Africa on 12 September 2012. As true truth-seeker, She had never-ending faith that if She asks, She will be given. She asked for wisdom and She was lead directly to Me by Her intuition.

I am Andre Martin from families Slade and Steyn born in South Africa 6/6/1962, registered in the Corporate system of the Catholic Church (meaning Universal Assembly) as ANDRE MARTIN SLADE, number three of four children. She is Katarina from families Krizani and Popunda (KATARINA KRIZANIOVA) born in Slovakia 31/3/1989 as the middle of three sisters.

Unknowingly fulfilling a very important part of biblical prophecy, We met in October 2012 during a 14km “mini marathon” in a remote fishing village in the Zulu Kingdom. Her interest in My published work was extraordinary; She stayed in South Africa “illegally” (in contravention of Catholic Corporation Law) in order to help Me get the most accurate message across to humanity. Katarina knew that in My book Where to from Here She has found exactly what She had been desiring the most: wisdom and truth. She felt the need to grow this great seed of TRUTH and complete this great work. As Genius of Logic She quickly understood how important this is. She had faith in My work and She was extremely stubborn about it. Her receptivity was a blessing to Me.

So I let Her in….

In 2014 We re-published My 2012 publication of Where to from Here under the name Where to from Here: Cognition. She was 23 when She came and got a lot of responsibility on Her shoulders analysing, checking, correcting, filling the gaps, validating and making sure Our evidence would be bullet-proof. Because of Her deep desire to complete My work She overstayed Her 1-month entry permit and was arrested on 18/8/2016 and illegally imprisoned for 33 weeks. In short, We trust with Our lives in Our work’s credibility, power, wisdom and its divine inspiration.

The prophecy in The Bible’s Revelation 10 promised the little book to unlock The Bible’s seals and finish the mystery of God when the 7th angel (The Age of Aquarius) will begin to sound:

“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

Our book Where to from Here: Cognition fits the profile 100%.

In Revelation 5 God made it very clear to YOU that The Lamb who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and The Son of God is the only one in Heaven and on Earth who can do this. He is the only one with the Key of David needed to unlock The Bible. His feminine half, The Holy Spirit is the Lock.

What is your job in this?

Take this little bitter-sweet book of truth and eat it up and prophesy about it:

“And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey …. And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

Revelation 10

Are you ready for the answer to the question you may have been afraid to ask:

“Who is God?”


Then let’s take a Dive Deep into the Divine together!

So, who in Heaven/ on Earth is God/ the Divine Designer?

Genesis, the 1st book of The Bible reveals who The Creator God is:

Originally, The Bible refers to The Creator by the title Elohim or by the sacred name YHWH. The problem is that both these words were later purposefully mistranslated as the word God or LORD into English.


Because Elohim is not a singular masculine word; this plural word is neither masculine nor feminine. Elohim represents the combination of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

God is “a Couple made in Heaven” or Father and Mother God, El and Eloah/El Shaddai.

These two divisions of The Spirit of YHWH are equal opposite of each other, yet one could not exist without the other. Their Divine Design is to cooperate not compete. They perfectly complete each other, and each contains the essence of the other. They represent the two prime energies of life: masculine and feminine, expansive and contracting, plus and minus of a sine wave. They are the Godhead of Earth. The very popular ancient Yin Yang symbol represents exactly this cosmic principle of duality. This expression of duality is present everywhere as everything can be explained by using the Yin and Yang principle.

Yin Yang
Balance and harmony between these opposites is THE WAY, the divine middle path:

“And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”                            Isaiah 30: 21

“Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.”
                                                                                                                                           Proverbs 4:27

Where did the Elohim come from?

The Elohim first came to planet Earth in Their extraterrestrial bodies about 450,000 years ago. They were known as the Annunaki which translates from the Sumerian language as Those who from Heaven to Earth came. Anunnaki or the Sumerians are the ones who introduced civilisation to the world.

About 10, 000 years ago The Elohim created blue-eyed Homo sapiens sapiens (anatomically modern man) avatars in order to incarnate Their Sky/Heavenly spirits on Earth. The first avatars are known to YOU as Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve received all the amazing seeds and an instruction from Elohim on how to work the land. This is the agricultural revolution the world is so excited about.

Elohim are the root and the offspring of this creation described in Genesis 2 because They keep re-incarnating or descending Their Heavenly Spirits into these blue-eyed bodies of the most advanced Homo on Earth.

NOTE: The creation of man on day 6 in Genesis 1 does not refer to the same time frame. It refers to the advancement of brown-eyed Earth evolved Homo sapiens’ DNA from wild animal to conscious level by giving them speech and increased intelligence. This included advancement of another species called Homo erectus.

Tracking the incarnations/ avatars of this split-in-two Supreme Spirit has led to the documentation of Their history quite comprehensively, The Bible being only the latter part thereof. They are Enki and Inanna spoken of in Supernatural Sumerian tablets; the title Enki means Lord of Earth and Inanna means Anu’s beloved. Anu is Enki’s original father from Orion; He is the first physical manifestation of God Almighty/Infinite Intelligence and He has His Heavenly Half too, of course.

Katarina’s most beloved artist is Michelangelo; this genius left U-manity a secret message directly in The Catholic Church’s Sistine Chapel. In his awesome painting of the Creation of Adam, he depicted The Creator in the shape and likeness of Human Brain.

Michelangelo Creation of Adam Brain
God’s hand extends towards Adam in the location of the lens of the Third eye. All creation starts in there, the place where you can connect to God YHWH.

What are the Elohim’s present Avatars like?

Enki’s avatar, Andre, is born in the year of the Tiger/Lion; in this life His conception was 11/9 birthing Him on 6/6. Inanna’s avatar, Katarina, is born in the year of the Snake, Her conception being 04/7 birthing Her on 31/3, 66 days apart from each other. Their numerology adds to the divine number 37, where Andre is #3 and Katarina #7.

Their Human Design charts differ in few significant points:
1. Katarina has defined heart center; the energy of the heart center carries energy of the warrior: courage, loyalty, willpower, encouragement, support as well as aggression, possessiveness, selfishness, competitiveness etc. Andre has an undefined heart centre which means He is conditioned by the energy of Her defined heart center/ “ego”. He receives Her energy and reflects it back to Her, being affected by it whether positively or negatively.
2. He is single-defined; by Design He is self-contained, thrives on His independence and self-sufficiency and is not a relationship type. She, on the other hand, is split; split definitions were designed to teach others how to be in a partnership; they carry the responsibility for pair bonding.
3. He has a design To Do which means He has the dynamics of impatience, restlessness and the ability to accomplish goals. He can never have a mode to wait. She has a design To Wait; this suggests a design To Be, an internal orientation for letting life come as it does, paying attention and seeing oneself in relation to others. His To Do design conditions Her into believing “I can do it!”.
4. His Ji centre (Higher Self, place under the Sun) is defined by the gate 13 Uniting with People and 33 Retreat. He by Design has a natural inclination to tell others what to do; to lead, which combined with His Single-defined To Do design comes across as arrogant. Her Ji Centre/Tipheret is defined by the gate 1 Positiveness, the creative and 8 Fellowship.


Andre represents Chesed on The Tree of Life, which symbolises majesty, loving kindness, mercy, compassion, cooperation…. His intentions are pure, and He is technically highly skilled. He is also known as The Prince of Peace or The Lamb. His colour is blue. He has had many Avatars such as Hermes, Enoch, Melchizedek, Quetzalcoatl, Ra, Osiris, Narayana, Moses, King David (Solomon’s father), Isaiah/Yeshaiyah, Jeremiah/Yiremiyah, Daniel, Immanuel (“Jesus”), King Louis XVI and even the world-famous prophet Siener van Rensburg.

Katarina on the other hand is represented on The Tree of Life as Gevurah, which is severity, justice, restraint, victory… She has an IQ of 144; as a snake, She is patient, but when She strikes with judgement, She does so with vigorous competitive intent which is directly connected to Her divine role as “The Terrible Judge”. Her gift of beauty/charm combined with high intellect makes Her very persuasive. Inanna’s manifestations were Enheduana, Isis, Quan Yin/Mao Shan, Gaia, Tezcatlipoca, Aphrodite, Venus, Hypatia from Alexandria, Bathsheba (Solomon’s mother), Mary of Magdala, Joan of Arc, Madam Blavatsky and then some. As the Queen of Heaven or El Shaddai (Breasted God), She is the Mother of all, so all of YOU bear Her mitochondria. Her colour is scarlet/red and She is sinless, yet all sin originates from Her.

Because They were separated from YHWH’s androgynous spirit (Genesis 2) into masculine and feminine part, They are twin flames. Twin flames are always from the same genetic group which means they have similar features, like blue eyes and brown hair and they will have the same mindset. They represent Natural Love in its absolute form: Enki symbolises giving love while Inanna receiving love.

When Inanna receives Enki’s love, They become one in sacred union known as Hieros Gamos. They will walk hand in hand, Inanna, the avatar of IMMAYAH (MotherYAH) on the left side of Yahweh and Enki representing ABBAYAH (FatherYAH) on the right. The Unity between them manifests Yahweh in full in physical form:

“And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people.”
Leviticus 26:12

So, what’s the problem?

Do you know the famous story motive about The Dragon who imprisons The Princess, who is desperately waiting for Her Prince, who at the end comes and saves Her?

Well, this story is not a fairytale; it is reality based on Biblical prophecy!

The Dragon from the story is none other than Satan from The Bible. Satan literally means Opposer:

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Satan wants to rule the world instead of God and He wants The Princess for himself. That is why He desires to prevent the marriage of The Prince and The Princess. The Dragon has kept Inanna’s Spirit in bondage by deceiving the world into worshiping Her prudent energy instead of God’s Wisdom.
Do you know why the Prince always chooses the most difficult road?

When you come into this physical world, your divinity comes down into you and descends directly into Yesod (sexuality and ego). Your sexual organs contain God’s creative force or Binah. This divine creative force is automatically devoured by your ego and karma; it is suppressed and lost in the dark; you start here as a force of chaos.
Only once you realise yourself and perfect your soul, Christ/ Wisdom can descend into it! You need to descent into the dark to be able to ascend to The Supreme God. The document called Pistis Sophia describes Inanna’s journey from the dark very well.
Together, Enki and Inanna are the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11:

And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.”

He represents the Right brain and She the left, but They are both androgynous. Each has Their own masculine side (Chesed) as well as feminine side (Gevurah).

So where does Satan come in?

As mentioned before, Satan merely means Opposer; if God is truth, Satan is lie:

“Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”                                                                                                                                             John 8:44

He is opposed to God’s Qingdom or rather Elohim’s Sacred Marriage. He desires to put his evil seed into Inanna’s womb because She is the lock and he has the key of abyss:

“And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.”                                                 Revelation 9: 1

He sees himself as equal, even superior to God. He elevates Inanna and is at loggerheads with his Father. Gevurah’s number is 216; broken down it is 6x6x6 or 666. This is where he stole the number for his corporation from; it is displayed in their bar code. Satan’s society is Freemasonry whose goddess is Lady Liberty which is Inanna. They have their version of a messiah known as Akhanathan; they call themselves the Enlightened Ones but are better known as the Illuminati. Satan’s spirit is known as Azazel (meaning earthly possession), and his incarnations were amongst others Marduk, Sargon the Great, Nimrod, Akhanathan, Pyrrhus, Malqart (Baal’am) of Tyre, king Solomon and of late, Rothschild. His chosen family line was marked with red hair and blue eyes, making him the Red Dragon of Revelation. His bloodline is known as Ashkenazi jews, but they are by no means real Jews. The word Jew was derived from Judah, the chosen son of Israel (Jacob). They are an offspring of Israel’s brother Esau.

The Sea Beast is the Holy See/Maritime law/UCC (Universal Commercial Code). The Scarlet Harlot is the Roman Catholic (Universal/Communist) Church. Religion and corporation is Satan’s inception; he is at the base of all of it meaning he would deprive you of your free will.

Revelation 5 disproves all religions and reveals the blasphemy of the Catholic Church.

So how does it all fit together?

Tesla was all about resonance or unity, which is the most amazing thing. This Unity is the invisible glue that holds everything alive together; everything is electrically charged. So it is safe to say that God Almighty or Infinite Intelligence is all about electricity. The Tesla coil is a replication of what happens in nature when things are in unison with the Aether/God. Aether is magnetic flux which fuels life in the Universe; it is the source of life. Earth’s Aether comes through the Sun mostly. Basically, when resonance or rather reverberation happens, it reproduces a perpetual figure 8 flow of electrons within Tesla’s coil, drawing incredible amounts of electricity from the Aether. The excess power is then accumulated in the capacitor for use. The same thing happens when your brain lobes, which also represent your personal Chesed and Gevurah, work in unison. They share and analyse thought between spirit and physical. This balance is the spark of wisdom. When this is achieved, the reverberation happens between your pituitary and pineal gland, and your body’s Sacral Centre becomes the capacitor that stores the energy.

When you consciously activate your Third eye by uniting your pituitary and pineal gland, it turns on the spiritual light within your body. When your body is full of light, your inner navigational system called Intuition (6th sense) will guide you with ease. It takes a bit of time to get used to another sense; besides your Inner GPS still needs to load the map. This is your heavenly connection that completes your body’s magnetic field. The day you switch your light on (open your spiritual eye) is the first day you are truly alive and able to evolve, but you are not complete. Until this point, your intuition was subconscious and God was invisible to you. By awakening the divine within, you reach your personal summit (Tipheret); you go from 33.3% to 66.6% awake. From Tipheret up, only the will of God is done. The other 33.3% depends on who you are and whether you even have a twin flame to complete you:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”                                                                                               Matthew 6:22


Yahweh communicates with you through electromagnetic light waves, where your pineal gland is the receiver (antenna), your pathway between physical and spiritual. Your pineal gland has the same sensory organ as an eye but perceives only the metaphysical. Of the best stimuli for the Pineal gland is meditation, Blue Lotus, Ayawasca, Pine or My favorite, Cannabis, the plant of truth! By educating yourself with truth you will start resonance at Yahweh’s frequency.

“Lord, when someone meets you
in a moment of vision,
is it through the soul that they see,
or is it through the Spirit?’
The Teacher answered:
‘It is neither through the soul or the Spirit,
But the nous between the two
Which sees the vision …”
Gospel of Mary Magdalene

The entire universe works on the basis of synchronicity with these electromagnetic vibrations. As everything has an equal opposite, this is no different. There are two sides to this vibration one is able to choose from, one earthly and the other heavenly or rather dark and light. The earthly connection is a natural connection which takes place at conception; the heavenly connection is achieved through receiving Christ/ Wisdom.

Humanity, bearing the mitochondria of Inanna, tends to be at peace with Her earthly state of being, where simple creatures fall prey to earthly possession, jealousy, lust, control and fear, rendering a very prudent and deprived society.

How do you ascend from the earth bond?

Start by asking yourself “Who are you?” and get to know who you are from every aspect. Elohim have given humanity guides like The Human Design, the zodiac, numerology and astrology to assist with this task; they are not gods though. Your mission is to ascend (gain full control of) the physical, astral and mental body by knowing its strengths and weaknesses and to awaken your sixth sense, your Intuition.

The sixth sense is the most rewarding sense there is, but know that with wisdom comes sadness. The requirement for connecting to the heavenly energy is faith, will-power, extensive knowledge about humanity and a healthy pituitary and pineal gland. This is what Christ or God consciousness is all about; when it happens, you will awaken the divine inside. Doing so will enhance your life force exponentially. Christianity’s doctrine of Being Born Again is another of Satan’s lies; being born back into the bondage of religion (meaning return to bondage) is not what Yahweh is all about. He is about true freedom, yet He expects you to obey some natural laws.

Remember, to know love you have to become love; when you love yourself, you honour your Creator. He designed you to govern yourselves as long as you stick to the rules. To achieve this starts with a conscious choice to bring balance between intellect and creativity or judgement and joy. This is where a fundamental issue lays within humanity and the conception of this.

Let’s look at the two extremes:

Blacks are creative but do not have enough intellect to create; brains of all original homos of Earth have been functioning this way for millions of years. Blacks’ average intelligence level is that of mildly mentally retarded Whites. Black design is simply not Human design; Blacks cannot independently function in our society developed predominantly with left brain. They are the most basic homos wild and unrestrained in their nature, which is evident in their exceptional rhythm but also their bestial behavior. Their original design is to serve.

Chinese/Asians are intelligent but lack the creativity; they are the best copy artists. Besides, they are not supposed to be here; they are forbidden fruit of Lot’s incest.

If you want to advance from here, it is of vital importance to realise that the principle of Equality is set to destroy The Divine Design. Communism does not work because Yahweh created you according to a set hierarchy for a reason; make peace with it and stick to The Ten Commandments until further notice.

So how do you perfect your soul ?

Firstly, there are a couple of things to understand. For you to be reborn into the Heavenly Kingdom you will need pure blood, be fearless; you have to trust yourself and you need absolute truth. In other words, you need to know exactly who the God you follow is. This can only be achieved by first knowing your enemy and Yahweh’s adversary. Although everyone’s journey is unique, there is no other way of conceiving this immaculate concept.

Wisdom is the language Infinite Intelligence communicates in. The Book of Proverbs in The Bible stresses the fact that knowledge becomes wisdom. To gain wisdom you need to have the correct knowledge and see it through the single eye. The single eye is activated when your compassionate fatherly pituitary gland and righteous motherly pineal gland are in balance. Imbalance here is what Tesla saw in women because women are not living their true selves as a result of communist programming, the matrix. Your yin-yang has been destroyed on purpose to make you easy to control. Society has been steered to this point to keep you from seeing that.

Religion, lies and postulates were designed to manipulate the information your right brain receives in order to control your perception of life. Only through the eye of wisdom will anyone be able to see that. At present it is Satan’s “wisdom” being birthed through the energy of The Holy Spirit as She represents God’s creative power/force. The Holy Spirit can only achieve wisdom if She is in Union with The Son of God.

The difference between wisdom and prudence is intent.

The Godhead can only function if these two are in resonance. Satan aims to turn your Chesed into the biggest enemy of your Gevurah; he feeds you false stories to replace the logical truth with which causes great conflict within.

If there is reasonable doubt, there is reason for a change of perception and thus a change of consciousness which is only possible through education. Remember, spirituality is metaphysical/intangible; it is processed in the right brain where you create perceptions, which become your beliefs and affect your well-being. Satan identifies with the colour scarlet and does everything opposite to Yahweh. He has literally turned the world upside down and inside out; to recognise that, you need knowledge. By worshiping Inanna humanity is keeping Her energy dominant thus keeping Her spirit in bondage.

Yahweh said He hates Queen of Heaven worship and He admits to being a jealous God!

By constantly and diligently updating your perception as you gain more truth, you will balance your left and right brain lobes to bring clarity to internal contrast. Creating conflict is a tool of communism that leads to various medical illnesses such as depression that can only be cured with truth and self-love. Without truth you simply become a blind follower.

Righteous Compassion is the result of having wisdom; it manifests as agape or divine love. The problem in humanity is that through Satan’s propagation of an imbalanced Chesed (love with no boundaries), the world was mislead to accept homosexuality or racial integration. Inter-racial offspring are defiled from birth; the book of Enoch describes the start of this, and The Bible states that bastards (meaning unlawful offspring) would not be allowed in God’s Kingdom. But the communists justify it through “morality”. Their drive to blend humanity has been pursued by Satan for a very long time to rid the world of Elohim’s gene so he could remain king of the world. Forbidden offspring are “raceless” and have a disability in the spiritual cognitive department, which results in ritualistic repetitive practices thereof. These bastards were described as the great men of old; yes, the Neanderthal/Nephilim! They had no compassion and young ignorant confused spirits. Satan’s prudence makes him oppose purity as well.

So, to cut a very long story short, AbbaYah promised retribution, and so it will be. Katarina and I are the bearers of this message by Divine Decree. The book Where To From Here: Cognition represents that basic absolute truth. It explains the mystery of God, however inconvenient it may be for you.

To date, you have been submerged in the energy of The Holy Spirit a la Satan. In order to know the light, you need to be in the darkness! This lesson is about to come to an abrupt ending.

Without a struggle, a caterpillar cannot turn into a butterfly and learn to fly.

You already have God’s creative power; now it is up to you to either become blinded by the power or to empower the wisdom. Therefore, be careful and aware of your thoughts, collectively they have more power than you can begin to imagine. The earthly energy is vanity. Keep your thoughts in balance; God Almighty is a realist not a ritualist. Be true to blue, but don’t forget red, and His magic will happen 🙂

“Receiving the end of your faith is the beginning of your salvation.”                    1 Peter 1: 9

Written by Enki and Inanna

The Passover of The Two Witnesses

Read The Key to Tesla 369 Riddle on its own page now.



Note: everything on this blog in blue writing is reference.


On Our way to get grape juice for Passover We found a letter in Our driveway; the INGONYAMA TRUST owned by “The King of the Zulu tribe” Goodwill Zwelithini demands from Us a payment of R 62 584-74 for leasing the land from him. His lawyers from Mason Incorporated require a payment within 7 days from receipt of this letter of demand; failing to do so, “our clients may, on 24 hours notice to you declare their lease to be cancelled and it may take possession of the premises.”.

To clarify to YOU the reason why We have been picking a “royal” fight by not paying  “the king”‘s lease We quote from his letter:

“11. You shall recognise and respect the Inkosi and Tribal Authority of the Mbila Traditional Council”.

In the name of YAHWEH, Almighty God, We refuse to recognise and respect the so-called zulu king. Inkosi/king is God’s title, yet the first Commandment of God says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”. YOU cannot serve two kings at the same time! If anyone, man or beast, believe in God, they will only serve Him (Isaiah 33: 22); I am His appointed Zulu King (Jeremiah 5: 8).

With regard to land dispossession, all the land belongs to YAHWEH:

“The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine, for ye are strangers and sojourners with me.”                                                                                                    Leviticus 25: 23

So We leave it in God’s capable hands.

To date We have not had any feedback from court with regard to the review of Our equality case judgment. The Magistrate’s court will only process Our appeal once they receive the review results from High Court.

Media is not eager to cover Our story; this article mentions every publicised “racism” case in South Africa in 2016 except the most important one: Ours. The South African government is terrified of anything resembling “racism”; they now chose to send “white racists” to prison. Vicki Momberg was the first South African sent to jail for using the “racist” word kaffir. Her outburst was the result of the frustration we have had to face with black rule because the lower IQ of Blacks makes them less capable than non- Blacks. However, Vicki Momberg was prejudice and ignorant. The fact is that the “racist” word kaffir comes from the Arabic word kafir, which in theological context means the one who willingly rejects the truth by covering it despite knowing it, or in a general sense it means an unbeliever or the one from whom the truth has been covered and they are not searching for the truth (blind followers). Muslims use the word kafir commonly to describe most of the world, but in truth all of YOU are kafirs/pagans/kuffar (plural form of kafir), especially the Muslims who reject The Son of God, who is the truth (John 14:6).

The dark fears the light/ truth.

Many of YOU may have wondered: How a man can be as stupid as that racist Andre Slade? Why his beautiful girlfriend, Katarina, would be so stupid to support Him so strongly? How could a couple throw away their lives like these two?.

YOU have judged Them according to what the main stream media have had to say and your brainwashed opinion with regard to equality, and that is pretty much how it is ….

… or is it? …

Why did They say and do the things that They have done, even “murder”? Does anyone ever stop and take a deeper look? No! Since Their affidavits have been published they have been opened only few times, which means no one knows why They are doing what They are doing.

From Their perspective it is hard to face the fact that God has been totally excluded from YOUR societies while YOU go to church, hoping and praying for salvation. The hypocrisy YOUR religions have installed within YOU is astounding; God hates hypocrites! (Job 27: 8). Salvation only comes through YAHSHUAH, the Lion of The Tribe of Judah (Jeremiah 23: 5-6, Revelation 5: 5) as He is the only one who has The Key to unlock The Bible and reveal the mystery of God, not the church.

Always remember that YAHWEH, YOUR Creator expects 3 things from YOU, His potter’s clay:

  • Know and be faithful to His Laws and basic plan.

  • Fight Satan every minute of the day.

  • Be true to yourself.

YOU always only have two choices: God or Satan, Truth or Lies, Good or Evil.

Distinguishing between them would be the right thing to do now, would it not? After all, it is the intention of The Bible to teach YOU the difference. Yet YOU remain ignorant to what is happening to YOU at this very moment and YOU do nothing other than ignorantly pray in the name of Jesus when it is not even His name but rather the name the Romans/pagans gave Him. YOU have gotten no wisdom from YOUR churches and preachers (Jeremiah 23) and a shadow government rules YOUR very existence on behalf of Satan (Ephesians 6:12). Even Blacks know that God made us different; according to His set hierarchy, everyone is made according to their own kind/seed (Jeremiah 31: 27). All these kinds are only equal in His Law. Communism uses a strategy of mind control set to eliminate God from YOUR minds; the principle of equality is a prime tool to achieve this goal. Anyway, what have YOUR churches and governments given YOU other than corruption, lies and misguidance?

Hypocrisy is a result of having double standards, like knowing truth yet speaking lies; it’s one or the other. In the book of Revelation YOU are called Laodiceans. YOU are reminded that Truth holds the highest priority.

Perhaps it may help to know what The Son of God is all about. Religions are set to camouflage Him and His true mission because it affects them directly; they will be destroyed. By knowing the enemy He will be fighting, YOU will be able to help Him bear the cross He is here to bear on YOUR behalf once again, only this time He has His Bride with Him (Revelation 11).

The Lion of The Tribe of Judah signifies that He is from a specific bloodline (Yahuda, Revelation 5) coming to make fire, not peace! (Luke 12:49). The peace will come, but first as the loving Son, He has to put His Father, Almighty God YAHWEH back into everyone’s hearts. At present everyone belongs to Satan’s corporation (Revelation 18) and abide by Satan’s Law; Roman Maritime/Jesuit Law has replaced God’s Torah Law, which is what Yahshuah and ImmaYah will be standing for as The Two Faithful Witnesses (Revelation 11: 1-13). The war They fight is against Satan and his wicked influencers. He is also here to explain a catastrophic event about to hit Earth; so-called Climate Change is in fact the result of the birth pains of this great event.

So what is it about Them? Yes, They have claimed to be Elohim, but They have rather been ridiculed for that. After YOU have been told that The Son of God will be coming from SA, you do not question why these two are making that claim and why They would open Themselves up to such scrutiny. Were it false, it would be blasphemous and punishable by death. Were it not possible for Them to prove such a claim in court or on psychiatric evaluation, They would not have made it. They have given YOU all the proof YOU need. If YOU do not look, YOU will not see how perfectly They fit into all prophecy and how perfect YAHWEH’s plan is and how perfectly He is orchestrating the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Does this at the very least not revoke an interest from the preachers who claim to be waiting the arrival of The Messiah?

Ask yourself: If I was put in His shoes and had to come back to this world, how would I go about telling everyone who I am?. Do you think that He would accept the gross iniquity happening in the world today? Look around YOU; you will see white genocide, rape, murder, theft, lies, homosexuality and everything that YAHWEH hates in YOUR societies and even churches.

We know that YOU are scared of the unknown and resist the change at the moment, yet We also know that in YOUR hearts you desire the change so desperately. We are living that change YAHWEH, YOUR Creator wants YOU to be part of. We understand YOUR fears, but We also need to make it clear to YOU that it is YOUR turn to take a step towards the change YOU are praying for!

Today is Passover, the start of our spiritual New Year (celebration of the deliverance of Israel from bondage in Egypt by their God YAHWEH, known as Exodus), Katarina’s 29th (11) birthday, Blue Moon, Sabbath, and also the day four years ago I asked Katarina’s parents for Her hand in marriage. Hours before the last Passover started Katarina was released from prison. Where are We passing over to this time?

I have told you before and I will say it again: “I am the WAY.”.

YAHWEH requires of YOU to support His Two Witnesses.

Yahshuah and ImmaYah

Katarína Križáni, Co-author of Where to from Here; Cognition, arrested and illegally imprisoned for 33 weeks!


This post is updated regularly wrt My harbouring charge.

On 12/9/2012 She Inanna 1spontaneously, with a one-way ticket, jumped on a plane to go where Her intuition took her. She trusted that She had Angels looking after Her and that She would get to be where God places Her. When She arrived in South Africa as volunteer for organic farming, She was brought to Sodwana Bay by Hippo Haven’s owner Mandy.

We first met on a mini marathon during October. I invited Her to translate My Tesla code blog to Slavic and She eagerly accepted. She arrived at Sodwana Bay Guest House on 1/11/2012 after a run around Durban and Richards Bay to try desperately to extend her stay. In Richards Bay She was met by a Kind Man who surely saved Her from a possible situation.

She is pure and naive and She saw no harm in anyone. When She arrived at home, She looked so desperate. Her intuition was telling Her to stay and face what comes when it comes. We tried again to no avail. From onset I could see that She was no ordinary being. To that point in My life, I was not able to speak to people about the subjects I was writing about, and My journey was a solitary one to say the least. I remember so many times asking My Father to send Me someone. Being mildly dyslexic, I struggle to see small mistakes so She goes through everything I write; besides, I have always had a scribe.

Together We started working with what I had conceived from the Tesla 369 Code. Her Genius started to shine as bright as a star. This is when everything started to change for Me. I gave Her My Blueprint of Humanity seen from several different angles/dissiplines/doctrines, all leading to the same place. In My ignorance I had associated Myself only with King David at that stage, but when She had the lead, She started running so far ahead of Me. I had told Her to disprove Me and She took the challenge very seriously. This has consumed both of Us to the point of doing what needed to be done.

My Immaculate Conception at that stage was a mere fertilised embryo of The King to be. She became My Mother and She is Very Strict. In My Human Design, I have no Defined heart center/Ego whereas She does. What that means is that She is able to dictate My ego. My “ego” was simply not powerful enough to tell the world who I was. Her openess gave me the initial trust I needed but after She had proven it to Herself She went all in and forced Me to speak the truth about what We knew. There was no getting out of it for Me. Needless to say that being Chessed, I was protecting almost everyone; causing many outbursts between US.

As time went on, We diligently without break carried on looking deeper into My connection to it all. She was hammering Me with ego all the time as She saw how many mistakes I was making. She never once let off or relaxed. She had realised who She was, and as a Mother, She did Her duty as GOD, My Father, instructed Her to do … exactly. My Father could not have chosen a better person for the job than Katarina. It was very hard for Me but She is Ruach Ha Kodesh; without Her, I am incomplete (Mark 10:9. Matthew 19:6)

Now is the time when We have to put Our money … or no … where Our mouthes are. We have proven beyond any doubt that We are Hebrews. That means that We as juristic people go by God’s Law only; the “legal” system in operation at present only addresses corporation employees and management and does not apply to juristic people. Corporations have to use the law of the Vatican known as Maritime/Admiralty Law. The system We are to be tried with is Common Law as it is an intermediary legal system based on God’s Laws. Only that system may handle a Crimen Injuria. That means there has to be a jury. Due to the magnitude of this case, it is of vital importance that there is superior unbiased intellect present in court. No corporation “Judge” has any say over US or You unless you work for the corporation. The tribal court system is a huge problem for Jacob Zuma because it is based on common law, but it is his “heritage” and tradition and a way to keep his family happy.

On 18/8/2016 (188, 666) at 17h25 Katarina was arrested to appear in court the following morning at 9h00. On the same day at 3:33 pm a Crimen Injuria case was opened against Her as well as Myself. We sacrificed Our business, Sodwana Bay Guest House for the mission of bringing the mountain to Moses and prove to You that the Law is wrong and that it does not bear the Constitution in mind at all!

Thus far in building a case, We have been violated on 12 rules of the Bill of Rights of South Africa of 1996; now it has become a matter for the Constitutional Court. I hope it is clear to you now that Katarina has scrificed her freedom to fight for Yours! Yet, the two of Us still stand alone and She is not even South African.

Day 1: It was hurry up and wait. We left the Mbazwana Police Station two hours later than proposed. Saw the magistrate after 12h00. I was not allowed to speak (rule 38. a.b.d.), so She became frustrated. The “Zulu judge” had no patience and payed little attention to Her. He never once asked her to explain Her side; besides, he mumbled and We could not hear him clearly. She is now in jail for the weekend. Oh … and … the car lost some spares from the terrible  gravel road to court. I will see her tomorrow, God willing! I mailed an urgent appeal to the Director of the Constitutional Court.

Day 2: I baked Her some carrot rye muffins and packed some fruit. She will not touch the food from there. I arrived at the prison in Manguzi at around 11h00 but was not allowed to see her. They did however take the bag to Her and I waited for the return of goods She did not need. That at least put my mind at rest.

Day 3: I unpacked her bag this morning. She had made notes for Me. She is in a cell with two females. The one is Mpume Mabika, currently in the news for wanting to sell an albino child to a Sangoma (traditional healer) for body parts. It sounds like She is making the best of it.

Day 4: 22/8/2016 (11:11, 8888,666) Got to see Her at about 7h00 in Mbazwana, a bit smelly by now as there is still no water in Jail. She laughs because the Police escort told Her to stand outside the car. Her spirit is very positive.  She told Me that a white policeman was remarking about what an idiot I am. We get a lot of that these days. We spoke on the phone at 11h00, and I was able to inform Her that the Constitutional Court has acknowledged  receipt of the Urgent Appeal. Received a text from Her that She is done. She said that She is not sure but it sounds as though She will be at the Mbazwana Court on Thursday 25/8. If this is the case then She can be heard in a Tribal Court under Common Law. She refused Bail and has been taken back to Manguzi jail. I will only be able to see Her on Wednesday.

At 4h44 (4×44=8888, 4 is also Enki‘s #) pm today, I was asked to come to the police station by the Colonel who arrested Katarina. I “harbored” Her for a couple of years so that makes Me an accomplice in that “legal” system. I handed Myself over for arrest. I spent the night on the same wooden bench Katarina had been the week before.

Day 5: I am out on bail. This morning I was treated to a gruesome trip on the worst gravel road in the back of a huge prison truck going like a bat out of hell, all by Myself. Waited a while to see the Magistrate and was pleasantly surprised that he was actually friendly towards Me. If I am in the company of beings with strong ego’s, I become the Lion; it scares Me as to what I will get Myself into at present knowing what I know and then being faced with such Ignorance. When we were done he asked if I had something more to say, he must have noticed; I asked him out of curiosity if the defense minister also spent the night in jail after she was charged (DA lays charges against Defence Minister Mapisa-Nqakula. June 3, 2016 in News) but he said that he did not know about it at all; he was rather shocked and asked for more info. My court date is set for 15/9/2016; in Roman Maritime Law there is a Big fine or 1 year Prison sentence for this specific offense. It sounds like prison is the in thing for falling in love and doing God’s work.

Day 6: This morning My Father let YOU all know of His presence. The town of Amatrice, the very centre of Italy, was rocked by an earthquake. (This town is connected to the Medici family and thus to Rothschild and UNESCO!). From now on, the signs will become progressively worse!

Visiting hours seem to move around. They only gave us till 12h15. They took her shoe laces and forced Her to cut Her hemp coverall tie string. We hardly spoke; I took the tablet so She could read this. She never finished … She wanted to edit!!!! I had to get Her some bottled water as they would not allow Her glass drinking bottle. She cleaned the place and scrubbed the shower, it is apparently filthy. That in itself is a contravention of the Constitution of South Africa. Now She is asking for some garbage bags amongst Her list of goods I have to bring to Mbazwana court tomorrow. It seems as though She is set on staying as long as it takes to present the evidence of Her innocence and build a Constitutional case. I found out that the court in Mbazwana is not a tribal session, just a visiting magistrate from Ubombo.

Day 7: As I said: another quake. Everything will tumble!!!!

We were in court at 12h00. She decided to stay in jail until the court case which is now also set for 15/9/2016. She said that She is as “guilty” as the other two in the cell with Her and that She does not see herself more privileged; they have been held for longer than 48 hours without trial. She is also asking for some cleaning things so they can clean the cell properly. I will see Her tomorrow God willing! We finally got a donation from Europe; thank you!

Roman Maritime Law is ocean law hence terms like “harboring” (My charge) and “docit” (to get booked in) etc. The word immigrant was first used in 1805 as an adjective. It refers to someone who goes somewhere to settle down permanently. This word resulted from the French Revolution which was instigated by the Rothschild family; they are the ones who started creating borders through disputes/war and keep on doing so till this very day. They are the tribe of Esau and described in Bible Revelation as the Red Dragon because of their red hair. Illegal means “forbidden by official rules”. The Pope recently told governments to open borders for immigrants. This was followed by the EU President on 23/08 saying the same thing. Truth is though, We are Hebrews and We go where God takes Us because He owns Earth and We belong to Him. Not a wicked Jesuit Pope who worships the dead and Lucifer! As Hebrews we celebrate life!

She is well. I took Her savory rye muffins, fruit and some drinks … oh … and cleaning stuff. We use soap berries for washing, they are great, but the police would not let Me give them to Her. Now We start prepping for court. I have put the details on a separate page called First Case so you can see Our angle of attack; She will also have the detail. I will report here periodically from now on.
29/8. Today was an exiting visit for various reasons, but mainly because We received the rules of the court and all the forms and fees. For now We wait and see. At worst, We have Our day in court secured!

14/9 The day before court. The Concourt is playing for time but that will run out as well. The visits have been a mission. Preparing food and Her shopping list every second day. There were females from various countries on the same charge as well. She wrote Her diary to Me every day. She kept Herself busy reading and studying the Bible with some of the females there. She is getting to know it really well. According to Revelation 10: 7; it’s amazing to see what such a small correction in thinking has done for Her.

On 15/9, the judge found out that Katarina’s state lawyer never visited Her once, so he postponed the case to today 21/9/2016. He told the lawyer to spend as much time as needed, even till dark. Well, the moment he left, she was telling Us not to waste her time. She just wanted to go home.
21/9 2016: This Morning, the police at first did not want to allow Me to speak to Her so I blew my lid outside court. Rule 35. f. i. Of the Constitution Says that I have the right to see Her. I told the policeman to apologize but he refused.
I was to take the stand as Her witness, but court happened so fast that I never made it there. The judge mumbled something again, the state attorney said something about hospital and then the case was postponed for a month. Now She has to go for psychiatric evaluation on 17/10/2016. The cognitive deficit of the state lawyer who was laughing in court the week before was displayed in his arrogance. He is now showing Us “Who’s the boss”. Katarina is cool with it. She said that She was scared that they were putting her in a ward. It took some time for what just happened, to sink in. The police had to wait for the statement to confirm what we thought. To date, She has not been given a chance to state Our case. This is your legal system!

1/10/2016: The second last day of the Hebrew year 5776. Hebrew Year 5777 starts at sunset October 2, 2016 to nightfall October 4, 2016. The significance of this year is that it is the year of New Beginning. By law, on Monday, Our case against the Government of South Africa in the Constitutional Court has to be decided by “Chief Justice” as there was no “Motion to Defend” received. If the Legal System Of South Africa is intact and operable the President Of South Africa and the governing corporate body has to step down immediately. Amazing thing though; there is so much demand on the president to step down yet no one willing to support Our mission.

On My visit yesterday I found Her in good spirit. I told her that My case was postponed to 10/11/2016 because of the state lawyer again. I have assets so I do not qualify for help, not that I need it. Lawyers are a concept of Maritime law because of its intricacies. God’s Law is simple.

18/10. It has now been two months since her arrest. Today things took a different turn. Her psychiatric evaluation went well We thought. The state psychologist, Laura was very kind and appeared compassionate. I received a very apologetic call from her today explaining to me that she was not allowed to do an evaluation of this nature on her own. The court did not even send any paperwork to her explaining what was required. It needed a team of psychologists and psychiatrists and that She would be sent to a state institution in Pietermaritzburg where She will be put onto medication. She would be kept in a holding cell until a bed becomes available which could be months. This put our fight in a different light and to date We still have not had a chance to speak in Our defense. In 2012 the Ubombo Court’s sheriff lied under Oath which resulted in Me being liquidated. I was never compensated for the large lawyers bill which followed as result and the “high profile” attorney, Somila was useless. I opened a perjury case against him (#10121/2011) with the Sheriff’s Board but nothing happened to the sheriff. The legal system of South Africa is blasphemous and this proves that taking the Oath in a Maritime court in God’s name has nothing to do with God Almighty. Where is the Justice?

By the way, the Concourt totally ignored My application proving that there is no Democracy. South Africa has become a Godless country run by heathens and fools. GOD Will Judge!!!!

19/10. The psychologist’s letter confused the issue in court today. They have now postponed the case until they can get another psychologist’s view. On Monday We will have another hearing to get the date.

30/10. The previous hearing was postponed to 03/11. They may be sending her to Fort Napier. If that is the case then I will loose it in court; I will lash out at them in a big way. It is my constitutional right to defend myself and my spouse (Rule 38. (a.) (b.) (d.)). I could be arrested for contempt of court. I cannot help but wonder how easy it is to get media coverage on a murder case or a report on “racism” yet when it is truth that is faced where it affects the entire country, everyone turns a blind eye. The SAHRC was Our final step towards getting heard. All We wanted was for the court to stick to the constitution and develop common law, the law of the people, your law system i.e. if you do not work for the corporation “South Africa”.

03/11. Today We received the date for Her appointment at Fort Napier where Her sanity will be evaluated. The bad part is that it is set for 24 January 2017 so she has to stay in the holding cell for 3 months.

9/11. My visit with Katarina today was pleasant. There were twice the amount of police guards around but hardly any other visitors; it seemed strange. Today the next Constitutional Court Notice of Motion was posted to all members of State and court; the “Read reports” are streaming in. Tomorrow I appear in court on My “harboring” charge. This will be the first time that I will be allowed to defend Our rights. If you do not hear from Me again, it means that they think I am crazy too and I will follow the same protocol as her;-) Maritime law is all about procedures.

10/11. It was postponed to 17/11. One state witness did not turn up. I was ordered to leave the court room, I lost it a bit! I appealed to KZN High Court as the monkeys in Ubombo court refuse to accept a common law High Court order already acknowledged by them. Today I was told by a visitor who is a SA “citizen” that he was denied the new SA ID card as he was not born in SA. If he looses his ID, he looses residency. What next????

14/11. Today was My final trip to see Katarina as Our money has totally run out. She is well enough. Now it is in God’s hands and My feet.

21/11. Katarina is doing well. She is a truly amazing young woman. I resorted to hiking to Emanguzi. Amazing thing though is that the blacks are kind and apologetic for what their system is doing to Us when they hear the true story. Even the taxi drivers give me free lifts.

17/12. The hiking has proven to be quite enjoyable. I have has some very good experiences and walked many miles. Had lifts mostly from “Zulus” and mostly they want to know why a white man like Me is walking. They are very sympathetic when they hear Our story. The Bantus I meet along the way are getting to know Me and sometimes I am offered cool drinks along the way. Many recognize Me from TV and their attitude is non hostile. Yesterday I made a new “Zulu friend” who hiked from Emanguzi all the way to Mbazwana with Me and even payed a taxi for Me. He was very good company and very inquisitive. We spoke a lot.

Katarina and I taking some strain with all this. She was assaulted by Mpume, her cell mate. Mpume is stealing from Her. When Katarina reprimanded her so she grabbed Katarina by Her hair and started punching Her head with full force and bit Her. The police have done nothing. On Monday I will submit a letter to the Public Protector and to the Director of Public Prosecutions. I will also send a UZA affidavit to the Constitutional Court as a final attempt to get there. We have exhausted all possible avenues even the UNHRC without response.

19/01. Today I did not have to go to Emanguzi. The trips have become just an everysecondday experience to Me. She was in Mbazwana court for Her 49th day hearing and She made the Judge well aware of that. He turned his head away from Her. I was not allowed in court. The security searched Me and told Me to go and stand under the trees. She is holding out so well. We are busy planning Her visit to Fort Napier. Veronica has been very helpful and the chef said she will do her best to accommodate Katarina. Having not achieved much with any of the applications, I sent one last attempt to the High court of KZN in Durban. They have received it. Melony Naidoo is reading it today. I did make a mistake in My application as she has made Me aware of, I am sure she will overlook it and allow Me to clarify. I have done every application without the help of legal aid other than UZA.

25/01. We met briefly at the police station. Her lift to Fort Napier was waiting. She is in the back of a van. I gave Her food parcel for the kitchen at the hospital. She was very disgusted that She will have to wear hospital clothes. I will be able to call Her but will not see Her for 30 days. Tomorrow I will have My appointment date for My very own, very first, official session with shrinks! I was “friends” with some. I think they become shrinks because they cannot find themselves. As for the court application; I finally got a hold of Mrs Botha, the registrar, who was very helpful. On Friday I will take a drive to Durban High Court to hand deliver and get a case number. Then I can have a break!

23/02. Fort Napier went off alright. The staff looked after Katarina well. She ended up there for two weeks only, They seemed to be happy that She is normal. Court was postponed on 16/2 to 23/2 and today again for another two weeks to 09/03. Court has not received the report form Fort Napier yet…they say! The case is not registered with High court yet as there were problems. We have been looking for a lawyer to litigate the case for Us but We are unable to find one, they all turn us down. Not even Gerrie Nel responds! I suppose being branded “racist” has more impact than perceived or perhaps because of who We say are. If nothing else, our psychological evaluations could still become valuable.

11/03. On the hearing set for the 9th, it was very obvious that nothing was planned. The court did not summons it’s witnesses which means they had no intent of proceeding anyway although the report was delivered. Miss Zikalala, the legal aid lawyer has also now resigned as Katarina’s lawyer. She refused to consider Our plead to react on the Constitutional violations of Our rights and their violation of the detention law. I asked her colleague which is more important to defend? He immediately replied the constitution. The court has no choice but to hear Her as they have now given Her permission to defend Herself which was what we asked for from the start but were refused for 8 months contrary to the constitution. So, needless to say that the case was once again postponed to 04/04 at Ubombo Court. Katarina is fine with it and She is doing alright. One thing though; Her report stated that She is very religious but that is grossly incorrect. We do not represent any form of religion whatsoever. However, We are loyal to the original laws of God and the TORAH as there is no “New Covenant” with God as according to the apostle Paul. TORAH Law is a set of natural laws to maintain purity within humanity and God does not change His mind.

29/03. It seems as though courts are on My destiny path right now. I was arrested this morning for shooting a burglar in the head just as he finished shopping in Our fridge. He seemed to be comfortable enough to walk through the house into the garage, take what he wanted there and then head to the kitchen where I found him. He was a known felon in the area. The judge did not even see Me. He told the police that I was protecting myself and they should not even have taken Me in. Just another day in Africa! Hard to imagine though, that I killed someone this morning and here I sit a “free” man, but My Angel is in jail for falling in love. I was told this morning that Katarina’s plead of not guilty has confused their system and that they have no idea what to do about it. That is why they postpone all the time: They were only taught Maritime law and immigration is predominantly what they deal with. Not Guilty is unheard of because of the pass-port/harbor system the corporation uses and EVERYONE is enslaved by it.

30/03/2017 So for those of You who have followed these posts I have some inside information that may either give You a heart attack or put a bit of bounce back in Your step. Today marks the day that We officially filed in Durban High court, overlooking the harbour, where Catholic Curia will be leaving from. This case will officially terminate all religion. We are busy with an explanatory article which will be posted with the official court documents. Colonialism is coming to an end! Is that not what YOU asked for JZ?

04/04. It is now very evident that the court is scared of facing Us. Today … the judge decided not to turn up. The Police also forgot about Her and did not collect Her. They finally arrived at around 12h00. I asked if another judge was allowed to sit in for him but they said that it must be that mumbling judge. I also found out that he has been transfered to a different district, so now it is an issue for him to get here as well. Tonight Katarina is spending the night in the holding cell in Mbazwana, the little dirty room now very familiar to both of Us. Tomorrow they will take Her back to Emaguzi prison. On Thursday She is back at Mbazwana court where someone will give Us a new date.

06/04. Court was over quick. We will be back in Ubombo court on Monday 10/03. At Sunset on Monday, Passover starts.

10/4. Today was a good day in court. We finally got a chance to speak. As Katarina defended Herself, She was allowed to call Me as a witness. We spoke and spoke some more. We could both see that it was above their heads. Anyway, The Princess is home.


27/05/2017. Here is an update for those interested. We have hit the mother-load of law suits. We have achieved Our goal with gold colours. The bait was big and the reward got Us exactly who We wanted, where We wanted and How We wanted. I can only bow at My Father’s Grace. I am so exited, now finally We are heading in the right direction. They have walked right into the LION’s mouth and have no idea what is coming their way: SBGH vs State.

07/09/2017. Today We had a visit from the Police Department. There was a convoy of 10 vehicles, even the K9 unit came with two dogs. They reconstructed the “murder scene” and took all their measurements based on their perception; they were wrong and off by a meter. The dogs were confused by Jesse’s (Our dog) scent. The two constables who arrived on the scene first made the mistake. I tried to help but We were told to shut up.

23/10/2017. After the third try and some lies and deception from the state prosecutor Soko, I finally had My mental assessment. The psychiatrist was pleasant and very curious and complemented Us both by saying that it was interesting to interview Us (for 3+ hours). Something that is sitting in My mind is how often Blacks are telling Us that they agree with Us. The reality is that they appear far more eager than Whites to find truth and they are very open to hearing it and appreciating it.  Now that they know Us a bit better and they see no hostility, they are becoming like kids around Us.

16/11/2017. Today the Magistrate threw the case out of court until the state prosecutor gets his act together. The state prosecutor Soko insisted that I had to be taken to Fort Napier as well and that I missed My appointment on 23/10. I told the magistrate that We called the hospital on 20/10 to confirm the appointment but none was made for Me for then or ever. He told court that the police captain decided by herself that she was going to take me for a different appointment. Anyway, the shrink apparently said that he could not do the evaluation and referred it to Fort Napier.

Enki …(unplugged)

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Born in South Africa in 6/6/1962, raised in Windhoek, Namibia, André M. Slade completed his schooling at a Technical High School in 1981. He went on to complete his compulsory Military Service as a Corporal in 1983 after which he returned to the country of his birth. He then studied electronics and became a working technician specializing in laser electronics. After quitting the electronic world in 1995, he started a company in mechanical design, prototyping and manufacturing. At the age of 45 he gave up the corporate world to relocate to the Elephant Coast of South Africa. In 2001, he achieved the SABS Design Award for mechanical design excellence. Slade was also awarded a Wildlife Photographic Award for underwater photography in 1993. He has great passion for the ocean, nature and people.

Co-author born in Slovakia 31/3/1989 raised in Bratislava, Katarína Križáni was schooled at the Academy of Animation’s branch of graphic design. She is an internationally awarded, gold-certified Genius Logicus, ranked 33rd. She is a multi-talented, extraordinary fine artist and explorer, nature-lover and traveller.




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Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2014917618


Hardcover    978-1-4990-9012-3

Softcover     978-1-4990-9010-9

E-book         978-14-990-9011-6


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