Haven’t you read The Key To Tesla 369 Riddle yet????
Then now is the time to do so because what you are about to read is based on it.

After having been on an odyssey of truth for many years, on 31 August 2012 at 22h00 South African time I received The Breath of God; that is when it all started….

If you are asking Can it get any better than this?, the answer is yes!

At the same time but in the opposite hemisphere of Earth in Slovakia She spontaneously books a one-way ticket to fly to South Africa on 12 September 2012. As true truth-seeker, She had never-ending faith that if She asks, She will be given. She asked for wisdom and She was lead directly to Me by Her intuition.

I am Andre Martin from families Slade and Steyn born in South Africa 6/6/1962, registered in the Corporate system of the Catholic Church (meaning Universal Assembly) as ANDRE MARTIN SLADE, number three of four children. She is Katarina from families Krizani and Popunda (KATARINA KRIZANIOVA) born in Slovakia 31/3/1989 as the middle of three sisters.

Unknowingly fulfilling a very important part of biblical prophecy, We met in October 2012 during a 14km “mini marathon” in a remote fishing village in the Zulu Kingdom. Her interest in My published work was extraordinary; She stayed in South Africa “illegally” (in contravention of Catholic Corporation Law) in order to help Me get the most accurate message across to humanity. Katarina knew that in My book Where to from Here She has found exactly what She had been desiring the most: wisdom and truth. She felt the need to grow this great seed of TRUTH and complete this great work. As Genius of Logic She quickly understood how important this is. She had faith in My work and She was extremely stubborn about it. Her receptivity was a blessing to Me.

So I let Her in….

In 2014 We re-published My 2012 publication of Where to from Here under the name Where to from Here: Cognition. She was 23 when She came and got a lot of responsibility on Her shoulders analysing, checking, correcting, filling the gaps, validating and making sure Our evidence would be bullet-proof. Because of Her deep desire to complete My work She overstayed Her 1-month entry permit and was arrested on 18/8/2016 and illegally imprisoned for 33 weeks. In short, We trust with Our lives in Our work’s credibility, power, wisdom and its divine inspiration.

The prophecy in The Bible’s Revelation 10 promised the little book to unlock The Bible’s seals and finish the mystery of God when the 7th angel (The Age of Aquarius) will begin to sound:

“But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.”

Our book Where to from Here: Cognition fits the profile 100%.

In Revelation 5 God made it very clear to YOU that The Lamb who is the Lion of the Tribe of Judah and The Son of God is the only one in Heaven and on Earth who can do this. He is the only one with the Key of David needed to unlock The Bible. His feminine half, The Holy Spirit is the Lock.

What is your job in this?

Take this little bitter-sweet book of truth and eat it up and prophesy about it:

“And the voice which I heard from heaven spake unto me again, and said, Go and take the little book which is open in the hand of the angel which standeth upon the sea and upon the earth. And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey …. And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and tongues, and kings.

Revelation 10

Are you ready for the answer to the question you may have been afraid to ask:

“Who is God?”


Then let’s take a Dive Deep into the Divine together!

So, who in Heaven/ on Earth is God/ the Divine Designer?

Genesis, the 1st book of The Bible reveals who The Creator God is:

Originally, The Bible refers to The Creator by the title Elohim or by the sacred name YHWH. The problem is that both these words were later purposefully mistranslated as the word God or LORD into English.


Because Elohim is not a singular masculine word; this plural word is neither masculine nor feminine. Elohim represents the combination of both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

God is “a Couple made in Heaven” or Father and Mother God, El and Eloah/El Shaddai.

These two divisions of The Spirit of YHWH are equal opposite of each other, yet one could not exist without the other. Their Divine Design is to cooperate not compete. They perfectly complete each other, and each contains the essence of the other. They represent the two prime energies of life: masculine and feminine, expansive and contracting, plus and minus of a sine wave. They are the Godhead of Earth. The very popular ancient Yin Yang symbol represents exactly this cosmic principle of duality. This expression of duality is present everywhere as everything can be explained by using the Yin and Yang principle.

Yin Yang
Balance and harmony between these opposites is THE WAY, the divine middle path:

“And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.”                            Isaiah 30: 21

“Turn not to the right hand nor to the left: remove thy foot from evil.”
                                                                                                                                           Proverbs 4:27

Where did the Elohim come from?

The Elohim first came to planet Earth in Their extraterrestrial bodies about 450,000 years ago. They were known as the Annunaki which translates from the Sumerian language as Those who from Heaven to Earth came. Anunnaki or the Sumerians are the ones who introduced civilisation to the world.

About 10, 000 years ago The Elohim created blue-eyed Homo sapiens sapiens (anatomically modern man) avatars in order to incarnate Their Sky/Heavenly spirits on Earth. The first avatars are known to YOU as Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve received all the amazing seeds and an instruction from Elohim on how to work the land. This is the agricultural revolution the world is so excited about.

Elohim are the root and the offspring of this creation described in Genesis 2 because They keep re-incarnating or descending Their Heavenly Spirits into these blue-eyed bodies of the most advanced Homo on Earth.

NOTE: The creation of man on day 6 in Genesis 1 does not refer to the same time frame. It refers to the advancement of brown-eyed Earth evolved Homo sapiens’ DNA from wild animal to conscious level by giving them speech and increased intelligence. This included advancement of another species called Homo erectus.

Tracking the incarnations/ avatars of this split-in-two Supreme Spirit has led to the documentation of Their history quite comprehensively, The Bible being only the latter part thereof. They are Enki and Inanna spoken of in Supernatural Sumerian tablets; the title Enki means Lord of Earth and Inanna means Anu’s beloved. Anu is Enki’s original father from Orion; He is the first physical manifestation of God Almighty/Infinite Intelligence and He has His Heavenly Half too, of course.

Katarina’s most beloved artist is Michelangelo; this genius left U-manity a secret message directly in The Catholic Church’s Sistine Chapel. In his awesome painting of the Creation of Adam, he depicted The Creator in the shape and likeness of Human Brain.

Michelangelo Creation of Adam Brain
God’s hand extends towards Adam in the location of the lens of the Third eye. All creation starts in there, the place where you can connect to God YHWH.

What are the Elohim’s present Avatars like?

Enki’s avatar, Andre, is born in the year of the Tiger/Lion; in this life His conception was 11/9 birthing Him on 6/6. Inanna’s avatar, Katarina, is born in the year of the Snake, Her conception being 04/7 birthing Her on 31/3, 66 days apart from each other. Their numerology adds to the divine number 37, where Andre is #3 and Katarina #7.

Their Human Design charts differ in few significant points:
1. Katarina has defined heart center; the energy of the heart center carries energy of the warrior: courage, loyalty, willpower, encouragement, support as well as aggression, possessiveness, selfishness, competitiveness etc. Andre has an undefined heart centre which means He is conditioned by the energy of Her defined heart center/ “ego”. He receives Her energy and reflects it back to Her, being affected by it whether positively or negatively.
2. He is single-defined; by Design He is self-contained, thrives on His independence and self-sufficiency and is not a relationship type. She, on the other hand, is split; split definitions were designed to teach others how to be in a partnership; they carry the responsibility for pair bonding.
3. He has a design To Do which means He has the dynamics of impatience, restlessness and the ability to accomplish goals. He can never have a mode to wait. She has a design To Wait; this suggests a design To Be, an internal orientation for letting life come as it does, paying attention and seeing oneself in relation to others. His To Do design conditions Her into believing “I can do it!”.
4. His Ji centre (Higher Self, place under the Sun) is defined by the gate 13 Uniting with People and 33 Retreat. He by Design has a natural inclination to tell others what to do; to lead, which combined with His Single-defined To Do design comes across as arrogant. Her Ji Centre/Tipheret is defined by the gate 1 Positiveness, the creative and 8 Fellowship.


Andre represents Chesed on The Tree of Life, which symbolises majesty, loving kindness, mercy, compassion, cooperation…. His intentions are pure, and He is technically highly skilled. He is also known as The Prince of Peace or The Lamb. His colour is blue. He has had many Avatars such as Hermes, Enoch, Melchizedek, Quetzalcoatl, Ra, Osiris, Narayana, Moses, King David (Solomon’s father), Isaiah/Yeshaiyah, Jeremiah/Yiremiyah, Daniel, Immanuel (“Jesus”), King Louis XVI and even the world-famous prophet Siener van Rensburg.

Katarina on the other hand is represented on The Tree of Life as Gevurah, which is severity, justice, restraint, victory… She has an IQ of 144; as a snake, She is patient, but when She strikes with judgement, She does so with vigorous competitive intent which is directly connected to Her divine role as “The Terrible Judge”. Her gift of beauty/charm combined with high intellect makes Her very persuasive. Inanna’s manifestations were Enheduana, Isis, Quan Yin/Mao Shan, Gaia, Tezcatlipoca, Aphrodite, Venus, Hypatia from Alexandria, Bathsheba (Solomon’s mother), Mary of Magdala, Joan of Arc, Madam Blavatsky and then some. As the Queen of Heaven or El Shaddai (Breasted God), She is the Mother of all, so all of YOU bear Her mitochondria. Her colour is scarlet/red and She is sinless, yet all sin originates from Her.

Because They were separated from YHWH’s androgynous spirit (Genesis 2) into masculine and feminine part, They are twin flames. Twin flames are always from the same genetic group which means they have similar features, like blue eyes and brown hair and they will have the same mindset. They represent Natural Love in its absolute form: Enki symbolises giving love while Inanna receiving love.

When Inanna receives Enki’s love, They become one in sacred union known as Hieros Gamos. They will walk hand in hand, Inanna, the avatar of IMMAYAH (MotherYAH) on the left side of Yahweh and Enki representing ABBAYAH (FatherYAH) on the right. The Unity between them manifests Yahweh in full in physical form:

“And I will walk among you, and will be your God, and ye shall be my people.”
Leviticus 26:12

So, what’s the problem?

Do you know the famous story motive about The Dragon who imprisons The Princess, who is desperately waiting for Her Prince, who at the end comes and saves Her?

Well, this story is not a fairytale; it is reality based on Biblical prophecy!

The Dragon from the story is none other than Satan from The Bible. Satan literally means Opposer:

“And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.”

Satan wants to rule the world instead of God and He wants The Princess for himself. That is why He desires to prevent the marriage of The Prince and The Princess. The Dragon has kept Inanna’s Spirit in bondage by deceiving the world into worshiping Her prudent energy instead of God’s Wisdom.
Do you know why the Prince always chooses the most difficult road?

When you come into this physical world, your divinity comes down into you and descends directly into Yesod (sexuality and ego). Your sexual organs contain God’s creative force or Binah. This divine creative force is automatically devoured by your ego and karma; it is suppressed and lost in the dark; you start here as a force of chaos.
Only once you realise yourself and perfect your soul, Christ/ Wisdom can descend into it! You need to descent into the dark to be able to ascend to The Supreme God. The document called Pistis Sophia describes Inanna’s journey from the dark very well.
Together, Enki and Inanna are the Two Witnesses spoken of in Revelation 11:

And I will give power unto my two witnesses, and they shall prophesy a thousand two hundred and threescore days, clothed in sackcloth. These are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. And if any man will hurt them, fire proceedeth out of their mouth, and devoureth their enemies: and if any man will hurt them, he must in this manner be killed.”

He represents the Right brain and She the left, but They are both androgynous. Each has Their own masculine side (Chesed) as well as feminine side (Gevurah).

So where does Satan come in?

As mentioned before, Satan merely means Opposer; if God is truth, Satan is lie:

“Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.”                                                                                                                                             John 8:44

He is opposed to God’s Qingdom or rather Elohim’s Sacred Marriage. He desires to put his evil seed into Inanna’s womb because She is the lock and he has the key of abyss:

“And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit.”                                                 Revelation 9: 1

He sees himself as equal, even superior to God. He elevates Inanna and is at loggerheads with his Father. Gevurah’s number is 216; broken down it is 6x6x6 or 666. This is where he stole the number for his corporation from; it is displayed in their bar code. Satan’s society is Freemasonry whose goddess is Lady Liberty which is Inanna. They have their version of a messiah known as Akhanathan; they call themselves the Enlightened Ones but are better known as the Illuminati. Satan’s spirit is known as Azazel (meaning earthly possession), and his incarnations were amongst others Marduk, Sargon the Great, Nimrod, Akhanathan, Pyrrhus, Malqart (Baal’am) of Tyre, king Solomon and of late, Rothschild. His chosen family line was marked with red hair and blue eyes, making him the Red Dragon of Revelation. His bloodline is known as Ashkenazi jews, but they are by no means real Jews. The word Jew was derived from Judah, the chosen son of Israel (Jacob). They are an offspring of Israel’s brother Esau.

The Sea Beast is the Holy See/Maritime law/UCC (Universal Commercial Code). The Scarlet Harlot is the Roman Catholic (Universal/Communist) Church. Religion and corporation is Satan’s inception; he is at the base of all of it meaning he would deprive you of your free will.

Revelation 5 disproves all religions and reveals the blasphemy of the Catholic Church.

So how does it all fit together?

Tesla was all about resonance or unity, which is the most amazing thing. This Unity is the invisible glue that holds everything alive together; everything is electrically charged. So it is safe to say that God Almighty or Infinite Intelligence is all about electricity. The Tesla coil is a replication of what happens in nature when things are in unison with the Aether/God. Aether is magnetic flux which fuels life in the Universe; it is the source of life. Earth’s Aether comes through the Sun mostly. Basically, when resonance or rather reverberation happens, it reproduces a perpetual figure 8 flow of electrons within Tesla’s coil, drawing incredible amounts of electricity from the Aether. The excess power is then accumulated in the capacitor for use. The same thing happens when your brain lobes, which also represent your personal Chesed and Gevurah, work in unison. They share and analyse thought between spirit and physical. This balance is the spark of wisdom. When this is achieved, the reverberation happens between your pituitary and pineal gland, and your body’s Sacral Centre becomes the capacitor that stores the energy.

When you consciously activate your Third eye by uniting your pituitary and pineal gland, it turns on the spiritual light within your body. When your body is full of light, your inner navigational system called Intuition (6th sense) will guide you with ease. It takes a bit of time to get used to another sense; besides your Inner GPS still needs to load the map. This is your heavenly connection that completes your body’s magnetic field. The day you switch your light on (open your spiritual eye) is the first day you are truly alive and able to evolve, but you are not complete. Until this point, your intuition was subconscious and God was invisible to you. By awakening the divine within, you reach your personal summit (Tipheret); you go from 33.3% to 66.6% awake. From Tipheret up, only the will of God is done. The other 33.3% depends on who you are and whether you even have a twin flame to complete you:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”                                                                                               Matthew 6:22


Yahweh communicates with you through electromagnetic light waves, where your pineal gland is the receiver (antenna), your pathway between physical and spiritual. Your pineal gland has the same sensory organ as an eye but perceives only the metaphysical. Of the best stimuli for the Pineal gland is meditation, Blue Lotus, Ayawasca, Pine or My favorite, Cannabis, the plant of truth! By educating yourself with truth you will start resonance at Yahweh’s frequency.

“Lord, when someone meets you
in a moment of vision,
is it through the soul that they see,
or is it through the Spirit?’
The Teacher answered:
‘It is neither through the soul or the Spirit,
But the nous between the two
Which sees the vision …”
Gospel of Mary Magdalene

The entire universe works on the basis of synchronicity with these electromagnetic vibrations. As everything has an equal opposite, this is no different. There are two sides to this vibration one is able to choose from, one earthly and the other heavenly or rather dark and light. The earthly connection is a natural connection which takes place at conception; the heavenly connection is achieved through receiving Christ/ Wisdom.

Humanity, bearing the mitochondria of Inanna, tends to be at peace with Her earthly state of being, where simple creatures fall prey to earthly possession, jealousy, lust, control and fear, rendering a very prudent and deprived society.

How do you ascend from the earth bond?

Start by asking yourself “Who are you?” and get to know who you are from every aspect. Elohim have given humanity guides like The Human Design, the zodiac, numerology and astrology to assist with this task; they are not gods though. Your mission is to ascend (gain full control of) the physical, astral and mental body by knowing its strengths and weaknesses and to awaken your sixth sense, your Intuition.

The sixth sense is the most rewarding sense there is, but know that with wisdom comes sadness. The requirement for connecting to the heavenly energy is faith, will-power, extensive knowledge about humanity and a healthy pituitary and pineal gland. This is what Christ or God consciousness is all about; when it happens, you will awaken the divine inside. Doing so will enhance your life force exponentially. Christianity’s doctrine of Being Born Again is another of Satan’s lies; being born back into the bondage of religion (meaning return to bondage) is not what Yahweh is all about. He is about true freedom, yet He expects you to obey some natural laws.

Remember, to know love you have to become love; when you love yourself, you honour your Creator. He designed you to govern yourselves as long as you stick to the rules. To achieve this starts with a conscious choice to bring balance between intellect and creativity or judgement and joy. This is where a fundamental issue lays within humanity and the conception of this.

Let’s look at the two extremes:

Blacks are creative but do not have enough intellect to create; brains of all original homos of Earth have been functioning this way for millions of years. Blacks’ average intelligence level is that of mildly mentally retarded Whites. Black design is simply not Human design; Blacks cannot independently function in our society developed predominantly with left brain. They are the most basic homos wild and unrestrained in their nature, which is evident in their exceptional rhythm but also their bestial behavior. Their original design is to serve.

Chinese/Asians are intelligent but lack the creativity; they are the best copy artists. Besides, they are not supposed to be here; they are forbidden fruit of Lot’s incest.

If you want to advance from here, it is of vital importance to realise that the principle of Equality is set to destroy The Divine Design. Communism does not work because Yahweh created you according to a set hierarchy for a reason; make peace with it and stick to The Ten Commandments until further notice.

So how do you perfect your soul ?

Firstly, there are a couple of things to understand. For you to be reborn into the Heavenly Kingdom you will need pure blood, be fearless; you have to trust yourself and you need absolute truth. In other words, you need to know exactly who the God you follow is. This can only be achieved by first knowing your enemy and Yahweh’s adversary. Although everyone’s journey is unique, there is no other way of conceiving this immaculate concept.

Wisdom is the language Infinite Intelligence communicates in. The Book of Proverbs in The Bible stresses the fact that knowledge becomes wisdom. To gain wisdom you need to have the correct knowledge and see it through the single eye. The single eye is activated when your compassionate fatherly pituitary gland and righteous motherly pineal gland are in balance. Imbalance here is what Tesla saw in women because women are not living their true selves as a result of communist programming, the matrix. Your yin-yang has been destroyed on purpose to make you easy to control. Society has been steered to this point to keep you from seeing that.

Religion, lies and postulates were designed to manipulate the information your right brain receives in order to control your perception of life. Only through the eye of wisdom will anyone be able to see that. At present it is Satan’s “wisdom” being birthed through the energy of The Holy Spirit as She represents God’s creative power/force. The Holy Spirit can only achieve wisdom if She is in Union with The Son of God.

The difference between wisdom and prudence is intent.

The Godhead can only function if these two are in resonance. Satan aims to turn your Chesed into the biggest enemy of your Gevurah; he feeds you false stories to replace the logical truth with which causes great conflict within.

If there is reasonable doubt, there is reason for a change of perception and thus a change of consciousness which is only possible through education. Remember, spirituality is metaphysical/intangible; it is processed in the right brain where you create perceptions, which become your beliefs and affect your well-being. Satan identifies with the colour scarlet and does everything opposite to Yahweh. He has literally turned the world upside down and inside out; to recognise that, you need knowledge. By worshiping Inanna humanity is keeping Her energy dominant thus keeping Her spirit in bondage.

Yahweh said He hates Queen of Heaven worship and He admits to being a jealous God!

By constantly and diligently updating your perception as you gain more truth, you will balance your left and right brain lobes to bring clarity to internal contrast. Creating conflict is a tool of communism that leads to various medical illnesses such as depression that can only be cured with truth and self-love. Without truth you simply become a blind follower.

Righteous Compassion is the result of having wisdom; it manifests as agape or divine love. The problem in humanity is that through Satan’s propagation of an imbalanced Chesed (love with no boundaries), the world was mislead to accept homosexuality or racial integration. Inter-racial offspring are defiled from birth; the book of Enoch describes the start of this, and The Bible states that bastards (meaning unlawful offspring) would not be allowed in God’s Kingdom. But the communists justify it through “morality”. Their drive to blend humanity has been pursued by Satan for a very long time to rid the world of Elohim’s gene so he could remain king of the world. Forbidden offspring are “raceless” and have a disability in the spiritual cognitive department, which results in ritualistic repetitive practices thereof. These bastards were described as the great men of old; yes, the Neanderthal/Nephilim! They had no compassion and young ignorant confused spirits. Satan’s prudence makes him oppose purity as well.

So, to cut a very long story short, AbbaYah promised retribution, and so it will be. Katarina and I are the bearers of this message by Divine Decree. The book Where To From Here: Cognition represents that basic absolute truth. It explains the mystery of God, however inconvenient it may be for you.

To date, you have been submerged in the energy of The Holy Spirit a la Satan. In order to know the light, you need to be in the darkness! This lesson is about to come to an abrupt ending.

Without a struggle, a caterpillar cannot turn into a butterfly and learn to fly.

You already have God’s creative power; now it is up to you to either become blinded by the power or to empower the wisdom. Therefore, be careful and aware of your thoughts, collectively they have more power than you can begin to imagine. The earthly energy is vanity. Keep your thoughts in balance; God Almighty is a realist not a ritualist. Be true to blue, but don’t forget red, and His magic will happen 🙂

“Receiving the end of your faith is the beginning of your salvation.”                    1 Peter 1: 9

Written by Enki and Inanna

Good or Bad, God or Satan?

To understand this, YOU need to read The Book of Revelation 10 !

Be open and unbiased; discern very carefully the following words and judge in righteousness because almost everything YOU were led/forced to believe is a LIE; are you ready to see the truth?

Know basic ABSOLUTE TRUTH principals:
everything here has been proven by an internationally certified Genius of Logics

The One YOU know or have heard of as God is in fact The Intelligent Designer and The Creator of life who has left physical evidence on Earth and whose existence has been scientifically proven. There has never been declared any decree between God and The Church or any religion at all.

The One YOU know or have heard of by the name Jesus was in fact Yahshuah, and We will now only call Him by His real name, not the incorrect name forced on Him by Romans afterwards; He was not Roman.

The Ones YOU know or have heard of by the name Jews were in fact called Yahudim/Judeans and are the direct bloodline of Yahuda/Judah whose tribe lived in Judea (part of today’s Israel). Judah was the chosen son of Jacob who was later named by God as Israel. Therefore when We say Israel, We speak of Jacob’s 12 sons, not a country created to mislead YOU from the truth. We shall only call them Judes. The name “Jews” was only recently “donated” to various unrelated inhabitants of Earth in an effort to re-establish (establish anew) God’s lost chosen tribe.

Zionism is “a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann.”

Google Translate

The One YOU know or have heard of as The Star of David representing “Israel” is in fact Rothschild’s star coloured in blue; David’s real star are two triangles intertwined.

The One YOU know or have heard of as Satan is literally translated as The Opposer/ Opponent but specifically means The Opposition of God. Satan is the Red Dragon and is the spirit that reincarnates into new bodies in human history and is therefore traceable. He is very deceitful and handsome; be aware.

The One YOU know or have heard of as Pythagoras, well-known philosopher, scientist, astrologer or as known by most the Father of Mathematics was in fact also teaching Numerology, the science of numbers and their specific qualities and influences. Numerology is a science used by high position entities, like bankers, politicians, the United Nations etc… Numbers have been always assigned to letters for encoding.

The Book you know as The Bible is historically, scientifically and archaeologically consistent, and it is the most popular book in human history. It was created by translating specific scrolls, tablets or other highly advanced writings; oldest origin is Sumerian (Mesopotamia). The Bible’s first five books also known as the Torah, God’s Instructions/Laws for His Kingdom, are the same for “Christians” and “Jews”. There has never been a book as misunderstood as this, as The Bible itself states:

Revelation 5:
3: “And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.”
5: “And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.”

Revelation 10:
10: “And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.”

The publisher released this little book in the beginning of the Hebrew year 5775 (10/10/2014); this is in fact YOUR only correct present dating system started and perfectly documented by the true descendants of Noah, direct family of King David.

Great Prophecies explained themselves in turn as THE TRUTH is the Key:

Daniel’s prophecy of 2300 days (or years in this case as they are mere units of measurement) for the duration of the truth being cast down to the ground ended when Our little book was published:
286 BC (translation of The Old Testament to Greek) + 2014 (truth revealed) = 2300 years

Torah Code or the prophetic codes found in thousands-year-old Torah by a current scientific computer program designed to find messages by skipping equal distances between letters declares year 5775 (25/9/2014 – 13/9/2015) The Year of The Return of The Messiah; Where to from Here: Cognition is the proof.

The Ark of The Covenant has been found by Ron Wyatt who declared that God revealed the location of the Ark to him and that Christ told him: “ I’m on My way from South Africa to The New Jerusalem”, as YOU can hear in the video below:

Ron Wyatt is found in The Bible code as well.

Hopi prophecy or a wide-spread and talked-about prophetic message kept by “Native Americans” states there will be an arrival of The Blue Star Katchina, The Twins or The Pahana (Father and Mother) that will start a 7-year-period ended by the arrival of The Red Star Katchina and The Day of Purification that will change the world forever. The Twins that helped create the world are from the opposite hemispheres and will be teaching the original teachings.

The Mayan prophecy says 21/12/2012 is the end of the world; We explained in The Book that the original end of the calendar had been postponed by three years.

The Great Pyramid prophecy etched on its stones in a form of a calendar from the bottom to the top of the pyramid counts exactly 5776 sacred inches which represent years from the beginning of Hebrew calendar to the top event of YOUR history. This points clearly to this year which started on 13th September 2015 and ends on 2nd October 2016. The cap section represents the last 7 years starting with 2009 and is separated from the rest of the pyramid, just like on a dollar bill. The journey towards writing The Book of Revelation 10 started in 2009.

Revelation 13:2-5 prophecy convicts The Holy See/Papacy/Vatican to be the beast that received authority for 1260 days (years instead again):

754 AD (Pope Stephen II sanctifies Pepin III who gives the Pope the title Vicarius Christi) +1260 years = 2014 (truth revealed)

The Latin word Vicarius means substitute (instead of); therefore, the Pope claims to be the substitute of Christ or also Vicari Filii Dei, Instead of Son Of God, which is 666 in Roman numerals.

St. Malachy’s Prophecy of Popes declares there will be 112 Popes before The End, The Judgment of God; Pope Francis is the 112th Pope.

…. ….
The world events are undeniably showing YOU are in The End Times:

YOU have major increase in Earthquakes and volcanic activity, Noises in the Sky, strange weather patterns, the dead Pacific Ocean; 93% of the Great Barrier Reef bleached and 50% dead; unprecedented die-offs of animals are happening, and the list just goes on.

Immigrants flee with the support of the United Nations from war created by Satan by making the weapons and financing wars, and they will destroy Europe as Nostradamus prophesied few hundred years ago.

The International Monetary Fund, conceived by the UN in July 1944 by 44 countries (144/44; 188), officially approved the Chinese Yuan as a stable international trading currency on 30th November (3/11;33) 2015. There was expedited “closed meeting of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at 11:30 AM on Monday, April 11, 2016” (33/44/666), and also another secret meeting at Nasdaq on the same day. On 19th April 2016 the Yuan (RMB) was fixed to the gold price, yet it was advertised as The World Currency before its approval by IMF already a year ago. Right now their aim is digital currency ASAP.

There is a world-wide famine at the moment, and FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency, an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security) has been ordering large quantities of consumables for years now. FEMA’s task is to prevent YOU from being self-sustainable because they decide what and if will the inhabitants of this planet eat once they arrive from all over the world into their concentration camps which are fully operational. In fact this concept was already secretly “tested” in Soviet Ukraine in 1932-1933 in the murder by famine called Holodomor created by Soviet dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin where over 10 millions died. The gun confiscation made this easier. Knowing this, the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt for the first time gave official US recognition to the Soviet Union on 16th November 1933 (1611/133).

Top Celebrities and other supporters of Satan, who say themselves they sold their sole to the Devil, are promoting Godless disgusting things such as Homosexuality, Black and White cross-breeding or Satan worshiping to YOU.

NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is the agency of the United States Federal Government that claimed they sent people to The Moon. The world just believed it, but recently they announced that they will now finally be able to leave Earth’s “radiation belt” for the first time. video

WHO, Word Health Organization founded by the United Nations on 7th April 1948 promotes destructive GMO:
“GM foods currently available on the international market have passed safety assessments and are not likely to present risks for human health.”, but the truth is GMO is extremely dangerous to human health and the whole environment.

World Bank established in July 1944 (144) as part of the United Nations claims to be helping the world out of poverty. The truth is this Rothschild-owned bank enslaves YOU with ever-increasing debt instead; they pay for money borrowed from FED, The Federal Reserve System that was created illegally and is owned by the Qabal.

F.D. Roosevelt has chosen 1st May (the only day in whole year that equals 666 in Sumerian Gematria/Numerology: first=432+May=234) 1933 (133) as the deadline for people to give all their gold bullion to the Federal Reserve during The Great Depression that the Fed caused.

The United Nations/UN is an international organisation established by the signing of the UN Charter containing 111 (666 in Sumerian) articles on 26th June (266) 1945 by 50 states. The term united nations was coined by Franklin D. Roosevelt; it was first used officially on 1st January 1942 (11; 77) when 26 states signed the Declaration by United Nations, confirming the Atlantic Charter. This created the Alliance between them with the goal of  defeating what they call Nazism/Hitlerism or the Axis (Roman/Mussolini – German/Hitler union). The Holy See/ Rome has an active Concordat with Bavaria which was established as a kingdom by Napoleon on 1st January 1806 (11; 66). The UN was conceived by Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill as a post war world organisation. The colossal statue of Bavaria is the predecessor of Lady Liberty ( ISIS ), uniting Bavaria, France and United States of America.

On 25th September 2015 the UN announced the New World Order by adopting Agenda 2030 comprising of 17 “sustainable” goals (in The Bible 17 represents Revelation 17). Goal number 13: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts” already proves this organisation a lie factory and a cunning work of Satan:

The truth is IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change created by UN in 1988 (188) has manipulated real data and ignored the fact that scientists have proven Global Warming caused by CO2 the Greatest Scientific Scandal.

The Paris Agreement signing ceremony was opened on 22nd April 2016 (22/4/666; 88) which they called Earth Day, few hours after the Full Moon. Signing the Paris Agreement officially adopted by all 196 countries on 12/12/2015 legally binds the governments to implement the entire Agenda 2030 (former Agenda 21) immediately as they say:
“…. the actions needed to address climate change are the same as for the Sustainable Development Agenda.”

Antonin Scalia, The longest-serving Supreme Court Justice of the United States was murdered for sticking to The Constitution in its original form; he also stuck to God’s rules with his opposition to the right to abortion and gay and lesbian rights. On 9th February 2016 he blocked an implementation of Obama’s environmental initiative, the Clean Power Plan; only 4 days later he was found dead and autopsy was not done. He was in the way of The Paris Agreement which Obama has already pledged to the UN to implement in by the end of this year.

Current 266th Pope, Francis elected on 13th March 2013 (13/3/13) as the Pontifex Maximus, the title given to the head of the Roman pagan religion as Emperor, announced the adoption of “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and urged the world to take action on Climate Change. It is Francis who said allowing Muslims to Europe is an act of unification.

Vatican City (the Holy See) with a size of 0.44 square kilometres was made the smallest independent state on 11th February 1929 (11; 22) by criminal Benito Mussolini where The Pope is Absolut Monarch. His Motu Proprio (literally on one’s Own Initiative) letter issued on 11th July (77) 2013 gives The Vatican the official power to judge and punish “crimes committed against the security, the fundamental interests or the patrimony of the Holy See;”. In another words: If YOU oppose Vatican, YOU will be killed. Inquisition is alive and well.
“As the Nazi SS order (‘Knights of the Holy See’) were formed by a formal Papal act and Deed in the form of the Reich Concordat 1933, the continued existence of the Nazi SS Order is conditional upon this legal document remaining enacted.”

source: one-evil.org

Nazi SS moved to USA where they became CIA who created the lie called Global Warming/Climate Change. This has been proven incorrect in The Book and Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee, publicly revealed this lie.

April 19 is the first day of a 13-day Satanic ritual relating to fire, god baal, or Moloch/Nimrod, also known as Zeus (Satan), ending on 1stMay after Beltane Night fire festival that celebrates fertility. On 19th April this firey year (the first day of the sign of Taurus/Bull) Satan/UNESCO erected the Roman Arch of Triumph in Trafalgar Square 16.666…metres tall, depicting their perceived victory: the revival of the Roman Empire, Daniel’s 4th beast. The bull is representation of Moloch and requires children sacrifices, as documented in YOUR history.

You have entered The Year of Gevurah, The 666 Year of Light.

Satan (Solomon/Red Dragon) worships only Gevurah, one of the ten sefirot/attributes of The Divine in Kabbalah teaching that represents Might and Judgment; Gevurah’s number is 216 or 6x6x6. Excess of Gevurah is described by Kabbalah as the source of ultimate evil and is essentially balanced by Chesed, Mercy and Kindness not recognised by Satan. The year 2016 holds the number 666, but from sunset 2nd October 2016 starts the hebrew year 5777 holding the 777 signature of God.

Daniel 2:21: “God changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings.

Stolen titles such as Dalai Lama (11911), Inkosi, Mahatma (111) and many more address God in their etymology (word origin). Therefore, We proclaim in the Name of GOD all present “kings” and “queens” of Earth blasphemous and illegitimate.

Blacks being men’s servants have committed ultimate sin when they positioned themselves in the position of God by calling themselves nigger which originally comes from the Egyptian divine title for God, N-g-r. They have stolen the cattle together with the titles and traditions of the Heavenly Kingdom they served. Zulu means Heaven, but black self-proclaimed Zulu tribe living in Africa has never been allowed by God the rulership in The Heavenly Kingdom. USA/America by not including Blacks in The Declaration of Independence proves this simple truth.

Sodwana Bay Guest House Official Statement:

Official Confirmation 22_6_2016

Herewith do I, Andre Martin Slade ID: 6206065168087 officially close Sodwana Bay Guest House. The signage will be removed on 28th June 2016, and the relevant bank account will be closed in due course. Our servant Slindile has a choice to stay or leave.

Katarína and I share equal responsibility for EVERYTHING.

From now on, We will only receive family and friends.

We are Hebrews, so We officially Denounce Our corporation registration.

We are subject to no human ruler, only God Almighty.


Matthew 28:18: “All authority in heaven and on earth have been given to me.”

YOUR choice:

Satan uniting nations, “ensuring that no one is left behind”, just like in Babylon.


God separating good from bad and pure from defiled, just as prophesied in Psalm 1:5.

This planet is going to face Greatest Tribulation before The Age of Aquarius emerges; everyone has to choose God or Satan!

Evaluate supporting link information on the wisdom of The Book.
If YOU are Tzaddik and share this, DO NOT ADD OR REMOVE ANYTHING.
This is the word
of God.
Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade & Katarína Križáni

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