Climate Change

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The Cause of Climate Change
The following article’s aim is to objectively analyse the current phenomenon of Extreme Weather patterns across the globe known to humanity as Climate Change; the false information about “climate change” is separated here from the facts, which form a foundation for the explanation of this serious phenomenon. The following information is a breakthrough in understanding of Earth’s journey in the Space and is often disregarded because of cognitive dissonance, just like were the views of astronomers who suggested The Earth is not the center of our Solar system and it is indeed orbiting The Sun in the times when the Catholic Church was enforcing a geocentric view. We now know that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth but now we are at the very point when there is another great world-changing discovery waiting to be accepted and brought into the light because it will in turn bring clarity to all other subjects.

What I am sharing here is not known to humanity as a philosophy yet, but it is written and logged in your history. This article clarifies why NASA is not credible and is part of humanity’s problem.

A Great Year is defined by NASA as “The period of one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic, about 25,800 years. Also called platonic year.”.

What is the Great Year or Platonic Year really?
Plato is one of the world’s best known and most widely read and studied philosophers and founder of the Academy in Athens, one of the first institutions of higher learning in the Western world. In his words:
“ The universe is the product of rational, purposive, and beneficent agency. It is the handiwork of a divine Craftsman who, imitating an unchanging and eternal model, imposes mathematical order on a preexistent chaos to generate the ordered universe (kosmos)….. time really is the wanderings of these bodies, bewilderingly numerous as they are and astonishingly variegated.”

Plato defined The Great Year or Perfect Year “as the return of the celestial bodies (planets) and the diurnal rotation of the fixed stars (circle of the Same) to their original positions.”.

The Great Year vs. normal Earth year.
The Great Year is metaphysical, the normal year is physical; one is visible from Earth, and the other is caused by a magnetic field also known as the Aether and can only be perceived through scientific knowledge, historical records and logic. This Key to Tesla 369 code crack ( describes the consciousness of Aether and the unity between God and science. In solar systems everything is held together by their Sun’s magnetic flux field; revolving celestial objects oscillate around their Sun’s equatorial plane in their orbits. It is the only place where an orbit can happen because this is the most neutral position to orbit in a magnetic field.

Although recorded before by the Sumerians, Nicolaus Copernicus finally defined the motion of the planets as heliocentric in 1543. However, he was only correct about The Sun being the centre of Earth’s orbit; two equinoxes each year could mean Earth is orbiting The Sun which made enough sense to be believable.

Aether is the reason there is light thus life on Earth. I take it that you comprehend why there is blue sky on Earth in daytime; if nothing else, it proves that you are living in an electrical field.

Heliocentrism and Climate Change: false or fact?
Physics states that for every effect there is an equal opposite or for every stimulus a response (cause and effect). What this means for Earth is that in crossing the Equatorial plane of The Sun, it has to flip Her polarity. Were the present definition of heliocentrism correct, Earth would have to flip polarity every six months. This would render Earth uninhabitable as Her core would stay too hot to start with.

Some food for thought: If Earth was cruising around the Sun at 66600 miles per hour as the present definition of heliocentrism states, it would have the characteristics of a comet rather as that is a comet’s average speed. Earth would have left the Moon behind only to crash into it, a year later, a long time ago. Earth cannot go around The Sun in 365.25 days; it is not possible.

NASA claims that it is the Earth’s wobble, wherein the magnetic North pole is rotating around its original position, that takes 25,920 years to complete and that the pole travels one degree in 72 years. This is simply not true as recently the pole’s shift speed increased radically. Plato also clearly disproved NASA’s statement when he said the perfect year/great year is one complete orbit of the planets and fixed stars; he was speaking about their orbit around The Sun not their wobble. Plato said in one great year, not one normal year, the Earth will be able to see all the fixed stars around it; NASA’s proposition that Earth’s wobble is the Great Year is disprovable in itself as Earth’s wobble would not allow Earth to see all the fixed stars around but only the side that is shaded from the Sun.

In truth, Earth’s Great Year or Platonic orbit moves Her forward in a clock-wise or easterly direction with the Sun at noon. This is provable by measuring the stellar shift of one degree every 72 years, which is difficult to measure in one lifetime for various reasons, but it clearly points to the existence of the Great Year: 72 years x 360 degrees equals 25,920 years. In the Southern hemisphere the Southern cross is always visible in the night sky. Orion’s belt, not part of our solar system, is always in our sky but not visible all year round, proving that Earth is almost static in Her orbit. If Earth went around the Sun once a year We would not be able to see Orion’s Belt for instance because the Sun would be in the way which means that there is a different perception/illusion at play. It’s a bit like when a boat is in a strong current one way and the wind blowing strong enough in the opposite direction; the boat will stay in one place if the two are matching velocity, the current representing Aether.

A planet’s flux field rotates in the opposite direction to the rotation of its mass; water vortex is proof. In Earth’s case, being as ferrous as She is, the Aether advances Earth very slowly like a mechanical cog. NASA acknowledges a Great Year, but they disregard its ancient knowledge which bears imminent warning to humanity. NASA is not saying a word because, in the words of a NASA insider, “they lie to humanity about everything”. A Great Year is a period of 25,920 modern years that it takes Earth to go through one complete cycle of the equinoxes; in carbon years it is about 20,600.

Earth’s Great yearly orbit is dictated by The Sun and is divided into two equal parts known to you as South and North. The Sun’s magnetic field is always oriented to the opposite of Earth’s magnetic field. Earth spends 12,960 present-day years in each side of Sun’s magnetic “hemisphere”. I say present day because Earth is running in two separate time scales; one being the current calendar based on 365.25 days a year and the other being original carbon time which is 20,6% less. The original time base of Earth is 290 days per year; you can find proof of this figure in ancient history. During this time, Earth slowly advances towards one of these two pivotal points with Her Equatorial plane at an approach angle of 8 degrees to The Sun’s Equatorial plane, where She eventually crosses into the opposite magnetic hemisphere of The Sun. These points are where Earth’s Platonic/Perfect orbit crosses the Equatorial plane of The Sun.

Here is what heliocentrism looks like at this stage :

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Past records of the Great Year and the necessity of The Bible for astronomy
The Bible originates in Sumerian civilisation and is in fact among others, a great astronomical and historical book; appropriately the astronomy, astrology, mathematics, and so on and so on all originate with Sumerians; they knew about heliocentrism long before the Renaissance; their commonly depicted heliocentric model is perfect evidence for this. The ancient scriptures in general have much more to offer to scientific community than it is in fact accepted by the science.

There is an incident described in Genesis and Revelation in The Bible where a star fell on the Earth and there was a great flood. In “Christianity” it is believed that Earth is only 6000 years old. The Kolbrin Bible, Chapter 6, The Dark Days describes the immediate aftermath of this event in some details from a different perspective to Noah. This is the story of Noah which took place about 6500 years ago. It was not a total flood of Earth however. Kolbrin’s Chapter 4, The Destroyer – part 2, from the Great Scroll and Chapter 5, The Destroyer – part 3, from the Scroll of Adepha, describe two separate events. Chapter 5 describes the event of Noah’s flood when a comet hit Earth in north of Africa. Google Earth will confirm this but so will all archaeology and specifically New Grange. The angle of impact of the comet increased Earth’s rotational speed by 20.6% to 365.25 days per year. This is not the beginning of The Bible though; “In The Beginning” refers to a much earlier time period. A simple calculation of the genealogy presented before Noah, confirms that there is a significant lapse of time between the creation of Adam and Noah’s flood.

This comet’s impact brought about all the confusion as it changed Earth’s orbit radically. The comet pushed Earth out of Her Great Yearly orbit by 2,5 million km, resulting in a spiral orbit around the original. This added a second set of equinoxes to the picture, which was first documented with New Grange. It is this orbit that confuses astronomers and scientists because equinoxes mean it is in a perfect orbit. It is this perfect orbit that is causing extended “climate change” the way it is happening. Humanity’s disregard of YHWH, Their Creator makes them blind to seeing this as well as the fact that Adam was created after humanity was already in existence. I am referring to Genesis 1 day 6 creation vs. the creation of Adam and Eve in Genesis 2 which took place roughly 10,000 years ago. Adam was the first of royal blue-eyed bloodline, which The Bible documented and tracked; research done by a team of the Copenhagen University validates the fact that blue eyes have one common ancestor dating to this period.

Present and Future effects of Earth’s Great Year and importance of the Mayan Calendar
So now that you know why you are in two time scales it is time to tell you the real problem Earth faces wrt crossing the Equatorial plane. What happens in a cycle will repeat in a cycle; this is what prophecy about End Times is all about. There is enough archaeological evidence, like the suddenly frozen Mammoths, pointing to this cycle as well. Were Earth steady in Her Platonic orbit, She would simply go through slowly and was due to start crossing in 2012, as the Mayan Calendar suggested. The Mayan calender however pre-dates the comet so the information had changed. This transition catches humanity off guard as it normally happens fairly quickly, destroying civilisation, stunning Earth’s evolution.
The comet strike also pushed Earth back in time by three years and added a wobble. The first time Earth touched the Equatorial plane was in Dec 2015, which caused a huge CO2 spike and a big stir among the scientists. The year 2015 is well known by the science to be the Extreme weather year; this year for the first time “ever” there occurred a change in the pattern of stratospheric winds known as quasi-biennial oscillation.(,

Below is the graph that depicts the constant carbon increase as measured by NOAA:

Earth is like the armature of an alternator, right now spinning in two fields as opposed to a single field where She normally is; this means She is generating giga Watts of electrical force heating up the nucleus. Volcanoes, earthquakes and let’s not forget CO2 have to be the results! The fact that the icecaps are melting is enough proof that what I am saying is correct as they are where the flux is most concentrated. The higher temperatures on the poles where there is normally cold is causing havoc with Earth’s weather patterns as She spirals, annually, deeper in and out of the opposite field. The oceans’ levels are rising for two reasons: water expands as it heats up and melting polar ice is adding its bit.

Notice that the red dots on the NOAA graph are making a sine wave which adequately demonstrates that Earth is in a spiral. The steady increase in carbon is as Earth’s core is heating and cooling as She goes in and out of the opposite field. The most heating happens during European winter when Earth is highest in the spiral orbit, but there is a lag before it is measurable or becomes noticeable. You can also see the increase of carbon at the beginning of 2016 meaning that Earth had entered into the opposite flux field for the first time in December 2015. Every year it submerges deeper; where is it now? Consider this: one erupting volcano emits more CO2 than cars have since they were invented. The human impact on CO2 levels is negligible compared to what volcanoes and the flux field are doing.

The problem humanity faces is that once Earth’s equator lines up with the Equatorial plane of The Sun it may do one of two things; it could either 1) be catapulted because the fields will match and repel once She flips or 2) due to the spiral’s velocity She could go in and out for a couple of years flipping polarity and shifting axis every time. Either way, it is going to be total destruction. As if that is not enough; when Earth goes through, She will become a huge magnet for a brief moment in time. This will attract space objects, both artificial and natural to Her surface like hail. There will also come a time when the Sun crosses the galactic ecliptic and also flip polarity and so on….


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