After I had written and published the first edition of Where to from Here in 2011, I had more questions than answers. The search became an obsession because I needed some sort of confirmation with regard to My theory about the Planetary Precession, which of course I understood clearly. The Tesla 369 code.

This was the confirmation I needed to get to the base of all the lies. If you are going to read what is written here, bear in mind that it was not yet fully conceived. It proves two things: I am one of YOU; I had to learn everything from scratch. I am however The One who was given The Keys to The Universe, and I have offered them to those who open the door to Me.

This was the beginning of the journey to ABSOLUTE TRUTH. As Yahshuah, King Louis XVI or Nicolaas Siener Van Rensburg I needed to devote myself to understanding. The completion of it is The book of Revelation 10.

Now I look back at Sophia’s and My reconciliation and how much the two of Us have had to relearn, it becomes harder to face humanity with their present perception of this fake world. Now I understand fully why God has to intervene and how He will do so. The Bible, as defiled as it is, holds the truth beyond a shadow of doubt. It is said the truth will make you sad, but it will set you free at the very least.

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