Written by Andre Martin Slade, Edited and Revised by Katarina Krizaniova. Date: 08/08/2021 Here is an article that is posted on my Academia profile that was submitted for peer review, I received some mixed review but was rejected by the world’s intellect. It is the backbone of Our article on Climate Change. IContinue reading “GROUND-BREAKING CHALLENGE TO HELIOCENTRISM”

The Passover of The Two Witnesses

Read The Key to Tesla 369 Riddle on its own page now.   Note: everything on this blog in blue writing is reference. 2018 On Our way to get grape juice for Passover We found a letter in Our driveway; the INGONYAMA TRUST owned by “The King of the Zulu tribe” Goodwill Zwelithini demands fromContinue reading “The Passover of The Two Witnesses”