SA Government/”Zulu kingdom” vs. Zulu Kingdom

The "Zulu King"/Government of South Africa is applying to court to evict Us from Our beautiful house. 9/4/2019: Sheriff Simon delivered to Us court papers demonstrating INGONYAMA TRUST/Applicant’s desire to evict Us from our House (Applicant’s Founding Affidavit); We submitted Our Notices of Intention to Oppose (Enki & Inanna) on 16/4/2019 and Our Answering Affidavit... Continue Reading →

The Equality Court

You will find the information about Our Equality Court Case here. It all started when We announced that We would no longer accommodate blacks or government employees in Our Guesthouse last year.

Good or Bad, God or Satan?

To understand this, YOU have to read The Book of Revelation 10 to judge it. Be open and unbiased; discern very carefully the following words and judge in righteousness because almost everything YOU were led/forced to believe is a LIE, and who is brave to see the truth? Know basic ABSOLUTE TRUTH principals: everything here... Continue Reading →

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