The Neighbors

From the Neighbors of Sodwana Bay Guest Houses’ “racist” owners.

I was advised by a lawyer who gave Me a lift on My way back from visiting Katarina, for 10 minutes or so, to get the neighbors statements. I did so on 11/12/2016. I asked our house maid, Slindile, to take it around to see if anyone would sign it. I received a call from her a bit later asking me to print many more, she will fetch them now. I told her that 12 was enough for court and that I was flattered. On Saturday, 10/12, I received a phone call from one of our previous maids who is now working the job she was better suited for; she asked if she could take a ride with Me to see Katarina so I said sure. Yesterday Slindile asked if her and her husband Thulani may also tag along; I said there is only the back of the bakkie/pick-up but if it’s okay by them, then they are more that welcome to hop on. They even offered to put diesel in. They asked if we could go into Emanguzi, I took them. They bought from the very little they have some bananas, mangoes for Katarina and sweet potatoes for Me for home.

I have to add; two weeks ago I gave Slindile a copy of My demands on Constitutional Court, They all know Our intent.  I guess the “Zulus” like Us.


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