The Colonial illusion and KINDism.

This is not intended to offend YOU but rather to lighten the burden of confusion!
As the theory of decolonialisation becomes a reality in South Africa and majority are oblivious to the fact, it becomes a necessity to have some understanding as to what brought YOU to here.
In 1652 a dutch fleet stepped ashore on the banks of the southern tip of Africa led by Jan van Riebeeck. They were met by a small localised group of inhabitants known as the Hottentot. They were similar to the Bushman in look and language and were peaceful hunters / gatherers. Known as the Khoisan, these were the only two tribes that populated the southern Africa. There are also two small groups of Khoisan in Tanzania. Dutch and French settlers migrated to Africa as there was lots of prospect and vast uninhabited land. In 1835 the Dutch farmers, the Boers, started trekking north in search of their own land to farm; it was dubbed the Great Trek. They were met by some migratory tribes of Africans on their way. One tribe identified themselves as the Zulu tribe. They had a “king” and their traditions were very different from those of the Khoisan who did not. The “Zulu” were a hostile warrior tribe then already which led to the famous Battle of Bloodriver just south of the northern present border of modern South Africa.
The wild tribes of the continent the Whites called Africa were migrating from north Africa south as their population increased, a journey that took over 6000 years. There are however no records of their origin other than their traditions which connects them to a civilized society (and the last chapter in The Kolbrin Bible). Monarchy is not a concept of their own inception nor is their modern traditional dress which could rather be compared to that of images found in Egyptian architecture/art. They were illiterate, so they kept no records of ‘kingships”. Their weapons were also modern compared to those of the Bushmen who really only had bows and arrows for hunting. The “Zulu”, meaning Sky or Heaven, rather opted for spears and shields meant for close combat. They also had domestic cattle, so hunting was not required. Judging by these facts it is very obvious that they were attached to a civilized culture, not their own, prior to their migration. Had it been theirs, they would have repeated civilization as they migrated, but that was not the case. They were rather found without any advancement in development whatsoever, living wild in the bush.
The tribes and the Boers eventually settled into a pattern of symbiosis (mutually beneficial relationship) which was mostly peaceful. The Dutch settlers also brought their own traditions. They were loyal to the real Zulu King who gave them the rules to live their lives by; the rules were documented in a book they brought with them: The Bible. This book documents the incarnations of Zulu Judges/Leaders within the tribe known as Sumerians or Israelites from the very beginning when their Royal bloodline was established (Genesis 2). It also made them respect the hierarchy depicted in The Book which led to a segregation between the Black and the White kind. This became known as “Apartheid” and they lived and developed accordingly. Yahweh, The King they were loyal to forbids mixing of different seeds as He created everything according to its own kind, from fruit to animals and people.


As in every tribe, there are good and bad ones. Some Whites started fornicating with the black females, raping and committing adultery in contrast to their rules. One result of this brought about a hybrid breed known today as the Cape colourds. Their Bible specifically prohibited this practice with promise of the highest punishment from their God (Exodus 22: 19). A mixture of these two kinds’ blood would create a “raceless” tribe that does not fit in anywhere and has no place in the animal kingdom as it is a violation of natural laws (Daniel 2: 43). Their offspring have a problem adapting to the simple black wilder lifestyle as they would always be envious of the Whites’ innovative and civilized way of life; they partly relate to it. Modern leaders like Mandela and Zuma are prime examples of cross-breeds; The Bible calls them bastards, Paleoanthropology describes them as Neanderthal and the Kolbrin calls them Yoslings. This was the start of liberty which led to the modern day cocktail (Jeremiah 31:27), the rainbow nation of South Africa.


As time went on these cross-breeds spread their gene amongst the black population adding domestic confusion. By then, this rapidly expanding “semi” black group of entities became rebellious and started forming armies and organisations to oppose the leadership that originally created them. The Bible gives reference to such cross-breeds. The primary example is Ishmael, son of Abraham, one of the documented “kings”; born to his wife’s chambermaid (Gen 16:11). It also said that this son Ishmael would become a great nation set to torment humanity. They became a group known as Islam which is predominantly focused on enforcing their ill-conceived religion on the world. This religion was founded by Muhamed around 655AD. The problem is that hybrids have added intelligence but impaired cognitive ability. They are incapable of spiritual cognition resulting in stereotype ritualistic practices of these replica religions which become the fashion. One such religion growing rapidly in South Africa with a motto of “Shembe is the way” was founded in 1911 by Isaiah Shembe of the Nazareth Baptist church. Religions like these use the basic concept of The Bible but add their own “king” as representative of the Son of God who according to The Bible is the only way to Yahweh.
The same thing happened in history before the Quran (Islam “bible”) was made known to the world. There is a warrior tribe known as the Romans; at first they set out to conquer the banks of the Mediterranean sea to seize harbours in order to take control of commerce. They met up with the tribe of Abraham and adopted the concept of his family’s belief system. Tainted by the influence of Malquart, self proclaimed god of the Phoenician city of Tyre known as Baal, they released their version of Hebrew scriptures with the specific intent of distorting the TRUTH around 286BC under the new rule of Pyrrhus. The Quran on the other hand was influenced by the Masons through Kalif Alee, son-in-law of the author Muhamed. The Bible was later revised by a “philosopher” named Philo of Alexandra who spent his time further integrating Paganism with Judaism eventually leading to the New Testament. In Alexandra the “Jews” were segregated from the pagans; they did not mix, so “apartheid” is not a new concept. The resulting Greek scripture became the guide book of a new religion described as Christianity. Religion meaning “return to bondage” is practiced through worship which is the element they installed into the Israelites’ family Book. Constantine the Great integrated “church of Christianity (RCC)” and state making it law in 325 AD and by extreme measures forced everyone to adopt it. This is the tainted book the Dutch/French brought to southern Africa in 1652. Many years later, still on the same quest, Romans in disguise arrived in the Cape Dutch Colony (RSA) to annex it to their quest for ultimate control.
In 1795 the British seized the Dutch colony and ruled until 1835 when the Great Trek started. During all this, Africa was slowly being colonised by various nations like the Germans, French and Portuguese on a similar mission. British claimed all land and were opposed by the “Zulus”, but the Brits annihilated them in 1879. Their aim: to seize the wealth of Gold and Diamonds discovered here. The Boers eventually retaliated as well but were defeated by the British in 1906. By the time South Africa became a Republic (a form of government in which the inhabitants or their elected representatives possess the supreme power) most of Africa was occupied by colonialists in the hopes of finding the same wealth.
This is as basic as can be but is important to comprehend the concept of Greek and Roman Rule. Colonialism had one motive; wealth, and that has never stopped. The only thing that changed were the uniforms. They donned suits and priest clothing as camouflage and started their siege of taking control of commerce from inside, under control of their leader, the Pope who claims to be “Vicarius filii dei” in other words, instead of The son of God (John 10: 7-9). The Roman numerical value of this title equates to 666. At the forefront of this today is the Anglo American Corporation with headquarters in Johannesburg and London. They are responsible for the wealth drain this country has faced for a long time.


So while YOU as a rainbow Nation bicker amongst yourselves as to who’s the boss, “the elite” of the world is gaining more power. The FIFA World Cup grant to South Africa is part of an ongoing international commerce strategy to in-debt countries in exchange for resources. One such resource is the iSimangaliso Wetland Park in northern Kwa-Zulu natal being traded as stock on the stock exchange under the auspices of UNESCO. They have infiltrated and defiled every part of society from spirituality to sport and even music. Changing the political structure is exactly the same as the proverbial “rebirth” in Christianity for you cannot rebirth into the same religion and expect to see the Kingdom of God. The indoctrination (bondage) remains the same.
“Ridding South Africa of colonialism” will merely change the tools of oppression while control remains in the hands of those who hold the keys: “The Elite”. Truly ridding South Africa of colonialism will entail getting rid of the Roman Catholic Church and their Banks, Anglo American, United Nations, BRICS and Religion. South Africa PTY (Ltd) has to deregister from the SEC and be given back to the inhabitants as a free and democratic country, never to be called a Republic again. The Brotherhood of the Free Masons has to be banned. The population has to be purified back to original status to remove the effects of liberty and the bastardisation of YOUR tribes. Only then will South Africa be rid of the implications of Colonialism.
South Africa faced sanctions before. Economic sanctions were applied in the mid-1980s to pressure the South African government into ending apartheid. During this time, YOUR country stood strong on her own two feet while battling “terrorism” on the South West African border. These sanctions were predominantly imposed by the private sector, not governments. They were only successful in bringing to power the ANC which was funded by feudalists. We fully support ending colonialism, in fact, it is Our aim to rid the world of the liberty brought about by this feudal system. However a mindset of getting rid of Whites who are the innovators and inventors, who built this country from nothing is the gravest mistake.
Jacob Zuma recently said: “We are a movement. We are not a contentious organisation of people who are pulled together by their conscience, no. We are an ideological organisation; that’s why when we report on work we’re doing (in secret), it is to improve ideological clarity of members of the ANC.”
Perhaps it is time for the black population of South Africa to face the fact that their rate of increase is the root of the problem: Since 1994 the white population of South Africa has decreased to 4.5 million whereas the black population has increased from 20 million to more than 44 million. That is a steady increase of more than a million (1 000 000) per annum. The ANC promotes this growth but cannot sustain adequate development; instead they are blaming it on apartheid and White supremacy when in reality more blacks are living financially superior lives to most whites as 10 per cent of them are now in squatter camps.
Ideology of this nature is not that of true leadership but rather a blind dictatorship. It has removed democracy and is affecting every single one of YOU. Democracy means “Demographic rule of Wisdom with the people”. Only God is Wisdom but He is no where to be seen these days. For Earth to once again become the Gem that she is, God has to be her inhabitants’ Dictator and TORAH Law it’s legal system!
Earth is a Colony of The Almighty God, Yahweh!
Yahshuah and Immayah.

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