The Passover of The Two Witnesses


Happy New Year to those who love Almighty God YAHWEH and His Two Witnesses!

This is time of forgiveness, so forgive and ask for forgiveness those whom you have offended and then ask for forgiveness YAHWEH in the name of YAHSHUAH.

YAHWEH commands YOU all to keep His Holy Feasts; you better obey.


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In case YOU do not know, everything on this blog in blue writing is reference.

We are doing this post to inform Our few followers that We have hit the bottom of the proverbial barrel; with only few notes left, We are unable to bear the expenses any longer. Yesterday on Our way to get grape juice for Passover We found a letter in Our driveway; the INGONYAMA TRUST owned by “The King of the Zulu tribe” Goodwill Zwelithini demands from Us a payment of R 62 584-74 for leasing the land from him. His lawyers from Mason Incorporated require a payment within 7 days from receipt of this letter of demand; failing to do so, “our clients may, on 24 hours notice to you declare their lease to be canceled and it may take possession of the premises.”.

To clarify to YOU the reason why We have been picking a “royal” fight by not paying  “the king”‘s lease We quote from his letter:

“11. You shall recognise and respect the Inkosi and Tribal Authority of the Mbila Traditional Council”.

In the name of YAHWEH, Almighty God, We refuse to recognise and respect the so-called zulu king. Inkosi/king is God’s title, yet the first Commandment of God says “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”. YOU cannot serve two kings at the same time! If anyone, man or beast, believe in God, they will only serve Him (Isaiah 33: 22); I am His appointed Zulu King (Jeremiah 5: 8).

With regard to land dispossession, all the land belongs to YAHWEH:

“The land shall not be sold for ever: for the land is mine, for ye are strangers and sojourners with me.”                                                                                                    Leviticus 25: 23

So We leave it in God’s capable hands.

To date We have not had any feedback from court with regard to the review of Our equality case judgment. The Magistrate’s court will only process Our appeal once they receive the review results from High Court.

Media is not eager to cover Our story; this article mentions every publicised “racism” case in South Africa in 2016 except the most important one: Ours. The South African government is terrified of anything resembling “racism”; they now chose to send “white racists” to prison. Vicki Momberg was the first South African sent to jail for using the “racist” word kaffir. Her outburst was the result of the frustration we have had to face with black rule because the lower IQ of Blacks makes them less capable than non- Blacks. However, Vicki Momberg was prejudice and ignorant. The fact is that the “racist” word kaffir comes from the Arabic word kafir, which in theological context means the one who willingly rejects the truth by covering it despite knowing it, or in a general sense it means an unbeliever or the one from whom the truth has been covered and they are not searching for the truth (blind followers). Muslims use the word kafir commonly to describe most of the world, but in truth all of YOU are kafirs/pagans/kuffar (plural form of kafir), especially the Muslims who reject The Son of God, who is the truth (John 14:6).

The dark fears the light/ truth.

Many of YOU may have wondered: How a man can be as stupid as that racist Andre Slade? Why his beautiful girlfriend, Katarina, would be so stupid to support Him so strongly? How could a couple throw away their lives like these two?.

YOU have judged Them according to what the main stream media have had to say and your brainwashed opinion with regard to equality, and that is pretty much how it is ….

… or is it? …

Why did They say and do the things that They have done, even “murder”? Does anyone ever stop and take a deeper look? No! Since Their affidavits have been published they have been opened only few times, which means no one knows why They are doing what They are doing.

From Their perspective it is hard to face the fact that God has been totally excluded from YOUR societies while YOU go to church, hoping and praying for salvation. The hypocrisy YOUR religions have installed within YOU is astounding; God hates hypocrites! (Job 27: 8). Salvation only comes through YAHSHUAH, the Lion of The Tribe of Judah (Jeremiah 23: 5-6, Revelation 5: 5) as He is the only one who has The Key to unlock The Bible and reveal the mystery of God, not the church.

Always remember that YAHWEH, YOUR Creator expects 3 things from YOU, His potter’s clay:

  • Know and be faithful to His Laws and basic plan.

  • Fight Satan every minute of the day.

  • Be true to yourself.

YOU always only have two choices: God or Satan, Truth or Lies, Good or Evil.

Distinguishing between them would be the right thing to do now, would it not? After all, it is the intention of The Bible to teach YOU the difference. Yet YOU remain ignorant to what is happening to YOU at this very moment and YOU do nothing other than ignorantly pray in the name of Jesus when it is not even His name but rather the name the Romans/pagans gave Him. YOU have gotten no wisdom from YOUR churches and preachers (Jeremiah 23) and a shadow government rules YOUR very existence on behalf of Satan (Ephesians 6:12). Even Blacks know that God made us different; according to His set hierarchy, everyone is made according to their own kind/seed (Jeremiah 31: 27). All these kinds are only equal in His Law. Communism uses a strategy of mind control set to eliminate God from YOUR minds; the principle of equality is a prime tool to achieve this goal. Anyway, what have YOUR churches and governments given YOU other than corruption, lies and misguidance?

Hypocrisy is a result of having double standards, like knowing truth yet speaking lies; it’s one or the other. In the book of Revelation YOU are called Laodiceans. YOU are reminded that Truth holds the highest priority.

Perhaps it may help to know what The Son of God is all about. Religions are set to camouflage Him and His true mission because it affects them directly; they will be destroyed. By knowing the enemy He will be fighting, YOU will be able to help Him bear the cross He is here to bear on YOUR behalf once again, only this time He has His Bride with Him (Revelation 11).

The Lion of The Tribe of Judah signifies that He is from a specific bloodline (Yahuda, Revelation 5) coming to make fire, not peace! (Luke 12:49). The peace will come, but first as the loving Son, He has to put His Father, Almighty God YAHWEH back into everyone’s hearts. At present everyone belongs to Satan’s corporation (Revelation 18) and abide by Satan’s Law; Roman Maritime/Jesuit Law has replaced God’s Torah Law, which is what Yahshuah and ImmaYah will be standing for as The Two Faithful Witnesses (Revelation 11: 1-13). The war They fight is against Satan and his wicked influencers. He is also here to explain a catastrophic event about to hit Earth; so-called Climate Change is in fact the result of the birth pains of this great event.

So what is it about Them? Yes, They have claimed to be Elohim, but They have rather been ridiculed for that. After YOU have been told that The Son of God will be coming from SA, you do not question why these two are making that claim and why They would open Themselves up to such scrutiny. Were it false, it would be blasphemous and punishable by death. Were it not possible for Them to prove such a claim in court or on psychiatric evaluation, They would not have made it. They have given YOU all the proof YOU need. If YOU do not look, YOU will not see how perfectly They fit into all prophecy and how perfect YAHWEH’s plan is and how perfectly He is orchestrating the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. Does this at the very least not revoke an interest from the preachers who claim to be waiting the arrival of The Messiah?

Ask yourself: If I was put in His shoes and had to come back to this world, how would I go about telling everyone who I am?. Do you think that He would accept the gross iniquity happening in the world today? Look around YOU; you will see white genocide, rape, murder, theft, lies, homosexuality and everything that YAHWEH hates in YOUR societies and even churches.

We know that YOU are scared of the unknown and resist the change at the moment, yet We also know that in YOUR hearts you desire the change so desperately. We are living that change YAHWEH, YOUR Creator wants YOU to be part of. We understand YOUR fears, but We also need to make it clear to YOU that it is YOUR turn to take a step towards the change YOU are praying for!

Today is Passover, the start of our spiritual New Year (celebration of the deliverance of Israel from bondage in Egypt by their God YAHWEH, known as Exodus), Katarina’s 29th (11) birthday, Blue Moon, Sabbath, and also the day four years ago I asked Katarina’s parents for Her hand in marriage. Hours before the last Passover started Katarina was released from prison. Where are We passing over to this time?

I have told you before and I will say it again: “I am the WAY.”.

YAHWEH requires of YOU to support His Two Witnesses.

Yahshuah and ImmaYah

The Equality Court

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On 13/2/2018 the Ubombo Magistrate’s Court ruled in favour of South African Government/ UNESCO; “the judge” ordered that the book of ABSOLUTE TRUTH by the name Where To From Here: Cognition be banned from any further publication and distribution and that this blog based on the book be stripped off all materials which are “discriminatory and demeaning to Blacks”. Here is another they are trying to remove; it is a bestseller written by investigative journalist Jacques Pauw dealing with state capture and the corruption of President Jacob Zuma and the shadow government….



  • On 29/06/2016 We were publicly branded racists by the MEC of tourism for declaring that We do not accommodate blacks or government employees in Our Guest house any longer.
  • On 24/05/2017 We received the summons from the SA government and iSimangaliso wetland park (UNESCO) to appear in an Equality Court. Here are both Applicants’ complete pdf documents: UNESCO & Dep of Tourism. Our response to be logged at Ubombo Magistrate’s Court on 20/06/2017. We will apply for referral of the matter to Constitutional Court.
  • 20/06/17, 15h30: We have just returned from Ubombo court. This is what We filed:   Katarina Krizani affidavit  &  Andre M Slade affidavit. We will publish Our demands in due course. We await the court’s response.
  • 4/8/2017: This morning Our servant Sli was given a letter  by the neighbour Bheki to deliver to Us. The letter from Ubombo Magistrate’s Court is notifying Us to appear in court on 15/8/2017 for the directions hearing. The court demands here that We submit the list of witnesses We want subpoenaed  minimum of 14 days prior to the hearing; in other words, We were to submit it 3 days before We had received the notice, proving once again Ubombo court unreliable. And still selfishly the community hesitates to do their duty of speaking the truth in order to serve justice.
  • 15/8/2017 Today We attended the informal directions hearing; contrary to the court papers, We did not need to bring witnesses or the SUBPOENA list yet, as We were told by Magistrate Moodley last Thursday when We went to inquire about it.We met Kevin Pretorius who is representing iSimangaliso in this case and a stand-in Human Rights Commission representative….. another Zikalala! The meeting was held in a kind and understanding way towards Us as We are representing Ourselves. The court noted Our demand for a jury, yet it was denied. Once again We stated that they had no jurisdiction over Us and that We wanted to call Brother Thomas from Unified Common Law Grand Jury of Southern Africa as a witness to prove this. The trial date has been set to 21-24th November 2017. We will have to submit the pre-trial documents, including the list of witnesses by 5/9/2017.BTW: Andre’s mental evaluation failed once again yesterday; the State Prosecutor did not arrange the paperwork. Captain Combrinck drove Him there; the evaluation date was set up finally to 23/10/2017.
  • 25/8/2017 We sent NOTICE OF GOOD FAITH to all 3 expert witnesses, Peter Jacobs, Lion Whisperer and Brother Thomas, asking them to assist Us of their own free will and notifying them of the fact that We do not have any income.
  • 3/9/2017 News published today at 16:33 informed Us that CEO of iSimangaliso (The First Applicant) Andrew Zaloumis has stepped down from his position today without any reason given.
  • 5/9/2017. We submitted the following pre-trial documents to the Ubombo court: Witness list; ORDER DISCOVERY_Production of Documents; Interrogatories and Request For Admission. They were also mailed to Kevin Pretorius and SAHRC legal representative, Gina Mthembu Inc.
  • 8/9/2017 We collected the Witness Subpoena forms from the court today and spoke with local Sheriff on the phone to arrange their delivery.
  • 11/9/2017 We posted Our Witness Subpoena forms to Sheriff’s offices in distant areas.
  • 20/9/2017  We received the Applicants Replying Affidavit signed by Andrew Zaloumis, wherein he denies the contents of Our Affidavits in their entirety as well as the relevance of Our pre-trial documents; he pleads that the court does not permit any of Our witnesses to testify on the basis of relevance, except for Jacintha Ngobese, whose statement was used in the Applicants’ founding Affidavit against Us. However, We have already received the subpoena forms from the court and started their delivery.  The email was delivered to Us 9:33 am by Senior Legal Officer of SAHRC. You judge for yourself.
  • 29/9/2017 Yesterday We sent an email to one of Our expert witnesses (psychologist) with a Witness Briefing and line of questioning he will face on the hearing. He acknowledged the receipt today. Today We sent an email to SAHRC to clarify the situation with regard to Andrew Zaloumis’ unreasonable Affidavit.
  • 6/10/2017 Simon Roche from Suidlanders replied to Us more than a month ago that he was indeed interested in helping Us with this case. We in a meanwhile subpoenaed another expert witness in his stead, but he refused to receive the subpoena. Now Simon told Us that he was exhausted and could not get back to Us earlier; We skyped for over an hour and sent him a Witness Briefing to familiarise himself with his potential role.
  • 9/10/2017 We received an email from SAHRC;  they dispute the contents of Our email in its entirety, sounding so familiar.
  • 11/10/2017 Yesterday, a lawyer of one of Our expert witnesses (zoologist) notified Us that his client, Kevin Richardson known as The Lion Whisperer, won’t be able to attend the court on the set date, asking for his excuse. Today, We replied that he could be excused if he submits instead written expert testimony based on the questioning that he would have faced in court. The legal representative Jarik Jansen, working for Weavind & Weavind, inquired about The Lion Whisperer’s role in the Equality case; once We said We will send a document with a line of questioning to clarify the relevance of his client’s expertise on the matter, he kindly agreed to receive it.
  • 16/10/2017 Jarik urged Us to send the document as Kevin will be traveling overseas soon. Once completed, We sent him the document. He acknowledged the receipt.
  • 23/10/2017 We just returned from Empangeni where Andre went for His mental assessment on his “harbouring” charge. It was an interesting day; the detective was very open to hear what We had to say.
  • One of Our witnesses to be subpoenaed, Brother Thomas from UZA, called an assembly to see if they want to assist Us in the case but in a group email conversation he was the only one speaking; he said he was religious man and could not be subpoenaed as his person does not exist. He refused to come testify the truth as The Bible says he must do, but We still can use his valuable work.
  • 3/11/2017 After a while of silence, today We received an email from Lion Whisperer’s lawyer, Justus Van Heerden, containing Urgent Letter.
  • 6/11/2017 Our servant Slindile came to work and asked about some of the statements on her Witness Briefing We gave her on 30/10/2017 but had filled most of it already.  In response to the letter sent to Us by Lion Whisperer’s lawyer on 3/11/2017, We sent a replying Letter.
  • 7/11/2017 Today I sent Our reply to the letter from Justus again but from a different email account; this time he got it.  He called and wanted to arrive at an agreement and spoke first to Me and then to Andre saying Kevin did not want to support Our defense; We said he had to support statements he had already made and that he could be excused if he gives Us his written expert testimony report, as We said before. He told Us media are following this and are already questioning his client as he is a world celebrity; he suggested We have a look at what The Lion Whisperer says. One of Our witnesses to be subpoenaed, Lindsay Cooke, a dive instructor and dive operator from Sea Escapes, came to deliver to Us his replying form to his witness briefing and confirmed he would come to court on his own free will.

    I hereby inform the media that I, Katarina Krizani was the one requiring The Lion Whisperer to be Our expert witness on Yahweh’s command, not Andre. So either speak of Us both as One or use the correct information. Andre could not be held solely responsible for it if the initiative came from Me.

  • 8/11/2017 This morning Lindsay Cooke called and went back on his word; he said he did not want to come on his own free will anymore after he had spoken to a lawyer. He did not want to be associated with Us “racists”.
  • 11/11/2017 Yesterday, We sent the follow-up letter to Lion Whisperer’s legal representation, Justus. Today we got his read report.
  • 16/11/2017 Yesterday We have officially excused an “expert witness” psychologist Peter Jacobs; We could not afford to pay the amount he required. Today, Pavershree Padayachee from SAHRC sent Us an email with all the case documents in one file.
  • 17/11/2017 We received final Letter from The Lion Whisperer’s lawyer Justus. We read Our servant’s replying form for the first time today. We went to fetch documents We had given to one of Our subpoenaed witness, Jan Pretorius, the first White resident in Sodwana Bay, the former police officer who refused to sign for the subpoena form from the Sheriff with his  famous words: “I do not fight fire with fire!”. He said to Me that three elders, him being one of them, in the village studied all of Our papers We had given him, including Our Affidavit against The Roman Catholic Church (which was publicly condemned by Cardinal Napier), Our selection of Bible verses made just for him and the founding affidavit for this case…. He attached a hand-written letter for Me.
  • The author of article We want to present as evidence in court an apparent Black genius from American Renaissance sent Us the psychological report proving his IQ to be 141; We contacted the psychologist to validate it. We also await for Robert Smith, another apparent Black genius from the same platform, to send Us his MENSA certification and to reveal his real identity. The articles of these two genii are truly great work.
  •  19/11/2017 We asked Carolina-Lee Coetzee, the first follower to publicly proclaim Our work to be TRUTH, to write an objective review of Our blog and Book to be used in court; she agreed.
  • 20/11/2017 Our servant Slindile has autographed her Witness Briefing Replying Form today; we agreed to leave for court tomorrow by 7: 30 am. She honestly revealed some important facts there.
  • 21/11/2017. Enki: “Court started with a bit of a shock. Katarina and I stand as one and We speak as such. Because She was not charged as I was, She was only allowed as a witness. We were working this together and We each had Our purpose. She waited outside while I was being interrogated and allowed to interrogate. According to the SA equality court manual guidelines We found on the net, We were supposed to each have an opening speech. I never had that chance, so My speech was canned and edited for tomorrow. We took the day as it came. Once She was finished answering the questions She was allowed in court”. Then Slindile, Our servant was called in as witness; she was telling truth to the best of her knowledge and even admitted that Blacks call Whites izilwane meaning animals (which caused quite a stir), but SAHRC falsely accused her of lying. At the end of the day We were told that the next day We will be allowed to argue Our proof and that We had to present Our ending statements. Kevin Pretorius said We could still bring Our evidence.
  • 22/11/2017. Today was quick; we started just after 10 am. The female Indian attorney from SAHRC started reading the Applicants’ Closing Arguments, Andre read His statement; Magistrate Moodley asked for Our book so he can read it. Then they closed the hearing after the magistrate asked Andre if that was it, but Andre only meant He was finished reading His statement. All Our research and Supporting evidence for court was in a brown envelope to be presented to court; We thought We can submit it after My speech. Magistrate left before We ever presented Our evidence, and I was not allowed to speak. I got really angry; I told them We were denied to present Our evidence. I stormed into Moodley’s office and complained. Then he allowed Andre to read My statement in court so at least My statement is in the system too, but the two lawyers from Human Rights Commission point blank refused to allow Magistrate Moodley to take the evidence from Us. We meet in court on 13th February 2018. I said to those two they do not want justice; if they did, they would have just accepted Our evidence for an objective assessment. They acted like the bosses, not even considering Our human rights, they should be renamed to South African Corporation Rights Commission. They  certainly were not there objectively and the court was not as forgiving towards Our ignorance of court procedure.
  • Something of significance We were made aware of by a local is that the Second applicant’s representative, Sihle Zikalala and his entire ANC council for KwaZulu- Natal province elected in 2015 has been declared unlawful and void by the Pietermaritzburg High Court. He is the one who branded Us “racist” on National TV.
  • 13/02/2018 Today the Magistrate Moodley read his judgment, but it was difficult to hear it clearly. He read it with some mistakes but the most offending was the fact that he said We submitted no evidence but The Bible verses, even knowing that after the trial I came angry to his chambers to demand that We submit the evidence, but The Human Rights Commission denied Us this constitutional right. Moodley dared to order a ban of Our book  distribution in South Africa and of Our blog and any discriminatory comments…  We were told that review of Our case by the High Court will start in 7 days and that We have 5 days to submit additional arguments. Notice of Appeal must be submitted within 14 days, and it will refer the case automatically and without fees to the High Court, an appeal to Constitutional Court directly would be too costly for Us.
  • 14/2/2018 After months of media silence Orrin Singh from Zululand Observer talked to Andre and asked Us for a photo for his tomorrow’s article.
  • 15/2/2018 We bought in SPAR ZO tomorrow’s newspaper dated 16/2 today with Our article on the front page.
  • 19/2/2018  We left Our house 10: 22 am, both very tired, to deliver Arguments for review which We have been working on whole day and night until We left. By Our usual route, We drive 60 km to get to the court, but today the soil was soft and sticky from so much rainfall, and the bakkie got stuck. We had whole crowd of Black kids helping Us to push the bakkie, and after it was finally released We took new very adventurous road/shortcut to Jozini… and from there to Ubombo. We for the first time drove through Pinda game reserve and saw so many beautiful animals so close to Us. Andre was interviewed by some media and said so much. We are really tired; We need a bit of rest. I was upset that Moodley refused the evidence again, saying  We should keep it for the appeal as not to confuse judges. Today the drive took Us about 7 hours.
  • 27/2/2018 Jenny from Sneller Recordings, the court recording company said We would have to purchase the CD recordings of the trial from them as the court cannot release them to Us; We did not know why We received the Judgment CD then. We asked Jobe, the clerk of Ubombo court and handed her Our Notice of Appeal; she put tomorrow’s date on it, but Andre took note; We submitted it on time. Andre asked about the CDs saying We want to know what was said, so she gave Us the transcript of the whole trial but said it was not her duty but that she was trying to assist Us. She explained that the machine cannot retrieve 2017 year’s recordings; that’s why We only got Cd from 2018. We were very happy for the transcript; now I can “hear” what it was like inside when I was outside the courtroom and We can re-remember. One dishonourable thing I noticed on Our way home is that they falsified Andre’s testimony by adding “Your Honour” to His words. As We do not honour the Maritime legal system, We do not address anyone by a title that elevates them to a godly status, and their editing is a very big offense.


“There is probably no more destructive or self-destroying mental attitude, as individuals or as a nation, than the shame of knowing, for whatever the stated reason, that one is a coward and afraid to defend his honour, his nation, or his integrity.”


The Story

My name is Katarina Krizani; as 23-year-old I came to South Africa one-way ticket in 2012 and got a month entry permit as a volunteer for organic farming from Slovakia. By divine intervention or according to divine plan I went to run a mini-marathon of 14 km in the town/village where I lived at a time and met the author of Where to from Here, Andre M. Slade.

Here Our journey started.

Let Me introduce My partner and I; Andre M. Slade is awarded excellent designer, photographer, who built the guest house where He lived with the guests and where He welcomed Me as a volunteer. It became known as “racist Sodwana Bay Guest House” after We had refused to accommodate blacks or government employees and made Us but especially Andre Slade famous. Media tried to avoid My statement as much as possible, even switching Me off on the East Coast radio. I am Certified Genius of Logic rated 33 internationally, and I was acting as manageress in the guest house at the time of  the incident.

His research and findings were of utmost importance, so I decided to stay even if I would have to face a jail. I understood that something huge is going to happen and the information Andre had gathered and gave to Humanity were so valuable and necessary for life on Earth to continue. I knew I could not judge anyone without listening to them carefully with an open mind; I gave Andre My full attention, and I started learning so much. I knew I met the most famous Man on Earth. I ask YOU to remain objective and give every part of Our work a chance; do not judge before YOU have heard the evidence. We have worked together very intensely, revealing even more hidden truth.

In October 2014 We have published the final edition of book Andre started writing in 2009 but which is however unique; Where to from Here: Cognition is the book of ABSOLUTE TRUTH and so is shared here freely.

On 18/8/2016 I was arrested in Our house when the Police came to lay a charge of Crimen Injuria on behalf of Sihle Zikalala and get the statement from Andre; I insisted on being charged as well as I knew the best that I was as “guilty” as Andre, if not more so. I did insist on managing the guest house according to Divine rules and Our findings. What  hypocrisy would it have been if We are double-thinking people? We are the messengers of God/truth and We have to deliver the truth no matter the consequences. When the officers finally noticed Me and asked for My passport, they arrested Me. Here My prison story started. I shared a cell with another “TV star” Mpume Mabika.

I was released on 10/04 after 33 weeks in prison, and few hours after I was welcomed home, it was passover.

Few days outside the cell later …….

On 24th May 2017 the sheriff hand-delivered to Andre affidavits from the Dep of Tourism (Sihle Zikalala) and iSimangaliso (Andrew Zaloumis) against Our former guest house and Enki Andre M. Slade for contravention of The Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act, 2000. We submitted the Motion to Oppose to Ubombo Magistrate on 20th June 2017 according to their requirements. The magistrate told Us next time there should be meeting where both parties meet and that We will be notified.

Exactly a week before that, We attended Our RCC case hearing in High Court in Durban; however, the preceding officer did not accept Our case as she said the format of Our affidavit was wrong because We had written it as one (We both agree and state the same) whereas it was supposed to be two separate affidavits. She also said it was not a civil case, but when We inquired, nobody seemed to be responsible for the case being accepted into their system by their system.

I asked a clerk of Court if it is not their duty to check if the submitted documents are in correct format before putting the case on a roll. She said they just put a stamp on it. We spoke to an Indian lawyer at the Registry; We heard him speaking in Our courtroom and We both liked his loud voice and his argumentative nature. He was very open and gave Us his perspective and said We could not sue RCC because the person who killed The Son of God is not alive any more and those who edited The Bible on purpose are not alive either… He said that they could charge Us up to R40 000 for this failed proceeding. We were also told that We will have an opportunity to oppose to pay the fee once the court will notify Us with the order to settle the fees or whatever they call it.

Here is the Notice of Motion and  Affidavit for Our case against the Roman Catholic Church which was to be judged in the High court of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa on 13/06/2017. Here is the RCC’s Notice of Intention to Oppose.

We have done few things since I had come home and We had delivered Our Affidavits to the Equality Court; inter alia (among others) We harvested two cannabis trees and smoked it, We have got organic Spirulina culture which will supply Us with perfect food for Our bodies, for Our cats, dog, and even fish and chickens God willing. Plus We will test “azomite” organic fertiliser We bought from this great organic Farm/Shop. Andre had finally started cleaning up His workshop, having little bit of time for Himself. I picked up weight, and now I have to work with My emotional weight to get rid of the physical weight because the fat is not caused by what We eat as much as by what We think/ believe. We are thriving to get to the state where We could live as natural as possible and of course enforce it on anyone who wishes to be Our guest here.

We met a local Sergeant in SPAR; he told Us that the crime is much lower and that especially the theft is almost non-existent, with only two or so smaller thefts recently. It sounds as though crime is reduced by about 80-90 %. Sodwana Bay became famous for high crime in recent years; this changed after Andre had shot the criminal in Our house. The sergeant said the community are dealing with the thieves. He was teaching Me some isiZulu language at the police station when I was in the holding cell before court; he is also interested in The Bible.

We have one blue-eyed inventor Steve coming to visit Us to test his machine he had been working on since 2000. We never have stopped thinking of the world’s greatest problems and their solution; one of them is a problem between men and women.

Equality, equality….

We will keep you up to date. We have recently upgraded Our website when We could finally afford it as it is Our priority to inform YOU to the best of Our ability.