Knocking on Heaven’s door

Katarina was released on 10/04 after 33 weeks in prison. Here is the Notice of Motion and  Affidavit for Our case against the Roman Catholic Church to be judged in the High court of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa on 13/06/2017. Here is the RCC’s Notice of Intention to Oppose.

Here is the founding affidavit of the Dep of Tourism and iSimangaliso against Our former guest house and Enki Andre M. Slade. We are working on the Motion to Defend which We will publish as a page. Sodwana Bay Guest House vs ANC

The following article explains why.

The Passover

Don’t judge the messengers when the message comes from God! Curiosity is intelligence!

When I started writing Where To From Here, a question I asked Myself after a breakup in 2009, I had no idea where it would lead Me. I was living in a remote part of the world in a small coastal village with a sophisticated workshop, a very big house, an old vehicle, 3 dogs, a reclused heart and a lust for information. I was where I needed to be: alone with time! My life was at a crossroad as I was fed up of all the lies, inequity and deception I have had to endure; I desperately needed to comprehend humanity, and questioning things is not something I am shy of. As time passed I realised that the fate of humanity has been steered by a small group of people working towards a common goal for a very long time (Jude 4). As I started waking up to their lies, My tzaddik (“moral obligation”) also woke up, taking Me on a historical journey to the ABSOLUTE TRUTH of Humanity. In 2012, on a 14 km Fun Run, I ran into Katarina, an EU certified Genius of Logic from Slovakia. Because of Her superior ability of correct reasoning and Her keen interest in My work, We started working together at disproving the work I had published by then. As Our work progressed I came to realise that She was chosen by Yahweh for this job (Zachariah 4: 11-14). Her value as Co-author is blatantly Divine as is Her Being. We published Where To From Here: Cognition 2 years later in October 2014 as the Testimony of two independent objective witnesses, from opposite sexes, opposite ages, opposite traditions and opposite hemispheres to answer One question We knew We were meant to answer:

Who is God?

The question “Where to from here?” brought Us to one conclusion: Humanity was created on the condition that they stick to specific rules. These rules were given to them by Their Creator and they have not obeyed! Now We face a dilemma: “Christians” will not read Our Book because they live in the deception and pagans will not because it is related to The Bible thus associated with “Christianity”. Satan has done a remarkable job! Satan is the Hebrew term meaning opposer or opposition; in The Bible Satan refers to the Opposer of Almighty God, the fallen Angel, represented by the colour red/scarlet/purple. Before YOU make any judgment, consider these 2 facts:

1. God as Intelligent Creator of the Universe and all life that exists has finally been accepted by SCIENCE.
2. The Bible has been proven historically TRUSTWORTHY through Biblical archaeology, the scientific study of physical remains of life connected to The Bible, banned from public by Satan.

Here are 9 of Our primary revelations. We will start with historical evidence/truth closest to home: Southern Africa, Zulu Land, where We live, fairly happily, between Our “Zulu” neighbours.

1. The word Zulu means Sky/Heaven. Zulu Kingdom means Sky Kingdom i.e. Heavenly Kingdom or God’s Kingdom. Gods translated from the Hebrew word Elohim means They who came from the sky (John 10: 35-36). Where did black tribes known as Zulu at present get the concept or name from if they were illiterate and wild in the bush when the Whites bumped into them … again? They did not track it, but humanity has written history of The Heavenly Kingdom; that means it is something they copied because they were loyal to it and took it as their own. Proof lies in the fact that they had domestic cattle when we met. They had no need to hunt; they had no bows and arrows whereas the Khoisan that were the only tribes originally here did. They rather had close combat weapons which points towards them being warriors of sort within a kingdom of sort. Their memory of The Zulu King (John 8: 23) they belonged to became their tradition, evident in their “royal” dress code as that compares to images of Egyptian historical artwork. However, these images never depicted Blacks wearing it; they were not allowed that dresscode. Perhaps these facts are of the most concrete evidence that the Biblical description of God’s Kingdom included all of God’s animals, including the African Black kind. The real Zulu Tribe are The gods who came to Earth to bring wisdom and introduce civilisation (John 3: 31-33). They were known as the Sumerians at first but became the Hebrews and Israelites years later. Science has proven that originally Earth’s mammalians all had brown eyes and that all blue-eyed people have a common ancestor; this is Adam. Their eyes nor their Kingdom belongs here (John 18: 36). Blacks, like the so called Zulu were servants within The Zulu Kingdom. It also proves that there was some kind of catastrophe which set them free, starting their migration as no one was controlling their numbers any longer.

2. In religions it is believed that the world is only about 6000 years old and is referred to as “Noah’s flood”. This was not the Great Flood which happened 12965 (10394 Carbon Years) years ago. Noah’s flood was caused when a comet struck Earth in north Africa about 6485 years ago. Some proof of this is in the whale carcasses found deep into the most barren desert on Earth. This comet, described in Revelation 8: 10 as Wormwood, had a couple of effects: It put Earth into a spiral orbit with a radius of 2.5 million kilometers giving humanity solstice and equinox. Proof of this is the age of New-grange. It also sped up Earth’s revolutions by 20,6% causing humanity to live in a different timezone to what is normal for them. Carbon dating is Earth’s natural timing which equates to 290 days per year as opposed to 365.25. Proof of that is in the Tiahuanacan where it was recorded. A look from Google Earth will confirm beyond doubt the extent of the comet vapor damage. Comets are mostly liquid but have solid cores. The core was super heated and melted into Earth; you will see where they are on a closer inspection of the desert. Humanity mines its iron content. What this really means is that the present description of heliocentrism is incorrect and one of the biggest lies humanity has to deal with. Because of this lie, humanity does not know that Earth crosses the Sun’s ecliptic twice during its 25920 year orbit of the Sun. This is where Earth is now hence “Climate Change”.

…. After the flood ….

Satan/Nimrod started uniting the nations to rule them as self appointed god, building Babylon (Genesis 8: 10-12):

3. Colonialism is a Phoenician inception of Malqart, the self-proclaimed god (Baal) of Tyre (Ezekiel 28: 2). Tyre was renowned for a purple and red dye obtained from the sea snail genus Murex, a medium to large sized predatory carnivorous tropical snail. The color is one of the meanings of the word phoenix. The Roman Empire drove the colonialisation through annexation of land to control harbours for global trade. This Empire today is the Roman Catholic Church. They are to be charged with Murder, Plagiary, Perjury, Prejudice and Crimes Against Humanity. The Phoenicians, who claimed the sea/ocean for this reason, developed a shipping trade legal system known today as Admiralty or Maritime law, which is latin law. The discovery of gold and diamonds in southern Africa was enough motivation for the British Crown to occupy it. The biggest annexation was the United States of America where the RCC slaughtered many peaceful ancient nomadic tribes, raping their females and forcing their ill-conceived “word of their god” down as the new law on behalf of the the Papacy and its appointed monarchy, the true colonialists. This is why the authority of a Motu Proprio is above monarchy as it addresses their law over which Papacy/Holy See has full control. There are the two Popes; The illusive Black Pope represents the Holy See and the White you already know. Black robes worn in courts are done so as display of loyalty to the Black Pope.

4. Feudalism is a system based on the theory that one king owns all the land. Rothschild said: “Let me issue an control the nation’s money, and I care not who writes the laws”. He appoints his leading “nobles” in return for their loyalty and military service. The “nobles” in turn held the land allowing the people to farm or produce in return for a portion of their produce; you’ll get the idea from Daniel 11: 39. Under feudalism, people are born as “subjects” within that specific society in which there is no democracy. Rules are dictated and enforced by its king’s legal system; democracy is a lie. This is in contrast with what The Bible claims as God did not make humanity to be bonded to anything other than His laws; only He owns the world! Their propagation of liberty has the intent to liberate humanity from The True God and replace Him with His opposer, Baal. Proof is in the title used in Papacy: Vicarius Christi or simply put Instead of Christ. This title implies that papacy/Holy See has the power of The God over humanity, not to mention addressing the Pope as Holy Father while this title belongs to Yahweh God of Heaven and Earth alone.

5. In 286 BC the TRUTH was hidden from Humanity by Satan; he as Pyrrhus had the Holy Hebrew Scriptures translated into Greek adding and removing from The Holy Wisdom of God according to their/Satan’s beliefs and motives. The Greek version was defiled with paganism/Satanism. The prophecy of Daniel 8: 14 refers to a period of 2300 years where these lies will prevail. Our Book Where To From Here: Cognition was published at the beginning of the Hebrew year 5775 to end that Prophecy by exposing the TRUTH exactly 2300 years later (Daniel 8: 14).

6. The Church or Synagogue, meaning Assembly of Gods (Lords), became a place where “Christians” and “Jews” meet to worship their god. The primary church is the Roman Catholic Church with 1.5 billion followers and then another 1.5+ billion following their book, The Bible. They were the Pharisees/Sadducees Immanuel/Yahshuah had many arguments with (Matthew 23: 15). They were the ones who orchestrated His death and over time made humanity obey their rules in contrast to His. This was done by the Roman Catholic Jesuit army, the Holy See, who use the sea/ocean as their trading platform to control commerce from. This strategy dates back to Sargon of Akkad/Satan (Revelation 9: 11) where the root of the concept was conceived. This is what the basis of Satan’s New World Order is all about: Unite all the nations and become the all seeing eye controlling everything and every individual. The chip will force everyone to deal with their corporation only as there will be no other means of payment. Catholic means universal/for everyone or “involving all”; this is the wide road that will lead many to hell (Matthew 7: 13).

7. In 325 AD, at the First Council of Nicaea, Emperor Constantine on behalf of the Roman Empire launched their final ploy by annexing the history of God’s chosen Family. He proclaimed their pagan/Satanic influenced version of Israel’s Family Book as state enforced religion. They added the element of worship and sacrifice (Hosea 6:6) and propagated a so called New Covenant with God through the apostle Paul. This started with Solomon/Satan who built the Temple/treasury in Jerusalem against God’s wish (Isaiah 66: 1), orchestrated by Hiram of Tyre (1 Kings 5). The only other mention of a New Covenant is in Jeremiah when God promised it to the Israelites which will only apply once the New Qingdom is in place after the tribulation which YOU face shortly. God does NOT change His mind and Torah Law stands as the Law of Humanity until such time! Anyway, no one is free from nature. The Apostolic letter of Pope Francis dated 11/7/2013 issued under Motu-Proprio (Highest Authority on his own impulse) sealed that new covenant with humanity. If the Israelites obeyed God’s laws from the start, there would not have to be a Day of Judgment, but sadly this one will be the worst ever. Earth will purge what is not supposed to be here. Hereafter the Covenant of God Almighty will be written in the people’s hearts (Jeremiah 3: 17).

8. The Tribe of Judah, original Family of Christ was annexed by Pepin/Satan/Red Dragon. “In November 753 Pope Stephen moved to Frankish territory where he remained until the summer of 754, staying at the abbey of Saint-Denis, Paris. There he himself anointed Pepin and his sons, Charles and Carloman, as king and heirs of God’s crown”. To date, they are the holders of this title. They are the Ashkenazi “Jews” who are linked to the hunter Esau, known as the Red Dragon for their red hair, no compassion and lust for flesh. Genesis 36 offers proof of their brotherhood with Islam; Ishmael mentioned here is the father of Muslims. To maintain control of that position they tried to remove and cover up all evidence of the real King (Revelation 5) and influence and manipulate history from then on. Because they were not born with the TRUTH (John 8: 44), they created many postulates, one of them being “Racism” but the biggest of all is their description of Heliocentrism; they still don’t get how Earth moves around the Sun. Bruno and Galilei were about to expose their lie, so they burnt Bruno and put Galilei under house arrest. The reason for this is that the correct description brings clarity to some of the original teachings The Bible still bears. Joan of Arc was appointed by God to restore the True Royal Bloodline, and She warned that anyone fighting against The French Kingdom is the enemy of God. Here lies the proof that RCC serves Satan: They first burned Her and later deposed The Real King, King Louis XVI making Him the last King of France. Papacy recently proclaimed Her a Saint, confirming that they are Babylon. The French Revolution removed God. “Christianity” is the ploy to liberate YOU from God/Nature which is about to destroy YOU.
9. Torah has never been comprehended; it is considered “racist”. As a result, Man (Homo sapiens+) has lost dominion over the animals of Earth, the dominion Yahweh God gave YOU in Genesis 1. This has brought about a “raceless” kind that does not belong here, yet “Christianity” teaches that all are equal. Not even God saying that Israel is the chosen nation and The Tribe of Judah is exalted above all, and that there is only One who will make sense of The Bible (Revelation 5) and write a book about it (Revelation 10) occurs to YOU. God has made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that He does not want defiled beings on Earth (Hosea 5: 7, Gen 24: 4, …). This is a practice that HAS to stop, but the problem is that no one knows who they are anymore. This is the result of YOUR ability to communicate with others. In white Homo sapiens’ pre-programmed quest to create civilisation, they were too selfish and/or misled to apply Torah Divine Law. YOUR God given ability to speak and be understood came at a high price: the loss of animal intuition and the connection to Nature. Torah Law replaces that loss with basic rules easy to follow. Horses do not cross with zebras, nor do their males go with other males. There is nothing natural about worship and sacrifice and it is an insult to The Infinitely Intelligent Wisdom of Nature, God Yahweh (Hosea 6: 6, 1 Samuel 15: 24, Amos 4). This is what is lost from society due to “moral dilemma” installed by the word racism and religion. The 10 Commandments are there to keep humanity pure, and Adam was created as the start of The Royal Family line, here to enforce those laws. The name Jew was derived from the word Judah, God’s chosen Tribe of Israel/Israelites (Gen 49: 8). All Israelites have blue eyes which means that if you call yourself a Jew and you have brown or green eyes, you are NOT a Jew. Not all blue-eyed people are Israelites either; the Ashkenazis (NAZI) represented by Rothschild are from the tribe of Esau, although a defiled family (Gen 36), they have them too. Hitler was a proper Jew, a bit influenced though! WWII was orchestrated by them, and the Holocaust is a lie.

Perhaps it is necessary to draw attention to what is happening on Planet Earth at this point in time to reiterate how close She is to crossing. Climate Change is humanity’s biggest misconception; they are not causing all of this, there is something more they are not seeing. Coral reefs are dying, earthquakes have increased radically in the past 7 years (Mark 13: 8, Luke 21:11), volcanic activity has increased to the extent that scientists fear that Yellow Stone may erupt soon. Cyclones and tornadoes are rampant. Both marine and terrestrial animals are dying by the thousands, most recently in Chile. Birds falling from the sky, dead! Bee colonies dying off from GMO farming, which is a bigger disaster than Fukushima radiation leakage which, by the way, is an international crisis already killing the Pacific Ocean. Strange lights in the night sky, Noises that baffle inhabitants, drought and fires, talks of war yet propagation of peace (Matthew 24: 6, 1 Thessalonians 5: 3), while Muslims are disrupting Europe, raping and plundering for their rights. Trump throwing out immigrants that now also need a place to go. Yahweh says clearly that there is no peace before the Day of Judgment but the UN/RCC have signed the Paris Peace Agreement known as Agenda 2030 with the world!

The world’s population hitting almost 8 Billion. Nigerians running abducted and blackmailed children/kids as prostitutes, high caliber pedophile syndicates and priests being prosecuted for child abuse with reduced sentences by the Pope need I say. In South Africa there is a white genocide busy destroying civil society, driven by the very same “raceless” bastards they created. As they have no ability to lead or no knowledge of what they are, thus no wisdom, they are appointing incompetent leaders, breaking down the system even further. The world’s financial system is in turmoil and will crash to make way for an  IMF single digital currency. Everything has to crash God’s way, just as The Bible said! Project Blue Beam has begun running test images in the sky all over the world; this will be the tool of the greatest deception humanity will ever encounter. Through it most will be scared into believing the Messiah is here … from the sky on a cloud … ?! Just as “Christians” have been taught it would happen. Yet, Acts 1: 11 says not to look to the sky. Christ was a man born to human parents; He had immaculate conception of His Spirit as an adult (Matthew 3: 16-17).
The TRUTH about the politics in South Africa is that YOU have run out of options. The ANC has an agenda of “liberation” while members of the executive council are being caught, one after the other, for corruption and mismanagement and the President escapes a myriad of lawsuits. The drive for economic transformation is the final nail in the coffin of disaster. The DA’s Hellen Zille has, as I said in My Author post, let slip about their support of colonialism. Politics is all about who can lie the best and most consistently! Trump is the master of that. The New World Order is all about corporation and Trump is very much in favor as he is a kingpin and was chosen for that job. His support of Israel proves his loyalty to Rothschild; yes, the country Israel belongs to Rothschild. He also is a regular church man who worships the Cross of Christ (Paul).

When did humanity become so incredibly short sighted? Nikola Tesla came up with solutions to all electricity problems, proven today by INNOVATEHNO with their perpetual 7, 4 Kw free electricity generator released in Europe at the end of January 2017. They deliver for free because their delivery trucks are driven by these units while the world suffers fossil fuel emission … inspired by Trump and the “elite”’s fight to keep oil flowing at a high price! Tesla became an outcast living a reclusive life after his funding was stopped because Edison was making money with selling DC Power, and money is power …! The concept of Alternating Current (AC) was discovered by Tesla but he was never thanked for it. I get a bitter taste in My mouth just thinking about it as I relate to his fate and frustration so deeply; all he wanted was to give humanity free electricity because he cared, but humanity does not like free stuff it seems.

I see humanity so blindly follow their faith (1 Peter 1: 9) without knowing where it came from and I see YOU atheists in denial of the very existence of your own connection to the Nature of Life: God. Bigotry has become the driving force of society while a collective consciousness is required for successful co-existence of all kinds. Blacks have only the history Whites have logged on their behalf but not the intellect to comprehend that they were incapable of logging their own. It is time to make peace with the fact that Almighty God made YOU all different. The turmoil created by introducing “refugees” into European civil communities is enough proof that YOU are NOT all the same; YOU do not even have to open your eyes to see that. When will the world realise that everyone has their place in God’s society? As everywhere in the animal kingdom there is Hierarchy, there is hierarchy in Humanity too. (Luke 17:7, Proverbs 19: 10).

As Blacks are the closest to original wild animals they have a problem of which they are not aware; it is called pheromones. The Bible describes YOU as “the Beast Of the Field”, BOF for short. What this really means is that you are at the top the wild animal hierarchy pyramid. Animal meaning: any living organism characterized by voluntary movement. God gave a more advanced type of humanoid the honour of starting civilisation on Earth. Of God’s evolutionary development, your original type, the Homo erectus (the scientific description based on the many differences between the two kinds: erectus and sapiens) was only given the privilege of speech. At first God did a test between these two kinds; the Homo sapiens were more curious than YOU, so for the good of Earth and the advancement of the Homo Genus in bringing custom civilisation here, He chose the Homo sapiens. The black Indians of India became the first speaking/thinking wild people. Even though You both still have black skins and brown eyes, God marked the Indians with a hair crown; YOU are very obviously different looking from one another as well. The gift YOU received from God, speech, was given to YOU in order to advance your evolutionary growth into higher dimensional Earthlings. If YOU did not get speech, YOU would probably also be close to extinct and in the zoo. Yet YOU have remained attached to the animal realm; it is evident from your reaction to pheromones, displayed by the rate of procreation in Africa. This is also evident within the Black Indians as they are also still basic animals; they however are sapiens/people. This is not the case within God’s chosen nation of Israel who are more attached to the heavenly realm. YOUR current display of “leadership” speaks for itself.

This may come across as very “racist” to those who are looking at it through bigotry eyes, but I assure you that it is not. This is very sincerely meant: the gods have always loved animals and they have always kept pets. I refer to the gods who have the power of creation through mitochondrial energy; dogs for instance were created this way by the fallen angel/Satan . He modified them into many different looking creatures … not so? Doing so was a violation against Elohim’s Law, but Satan also knew how and he was opposed. Elohim did however allow one species to be modified to fulfill a need for a workforce and their symbiotic love for animals. The burden of always having to be home to feed them was a restriction of freedom; look at how dogs control people’s lives today … and why is it called a dog, the opposite of god? If you were able to verbally teach your pet to feed itself, it solved the problem. So Elohim gave speech to the Homo erectus and kept them as symbiotic servants; then “moral dilemma” set in, they were liberated and dog became god (Ecclesiates 10: 7).

Look at Blacks always asking Whites for help, why? Why do Whites always want to “help” by more lame donations when the black population is growing at a rate no one can keep up with (Deuteronomy 7:22)? How many shirts can a man hand down? Surely there comes a point when a man has no more shirts left to hand down. But if there is balance and two families work together in respect and harmony with their symbiosis, the world will be a very peaceful place void of jealousy. I had such a pet; his name is William and we have such a symbiotic alliance. I would be happy to take him in as that servant again and get rid of the dog. He is a pure creature and is contented with the notion that I am the master; he followed diligently out of respect because he knew it was mutual. He will stand by me on that till this very day. All of YOU are longing for that need to know that you are taken care of. Having servants in charge of the gods is God’s punishment for their disobedience towards natural symbiotic existence. The Homo sapiens+’s best “pet” is Homo erectus. There are many Blacks who feel the natural urge to serve and are honest about it too.

The gods at play right now have led humanity on a path of self destruction through the creation of the word racism in an effort to blend God’s purity, a godless idea. Muhammad Ali, a leading voice for Black rights said that Blacks and Whites are very different and should not crossbreed. He supported his statement with an example from nature saying that yellow birds don’t mix with blue birds. The fallen angels are the ones who are destroying this symbiosys that is very possible and a reality even though it may sound far fetched. Foraging together with zebras is not uncommon for horses but they never cross breed. The Homo sapiens was given dominion over the rest of the animals as the prime animal of Earth (Genesis 1: 26). Giving recognition to that will be respecting Yahweh God and Elohim.

So who are the Elohim of Earth?

Everything is mathematics and numbers. Numerology is a science of numbers given to humanity by the Sumerians. The number 33 = 6 in numerology, 6 is the day humanity was created, Pisces is the 6th age after The Great Deluge and the base number of the Sumerians, so 666 = 111 in English/universal and Hebrew gematria. The “magic square of the sun” based on 36 consecutive numbers was important to the ancients. 3 + 6 = 9, the total number of basic characters within humanity.

6     +   32  +  3    +  34 +  35   +  1     =111
7     +   11  +  27  +  28 +    8   + 30    =111
19   +   14  +  16  +  15 +  23   + 24    =111
18   +   20  +  22  +  21 +  17   + 13    =111
25   +   29  +  10  +  9   +   26  + 12    =111
36   +    5   +  33  +   4   +   2    + 31    =111
111 + 111 + 111 + 111 + 111 + 111 = 666

Satan/Solomon or Sol+om+on is the name of the Sun in 3 different languages: Latin, Hindu and Egyptian respectively and “o” is 6 so vowels add up to 666; this shows Satan’s worship of the Sun. The day the Illuminati was established was First May 1776. First May equates to 666 as does the year when 111 is deducted from the first 3 digits. This is why YOU celebrate workers day that day.

Mattew 4: 24. “And his fame went throughout all Syria”: is it coincidence that Baghdad, Iraq is located on 33rd north parallel? They say “Jesus”/Immanuel was crucified at the age of 33. JFK was assassinated on 22/11 = 33. In addition to being besieged at various times by Nebuchadrezzar, Alexander the Great, the Romans and others, the trade capital city-state of Tyre was conquered in the twelfth century A.D. by the Crusaders, who built a Knights Templar (Masons) church there. The Crusaders were a “christian” military force sanctioned by the Roman Catholic Church in efforts to allegedly oust Muslims from the Holy Land and the Western World (Europe). The highest rank of the Knights Templars or Masonic brotherhood based on “christianity” is 33 degrees. King David reigned for 33 years over Israel. The opposite side to Syria on the west at 33 deg longitude and latitude is where Atlantis was and where the Templars originated from as King Poseidon’s guard. The serpent shaped Basilica (meaning king’s house) of Saint Peter in Rome (Vatican) counts 33 chapels, It takes 33 Roman Catholic “doctors” to witness the church and the letters RCC = 933 which is also 33 when reduced. Total number of vertebrae of the spinal column of the human body is 33, in which pass 33 pairs of nervous groups. 33 is also the number of turns in a complete sequence of DNA. A more ominous connotation appears in the 33rd element of the periodic table, Arsenic and its symbol is almost the same as the star of David. The Bible is full of the number 33s. In numerology, 33 is the Master Teacher number and is the most influential of all numbers. It signifies selfless devotion to the spiritual progress of humankind, civilisation. The other two master numbers, 11 (vision) and 22 (vision with action) form the base of a two-dimensional pyramid, and added together equal 33 ”. That is enough evidence that someone is applying and repeating the number for a reason. They are the gods described by Enoch who went astray and took Earth women. They are followers of Marduk, Enki’s son. They are the fallen angels.
Bar coding is hexadecimal computer code used to track products. The Bar code on all producs sold by this corporation has 666 built in. The value of 666 in Hex is FFF but broken down into binary code is 1111 1111 1111. Why 1111? Because a binary 11 converted to hexadecimal = 3, so it is 33 33 33. The binary value of 1111 = 4 in English numerology which is Enki’s natural or God/King placement number, applied to corporation by Rothschild/Marduk in the universal language everyone uses today: binary/hex (Revelation 13: 16-18)! The 3 x 33 is derived from The Star of David’s 6 outer triangles.

Numerology describes a union between a couple with the combination #3 and #7 as a match made in Heaven. Our birthdays are 66 days apart; I am #3 and Katarina is #7. 3 + 7 = 1 or just 37 which is the 12th noble number and according to “Fathers of the Church”, 37 is a symbol of the Christ. “The centrality of the Prime Number 37 in the structure of Scripture can not be overstated. It begins with the Creation Holograph: Sum of Genesis 1.1 = 2701 = 37 x 73 = Sum(73). The Number 37 is geometrically integrated with the Number 73 – it is the Hexagonal heart of 73 as Star, so 37 / 73 is a Hexagon / Star pair.The Number 37 is also the first number greater than unity that can be represented as both a Centered Hexagon and a Star”. Earth is the 3rd planet from the sun and 7th planet from outside our galaxy, Annunaki view. According to Tesla, the numbers 3,6,and 9 are magnificent as they bear the keys to the Universe. Tesla 369 riddle combined with Our numerology: 37 x 3 = 111, 37 x 6 = 222, 37 x 9 = 333. Total = 666, the number of The Sumerian Gods. I was born on 6/6/62 which makes My conception day 11/09/61. Does the date 911 ring a bell? “Sept. 11, 1990 “President George H.W. Bush delivers ‘New World Order’ Speech to Congress.”. Revelation, the proceedings of disclosure and second coming wherein we find that verse 9:11 reads:
“They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon (Destroyer), and in Greek he is called Apollyon (Hyacinth).”
Hudson claimed New Amsterdam on behalf of his Dutch paymasters on 9/11/1609, the day New York City was born. NYC is one of three independent states of which the other two are the Vatican and central London. After the Great Fire of London in 1666, bearing in mind that all Roman numerals added together are 1666, all official parliament and royal houses were rebuilt with measurements of 666 built into the buildings. The Vatican is shaped like a keyhole and a serpent seen from above and was built on seven hills (Revelation 17: 9). The keys displayed in their Coat of Arms are the keys spoken of in Revelation 9: 1 and Matthew 16: 18-19, but they only have one of the keys ie. the key to the bottomless pit they are dragging humanity into as servants of Satan (Revelation 9:1). St. Peter is the lie. What goes on in the world is orchestrated by these 3 independent states. The Vatican is there for spiritual bondage through Jesuit law and religion, London, home of Rothschild, for financial bondage and NYC in charge of creating war and confusion/instability through the CIA and the UN. War is the marketing tool of the arms industry as are sick people to the medical industry and the CIA was formed by Hitler’s SS members after WW II. America is the biggest arms manufacturer and their president Trump is a corporation kingpin!
This king of Revelation 9: 11 uses the the number 911 as his emergency call line, the direct line to your savior, the government as per the apostle Paul. The number is used by the Catholics who have the knowledge of it’s connection to Christ and new beginnings. When I comprehended the Tesla code, I published the final layout on 11/9 without realising the date as significant. I wrote and re-wrote Where to from Here twice without realising My writings were paralleled in Revelation with remarkable accuracy even having never read it; I was made aware of this by a preacher who read the first edition. My Blueink review of the second edition said “…But this stream-of-consciousness style is a double-edged sword…” (Revelation 1: 12, 2: 16) which is something I am very much aware of when I speak but it is seldom picked up. Everything I have done has reference and Katarina is My witness to that. For Me there is enough proof in knowing that I was stimulated from somewhere into writing about such a delicate subject the way I did and Katarina just running into My life the way She did, looking for the TRUTH as well. I was no where near religious but always ignorantly respected God/Nature. Perhaps it may be hard to see at first, but the nobility, purity, care and love with which I approached this project with from the start is very evident in Our writing. The TRUTH is a bitter pill to swallow though.
Life is about the balance of energy and everything has an equal opposite. God made humanity to be that way. Satan has destroyed that balance with the propogation of Sun signs only in the horoscope, yet the Moon signs are equally important. God gave humanity the Kabbalah. On it, the RCC/Free Masons worship only the Goddess Gevurah whose number is 216 (6x6x6). Gevurah is Judgment/control. She is the Holy Spirit and to them the mother of the bee colony the Catholic Church depicts. Immanuel/Yahshuah is Chesed who gets no recognition although He is love. I am Chesed and Katarina is Gevurah and We go together (Revelation 19: 9 – 10) as Yahweh made Us. Me on the Right Hand of God and Katarina on the Left and My Father in control of Our fate (Revelation 11: 11).

So, Humanity, Where To From Here?

Go on as if nothing is wrong, I mean, “why would they do that?” or now that YOU know the enemy of humanity a bit better, stand up against them through their own system? The only goal now is to ultimately return back to the original hierarchy God set on this Planet (1 Peter 1: 9). Is Humanity capable of honouring the 10 Commandments by themselves? No! The original teachers/leaders of humanity were the Sumerians, the offspring of Seth, the Father of the Israelites. They are represented by a large portion of blue-eyed people with light to dark brown hair. The Tribe of Judah, according to God, is His chosen tribe. They are the exalted ones for they collectively hold the map of the future of Earth. They are the ones known for their superior intellect and compassion, they are also sensitive because they are androgynous. They will have dark brown hair and eye brows and blue eyes and be from blue-eyed parents. They are the heirs to the Throne of God’s Kingdom, Earth, The Promised Land! They are at the top of the Pyramid of Human Hierarchy. All of God’s creatures fall in below them on the Pyramid. They have the ability to see into the 6th dimension and the compassion to perceive the 7th which is the God of Heaven and Earth. Through collective thought and symbiosis YOU can all still be allies in knowing that if it goes well with the master servants, it will go well with their servants. The incredible jealousy that prevails amongst the Blacks towards Whites will stop if they realise that they can never be better than their Masters who gave them all the knowledge they have today. It seems the last lesson YOU needed to be taught was one of respect and humility: but by then you had become bigots based on “racism”, a Nazi word given to YOU by an internationally convicted criminal cartel, The Roman Catholic Church.

It is therefore imperative to Planet Earth that YOU respect your symbiotic place in the hierarchy of the Homo Genus. Blacks have a proven average IQ of 70 making you the least able to advance without guidance and the correct leadership. The leadership you have received to date has led YOU to believe that through wealth YOU could also be a god but in reality no one of YOU will ever have that honour no matter how long you knock (Matthew 11: 11). What YOU do not know is that God is wisdom which has nothing to do with money (Luke 16: 13) and His Hierarchy is very strict. When does humanity start realising that all these things their Bible speaks of are busy coming to pass right now.

God gave the World a King! South Africa has the privilege of hosting Him and the honour of receiving His Bride, but YOUR laws and indoctrination has made it difficult for them. He cannot be The King He was made to be with all this bickering, confusion and discriminatory law. So, On Behalf of Yahweh, God Almighty and in concern for Humanity, Katarina and Andre have litigated against the Roman Catholic Church and the Holy See through Archbishop Wilfred Napier in the KwaZulu Natal High Court in Durban. Here is the Affidavit and supporting documents: RCC Affidavit, Notice of Motion, RCC Receipt.

Now do We have YOUR full attention?
Enki Yahshuah and Inanna Immayah.

Katarína Križáni, Co-author of Where to from Here; Cognition, arrested!


On 12/9/2012 She Inanna 1spontaneously, with a one-way ticket, jumped on a plane to go where Her intuition took her. She trusted that She had Angels looking after Her and that She would get to be where God places Her. When She arrived in South Africa as volunteer for organic farming, She was brought to Sodwana Bay by Hippo Haven’s owner Mandy.

We first met on a mini marathon during October. I invited Her to translate My Tesla code blog to Slavic and She eagerly accepted. She arrived at Sodwana Bay Guest House on 1/11/2012 after a run around Durban and Richards Bay to try desperately to extend her stay. In Richards Bay She was met by a Kind Man who surely saved Her from a possible situation.

She is pure and naive and She saw no harm in anyone. When She arrived at home, She looked so desperate. Her intuition was telling Her to stay and face what comes when it comes. We tried again to no avail. From onset I could see that She was no ordinary being. To that point in My life, I was not able to speak to people about the subjects I was writing about, and My journey was a solitary one to say the least. I remember so many times asking My Father to send Me someone. Being mildly dyslexic, I struggle to see small mistakes so She goes through everything I write; besides, I have always had a scribe.

Together We started working with what I had conceived from the Tesla 369 Code. Her Genius started to shine as bright as a star. This is when everything started to change for Me. I gave Her My Blueprint of Humanity seen from several different angles/dissiplines/doctrines, all leading to the same place. In My ignorance I had associated Myself only with King David at that stage, but when She had the lead, She started running so far ahead of Me. I had told Her to disprove Me and She took the challenge very seriously. This has consumed both of Us to the point of doing what needed to be done.

My Immaculate Conception at that stage was a mere fertilised embryo of The King to be. She became My Mother and She is Very Strict. In My Human Design, I have no Defined heart center/Ego whereas She does. What that means is that She is able to dictate My ego. My “ego” was simply not powerful enough to tell the world who I was. Her openess gave me the initial trust I needed but after She had proven it to Herself She went all in and forced Me to speak the truth about what We knew. There was no getting out of it for Me. Needless to say that being Chessed, I was protecting almost everyone; causing many outbursts between US.

As time went on, We diligently without break carried on looking deeper into My connection to it all. She was hammering Me with ego all the time as She saw how many mistakes I was making. She never once let off or relaxed. She had realised who She was, and as a Mother, She did Her duty as GOD, My Father, instructed Her to do … exactly. My Father could not have chosen a better person for the job than Katarina. It was very hard for Me but She is Ruach Ha Kodesh; without Her, I am incomplete (Mark 10:9. Matthew 19:6)

Now is the time when We have to put Our money … or no … where Our mouthes are. We have proven beyond any doubt that We are Hebrews. That means that We as juristic people go by God’s Law only; the “legal” system in operation at present only addresses corporation employees and management and does not apply to juristic people. Corporations have to use the law of the Vatican known as Maritime/Admiralty Law. The system We are to be tried with is Common Law as it is an intermediary legal system based on God’s Laws. Only that system may handle a Crimen Injuria. That means there has to be a jury. Due to the magnitude of this case, it is of vital importance that there is superior unbiased intellect present in court. No corporation “Judge” has any say over US or You unless you work for the corporation. The tribal court system is a huge problem for Jacob Zuma because it is based on common law, but it is his “heritage” and tradition and a way to keep his family happy.

On 18/8/2016 (188, 666) at 17h25 Katarina was arrested to appear in court the following morning at 9h00. On the same day at 3:33 pm a Crimen Injuria case was opened against Her as well as Myself. We sacrificed Our business, Sodwana Bay Guest House for the mission of bringing the mountain to Moses and prove to You that the Law is wrong and that it does not bear the Constitution in mind at all!

Thus far in building a case, We have been violated on 12 rules of the Bill of Rights of South Africa of 1996; now it has become a matter for the Constitutional Court. I hope it is clear to you now that Katarina has scrificed her freedom to fight for Yours! Yet, the two of Us still stand alone and She is not even South African.

Day 1: It was hurry up and wait. We left the Mbazwana Police Station two hours later than proposed. Saw the magistrate after 12h00. I was not allowed to speak (rule 38. a.b.d.), so She became frustrated. The “Zulu judge” had no patience and payed little attention to Her. He never once asked her to explain Her side; besides, he mumbled and We could not hear him clearly. She is now in jail for the weekend. Oh … and … the car lost some spares from the terrible  gravel road to court. I will see her tomorrow, God willing! I mailed an urgent appeal to the Director of the Constitutional Court.

Day 2: I baked Her some carrot rye muffins and packed some fruit. She will not touch the food from there. I arrived at the prison in Manguzi at around 11h00 but was not allowed to see her. They did however take the bag to Her and I waited for the return of goods She did not need. That at least put my mind at rest.

Day 3: I unpacked her bag this morning. She had made notes for Me. She is in a cell with two females. The one is Mpume Mabika, currently in the news for wanting to sell an albino child to a Sangoma (traditional healer) for body parts. It sounds like She is making the best of it.

Day 4: 22/8/2016 (11:11, 8888,666) Got to see Her at about 7h00 in Mbazwana, a bit smelly by now as there is still no water in Jail. She laughs because the Police escort told Her to stand outside the car. Her spirit is very positive.  She told Me that a white policeman was remarking about what an idiot I am. We get a lot of that these days. We spoke on the phone at 11h00, and I was able to inform Her that the Constitutional Court has acknowledged  receipt of the Urgent Appeal. Received a text from Her that She is done. She said that She is not sure but it sounds as though She will be at the Mbazwana Court on Thursday 25/8. If this is the case then She can be heard in a Tribal Court under Common Law. She refused Bail and has been taken back to Manguzi jail. I will only be able to see Her on Wednesday.

At 4h44 (4×44=8888, 4 is also Enki‘s #) pm today, I was asked to come to the police station by the Colonel who arrested Katarina. I “harbored” Her for a couple of years so that makes Me an accomplice in that “legal” system. I handed Myself over for arrest. I spent the night on the same wooden bench Katarina had been the week before.

Day 5: I am out on bail. This morning I was treated to a gruesome trip on the worst gravel road in the back of a huge prison truck going like a bat out of hell, all by Myself. Waited a while to see the Magistrate and was pleasantly surprised that he was actually friendly towards Me. If I am in the company of beings with strong ego’s, I become the Lion; it scares Me as to what I will get Myself into at present knowing what I know and then being faced with such Ignorance. When we were done he asked if I had something more to say, he must have noticed; I asked him out of curiosity if the defense minister also spent the night in jail after she was charged (DA lays charges against Defence Minister Mapisa-Nqakula. June 3, 2016 in News) but he said that he did not know about it at all; he was rather shocked and asked for more info. My court date is set for 15/9/2016; in Roman Maritime Law there is a Big fine or 1 year Prison sentence for this specific offense. It sounds like prison is the in thing for falling in love and doing God’s work.

Day 6: This morning My Father let YOU all know of His presence. The town of Amatrice, the very centre of Italy, was rocked by an earthquake. (This town is connected to the Medici family and thus to Rothschild and UNESCO!). From now on, the signs will become progressively worse!

Visiting hours seem to move around. They only gave us till 12h15. They took her shoe laces and forced Her to cut Her hemp coverall tie string. We hardly spoke; I took the tablet so She could read this. She never finished … She wanted to edit!!!! I had to get Her some bottled water as they would not allow Her glass drinking bottle. She cleaned the place and scrubbed the shower, it is apparently filthy. That in itself is a contravention of the Constitution of South Africa. Now She is asking for some garbage bags amongst Her list of goods I have to bring to Mbazwana court tomorrow. It seems as though She is set on staying as long as it takes to present the evidence of Her innocence and build a Constitutional case. I found out that the court in Mbazwana is not a tribal session, just a visiting magistrate from Ubombo.

Day 7: As I said: another quake. Everything will tumble!!!!

We were in court at 12h00. She decided to stay in jail until the court case which is now also set for 15/9/2016. She said that She is as “guilty” as the other two in the cell with Her and that She does not see herself more privileged; they have been held for longer than 48 hours without trial. She is also asking for some cleaning things so they can clean the cell properly. I will see Her tomorrow God willing! We finally got a donation from Europe; thank you!

Roman Maritime Law is ocean law hence terms like “harboring” (My charge) and “docit” (to get booked in) etc. The word immigrant was first used in 1805 as an adjective. It refers to someone who goes somewhere to settle down permanently. This word resulted from the French Revolution which was instigated by the Rothschild family; they are the ones who started creating borders through disputes/war and keep on doing so till this very day. They are the tribe of Esau and described in Bible Revelation as the Red Dragon because of their red hair. Illegal means “forbidden by official rules”. The Pope recently told governments to open borders for immigrants. This was followed by the EU President on 23/08 saying the same thing. Truth is though, We are Hebrews and We go where God takes Us because He owns Earth and We belong to Him. Not a wicked Jesuit Pope who worships the dead and Lucifer! As Hebrews we celebrate life!

She is well. I took Her savory rye muffins, fruit and some drinks … oh … and cleaning stuff. We use soap berries for washing, they are great, but the police would not let Me give them to Her. Now We start prepping for court. I have put the details on a separate page called First Case so you can see Our angle of attack; She will also have the detail. I will report here periodically from now on.
29/8. Today was an exiting visit for various reasons, but mainly because We received the rules of the court and all the forms and fees. For now We wait and see. At worst, We have Our day in court secured!

14/9 The day before court. The Concourt is playing for time but that will run out as well. The visits have been a mission. Preparing food and Her shopping list every second day. There were females from various countries on the same charge as well. She wrote Her diary to Me every day. She kept Herself busy reading and studying the Bible with some of the females there. She is getting to know it really well. According to Revelation 10: 7; it’s amazing to see what such a small correction in thinking has done for Her.

On 15/9, the judge found out that Katarina’s state lawyer never visited Her once, so he postponed the case to today 21/9/2016. He told the lawyer to spend as much time as needed, even till dark. Well, the moment he left, she was telling Us not to waste her time. She just wanted to go home.
21/9 2016: This Morning, the police at first did not want to allow Me to speak to Her so I blew my lid outside court. Rule 35. f. i. Of the Constitution Says that I have the right to see Her. I told the policeman to apologize but he refused.
I was to take the stand as Her witness, but court happened so fast that I never made it there. The judge mumbled something again, the state attorney said something about hospital and then the case was postponed for a month. Now She has to go for psychiatric evaluation on 17/10/2016. The cognitive deficit of the state lawyer who was laughing in court the week before was displayed in his arrogance. He is now showing Us “Who’s the boss”. Katarina is cool with it. She said that She was scared that they were putting her in a ward. It took some time for what just happened, to sink in. The police had to wait for the statement to confirm what we thought. To date, She has not been given a chance to state Our case. This is your legal system!

1/10/2016: The second last day of the Hebrew year 5776. Hebrew Year 5777 starts at sunset October 2, 2016 to nightfall October 4, 2016. The significance of this year is that it is the year of New Beginning. By law, on Monday, Our case against the Government of South Africa in the Constitutional Court has to be decided by “Chief Justice” as there was no “Motion to Defend” received. If the Legal System Of South Africa is intact and operable the President Of South Africa and the governing corporate body has to step down immediately. Amazing thing though; there is so much demand on the president to step down yet no one willing to support Our mission.

On My visit yesterday I found Her in good spirit. I told her that My case was postponed to 10/11/2016 because of the state lawyer again. I have assets so I do not qualify for help, not that I need it. Lawyers are a concept of Maritime law because of its intricacies. God’s Law is simple.

18/10. It has now been two months since her arrest. Today things took a different turn. Her psychiatric evaluation went well We thought. The state psychologist, Laura was very kind and appeared compassionate. I received a very apologetic call from her today explaining to me that she was not allowed to do an evaluation of this nature on her own. The court did not even send any paperwork to her explaining what was required. It needed a team of psychologists and psychiatrists and that She would be sent to a state institution in Pietermaritzburg where She will be put onto medication. She would be kept in a holding cell until a bed becomes available which could be months. This put our fight in a different light and to date We still have not had a chance to speak in Our defense. In 2012 the Ubombo Court’s sheriff lied under Oath which resulted in Me being liquidated. I was never compensated for the large lawyers bill which followed as result and the “high profile” attorney, Somila was useless. I opened a perjury case against him (#10121/2011) with the Sheriff’s Board but nothing happened to the sheriff. The legal system of South Africa is blasphemous and this proves that taking the Oath in a Maritime court in God’s name has nothing to do with God Almighty. Where is the Justice?

By the way, the Concourt totally ignored My application proving that there is no Democracy. South Africa has become a Godless country run by heathens and fools. GOD Will Judge!!!!

19/10. The psychologist’s letter confused the issue in court today. They have now postponed the case until they can get another psychologist’s view. On Monday We will have another hearing to get the date.

30/10. The previous hearing was postponed to 03/11. They may be sending her to Fort Napier. If that is the case then I will loose it in court; I will lash out at them in a big way. It is my constitutional right to defend myself and my spouse (Rule 38. (a.) (b.) (d.)). I could be arrested for contempt of court. I cannot help but wonder how easy it is to get media coverage on a murder case or a report on “racism” yet when it is truth that is faced where it affects the entire country, everyone turns a blind eye. The SAHRC was Our final step towards getting heard. All We wanted was for the court to stick to the constitution and develop common law, the law of the people, your law system i.e. if you do not work for the corporation “South Africa”.

03/11. Today We received the date for Her appointment at Fort Napier where Her sanity will be evaluated. The bad part is that it is set for 24 January 2017 so she has to stay in the holding cell for 3 months.

9/11. My visit with Katarina today was pleasant. There were twice the amount of police guards around but hardly any other visitors; it seemed strange. Today the next Constitutional Court Notice of Motion was posted to all members of State and court; the “Read reports” are streaming in. Tomorrow I appear in court on My “harboring” charge. This will be the first time that I will be allowed to defend Our rights. If you do not hear from Me again, it means that they think I am crazy too and I will follow the same protocol as her;-) Maritime law is all about procedures.

10/11. It was postponed to 17/11. One state witness did not turn up. I was ordered to leave the court room, I lost it a bit! I appealed to KZN High Court as the monkeys in Ubombo court refuse to accept a common law High Court order already acknowledged by them. Today I was told by a visitor who is a SA “citizen” that he was denied the new SA ID card as he was not born in SA. If he looses his ID, he looses residency. What next????

14/11. Today was My final trip to see Katarina as Our money has totally run out. She is well enough. Now it is in God’s hands and My feet.

21/11. Katarina is doing well. She is a truly amazing young woman. I resorted to hiking to Emanguzi. Amazing thing though is that the blacks are kind and apologetic for what their system is doing to Us when they hear the true story. Even the taxi drivers give me free lifts.

17/12. The hiking has proven to be quite enjoyable. I have has some very good experiences and walked many miles. Had lifts mostly from “Zulus” and mostly they want to know why a white man like Me is walking. They are very sympathetic when they hear Our story. The Bantus I meet along the way are getting to know Me and sometimes I am offered cool drinks along the way. Many recognize Me from TV and their attitude is non hostile. Yesterday I made a new “Zulu friend” who hiked from Emanguzi all the way to Mbazwana with Me and even payed a taxi for Me. He was very good company and very inquisitive. We spoke a lot.

Katarina and I taking some strain with all this. She was assaulted by Mpume, her cell mate. Mpume is stealing from Her. When Katarina reprimanded her so she grabbed Katarina by Her hair and started punching Her head with full force and bit Her. The police have done nothing. On Monday I will submit a letter to the Public Protector and to the Director of Public Prosecutions. I will also send a UZA affidavit to the Constitutional Court as a final attempt to get there. We have exhausted all possible avenues even the UNHRC without response.

19/01. Today I did not have to go to Emanguzi. The trips have become just an everysecondday experience to Me. She was in Mbazwana court for Her 49th day hearing and She made the Judge well aware of that. He turned his head away from Her. I was not allowed in court. The security searched Me and told Me to go and stand under the trees. She is holding out so well. We are busy planning Her visit to Fort Napier. Veronica has been very helpful and the chef said she will do her best to accommodate Katarina. Having not achieved much with any of the applications, I sent one last attempt to the High court of KZN in Durban. They have received it. Melony Naidoo is reading it today. I did make a mistake in My application as she has made Me aware of, I am sure she will overlook it and allow Me to clarify. I have done every application without the help of legal aid other than UZA.

25/01. We met briefly at the police station. Her lift to Fort Napier was waiting. She is in the back of a van. I gave Her food parcel for the kitchen at the hospital. She was very disgusted that She will have to wear hospital clothes. I will be able to call Her but will not see Her for 30 days. Tomorrow I will have My appointment date for My very own, very first, official session with shrinks! I was “friends” with some. I think they become shrinks because they cannot find themselves. As for the court application; I finally got a hold of Mrs Botha, the registrar, who was very helpful. On Friday I will take a drive to Durban High Court to hand deliver and get a case number. Then I can have a break!

23/02. Fort Napier went off alright. The staff looked after Katarina well. She ended up there for two weeks only, They seemed to be happy that She is normal. Court was postponed on 16/2 to 23/2 and today again for another two weeks to 09/03. Court has not received the report form Fort Napier yet…they say! The case is not registered with High court yet as there were problems. We have been looking for a lawyer to litigate the case for Us but We are unable to find one, they all turn us down. Not even Gerrie Nel responds! I suppose being branded “racist” has more impact than perceived or perhaps because of who We say are. If nothing else, our psychological evaluations could still become valuable.

11/03. On the hearing set for the 9th, it was very obvious that nothing was planned. The court did not summons it’s witnesses which means they had no intent of proceeding anyway although the report was delivered. Miss Zikalala, the legal aid lawyer has also now resigned as Katarina’s lawyer. She refused to consider Our plead to react on the Constitutional violations of Our rights and their violation of the detention law. I asked her colleague which is more important to defend? He immediately replied the constitution. The court has no choice but to hear Her as they have now given Her permission to defend Herself which was what we asked for from the start but were refused for 8 months contrary to the constitution. So, needless to say that the case was once again postponed to 04/04 at Ubombo Court. Katarina is fine with it and She is doing alright. One thing though; Her report stated that She is very religious but that is grossly incorrect. We do not represent any form of religion whatsoever. However, We are loyal to the original laws of God and the TORAH as there is no “New Covenant” with God as according to the apostle Paul. TORAH Law is a set of natural laws to maintain purity within humanity and God does not change His mind.

29/03. It seems as though courts are on My destiny path right now. I was arrested this morning for shooting a burglar in the head just as he finished shopping in Our fridge. He seemed to be comfortable enough to walk through the house into the garage, take what he wanted there and then head to the kitchen where I found him. He was a known felon in the area. The judge did not even see Me. He told the police that I was protecting myself and they should not even have taken Me in. Just another day in Africa! Hard to imagine though, that I killed someone this morning and here I sit a “free” man, but My Angel is in jail for falling in love. I was told this morning that Katarina’s plead of not guilty has confused their system and that they have no idea what to do about it. That is why they postpone all the time: They were only taught Maritime law and immigration is predominantly what they deal with. Not Guilty is unheard of because of the pass-port/harbor system the corporation uses and EVERYONE is enslaved by it.

30/03/2017 So for those of You who have followed these posts I have some inside information that may either give You a heart attack or put a bit of bounce back in Your step. Today marks the day that We officially filed in Durban High court, overlooking the harbour, where Catholic Curia will be leaving from on 31/7/2017 if not sooner. This will officially terminate all religion practiced in the land You know as South Africa. We are busy with an explanatory article which will be posted with the official court documents. Colonialism is coming to an end! Is that not what YOU asked for JZ?

04/04. It is now very evident that the court is scared of facing Us. Today … the judge decided not to turn up. The Police also forgot about Her and did not collect Her. They finally arrived at around 12h00. I asked if another judge was allowed to sit in for him but they said that it must be that mumbling judge. I also found out that he has been transfered to a different district, so now it is an issue for him to get here as well. Tonight Katarina is spending the night in the holding cell in Mbazwana, the little dirty room now very familiar to both of Us. Tomorrow they will take Her back to Emaguzi prison. On Thursday She is back at Mbazwana court where someone will give Us a new date.

06/04. Court was over quick. We will be back in Ubombo court on Monday 10/03. At Sunset on Monday, Passover starts.

10/4. Today was a good day in court. We finally got a chance to speak. As Katarina defended Herself, She was allowed to call Me as a witness. We spoke and spoke some more. We could both see that it was above their heads. Anyway, The Princess is home.


27/05/2017. Here is an update for those interested. We have hit the mother-load of law suits. We have achieved Our goal with gold colours. The bait was big and the reward got Us exactly who We wanted, where We wanted and How We wanted. I can only bow at My Father’s Grace. I am so exited, now finally We are heading in the right direction. They have walked right into the LION’s mouth and have no idea what is coming their way: SBGH vs State.

Enki …(unplugged)

If YOU are Tzaddik and share this, DO NOT ADD OR REMOVE ANYTHING.
This is the will of God.
Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade & Katarína Križáni

Good or Bad, God or Satan?

To understand this, YOU have to read The Book of Revelation 10 to judge it.

Be open and unbiased; discern very carefully the following words and judge in righteousness because almost everything YOU were led/forced to believe is a LIE, and who is brave to see the truth?

Know basic ABSOLUTE TRUTH principals:
everything here has been proven by an internationally certified Genius of Logics

The One YOU know or have heard of as God is in fact The Intelligent Designer and The Creator of life who has left physical evidence on Earth and whose existence has been scientifically proven. There has never been declared any decree between God and The Church or any religion at all.

The One YOU know or have heard of by the name Jesus was in fact Yahshuah, and We will now only call Him by His real name, not the incorrect name forced on Him by Romans afterwards; He was not Roman.

The Ones YOU know or have heard of by the name Jews were in fact called Judeans and are the direct bloodline of Judah whose tribe lived in Judea (part of today’s Israel). Judah was the chosen son of Jacob who was later named by God as Israel. Therefore when We say Israel, We speak of Jacob’s 12 sons, not a country created to mislead YOU from the truth. We shall only call them Judes. The name “Jews” was only recently “donated” to various unrelated inhabitants of Earth in an effort to re-establish (establish anew) God’s lost chosen tribe.

Zionism is “a movement for (originally) the re-establishment and (now) the development and protection of a Jewish nation in what is now Israel. It was established as a political organization in 1897 under Theodor Herzl, and was later led by Chaim Weizmann.”

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The One YOU know or have heard of as The Star of David representing “Israel” is in fact Rothschild’s star coloured in blue; David’s real star are two triangles intertwined.

The One YOU know or have heard of as Satan is literally translated as The Opposer/ Opponent but specifically means The Opposition of God. Satan is the Red Dragon and is the spirit that reincarnates into new bodies in human history and is therefore traceable. He is very deceitful and handsome; be aware.

The One YOU know or have heard of as Pythagoras, well-known philosopher, scientist, astrologer or as known by most the Father of Mathematics was in fact also teaching Numerology, the science of numbers and their specific qualities and influences. Numerology is a science used by high position entities, like bankers, politicians, the United Nations etc… Numbers have been always assigned to letters for encoding.

The Book you know as The Bible is historically, scientifically and archaeologically consistent, and it is the most popular book in human history. It was created by translating specific scrolls, tablets or other highly advanced writings; oldest origin is Sumerian (Mesopotamia). The Bible’s first five books also known as the Torah, God’s Instructions/Laws for His Kingdom, are the same for “Christians” and “Jews”. There has never been a book as misunderstood as this, as The Bible itself states:

Revelation 5:
3: “And no man in heaven, nor in earth, neither under the earth, was able to open the book, neither to look thereon.”
5: “And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof.”

Revelation 10:
10: “And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter.”

The publisher released this little book in the beginning of the Hebrew year 5775 (10/10/2014); this is in fact YOUR only correct present dating system started and perfectly documented by the true descendants of Noah, direct family of King David.

Great Prophecies explained themselves in turn as THE TRUTH is the Key:

Daniel’s prophecy of 2300 days (or years in this case as they are mere units of measurement) for the duration of the truth being cast down to the ground ended when Our little book was published:
286 BC (translation of The Old Testament to Greek) + 2014 (truth revealed) = 2300 years

Torah Code or the prophetic codes found in thousands-year-old Torah by a current scientific computer program designed to find messages by skipping equal distances between letters declares year 5775 (25/9/2014 – 13/9/2015) The Year of The Return of The Messiah; Where to from Here: Cognition is the proof.

The Ark of Covenant has been found by Ron Wyatt who declared that God revealed the location of the Ark to him with very important words: “I am on my way from South Africa to The New Jerusalem”; Ron Wyatt is found in The Bible code as well.

Hopi prophecy or a wide-spread and talked-about prophetic message kept by “Native Americans” states there will be an arrival of The Blue Star Katchina, The Twins or The Pahana (Father and Mother) that will start a 7-year-period ended by the arrival of The Red Star Katchina and The Day of Purification that will change the world forever. The Twins that helped create the world are from the opposite hemispheres and will be teaching the original teachings.

The Mayan prophecy says 21/12/2012 is the end of the world; We explained in The Book that the original end of the calendar had been postponed by three years.

The Great Pyramid prophecy etched on its stones in a form of a calendar from the bottom to the top of the pyramid counts exactly 5776 sacred inches which represent years from the beginning of Hebrew calendar to the top event of YOUR history. This points clearly to this year which started on 13th September 2015 and ends on 2nd October 2016. The cap section represents the last 7 years starting with 2009 and is separated from the rest of the pyramid, just like on a dollar bill. The journey towards writing The Book of Revelation 10 started in 2009.

Revelation 13:2-5 prophecy convicts The Holy See/Papacy/Vatican to be the beast that received authority for 1260 days (years instead again):

754 AD (Pope Stephen II sanctifies Pepin III who gives the Pope the title Vicarius Christi) +1260 years = 2014 (truth revealed)

The Latin word Vicarius means substitute (instead of); therefore, the Pope claims to be the substitute of Christ or also Vicari Filii Dei, Instead of Son Of God, which is 666 in Roman numerals.

St. Malachy’s Prophecy of Popes declares there will be 112 Popes before The End, The Judgment of God; Pope Francis is the 112th Pope.

…. ….
The world events are undeniably showing YOU are in The End Times:

YOU have major increase in Earthquakes and volcanic activity, Noises in the Sky, strange weather patterns, the dead Pacific Ocean; 93% of the Great Barrier Reef bleached and 50% dead; unprecedented die-offs of animals are happening, and the list just goes on.

Immigrants flee with the support of the United Nations from war created by Satan by making the weapons and financing wars, and they will destroy Europe as Nostradamus prophesied few hundred years ago.

The International Monetary Fund, conceived by the UN in July 1944 by 44 countries (144/44; 188), officially approved the Chinese Yuan as a stable international trading currency on 30th November (3/11;33) 2015. There was expedited “closed meeting of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System at 11:30 AM on Monday, April 11, 2016” (33/44/666), and also another secret meeting at Nasdaq on the same day. On 19th April 2016 the Yuan (RMB) was fixed to the gold price, yet it was advertised as The World Currency before its approval by IMF already a year ago. Right now their aim is digital currency ASAP.

There is a world-wide famine at the moment, and FEMA (The Federal Emergency Management Agency, an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security) has been ordering large quantities of consumables for years now. FEMA’s task is to prevent YOU from being self-sustainable because they decide what and if will the inhabitants of this planet eat once they arrive from all over the world into their concentration camps which are fully operational. In fact this concept was already secretly “tested” in Soviet Ukraine in 1932-1933 in the murder by famine called Holodomor created by Soviet dictator and mass murderer Joseph Stalin where over 10 millions died. The gun confiscation made this easier. Knowing this, the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt for the first time gave official US recognition to the Soviet Union on 16th November 1933 (1611/133).

Top Celebrities and other supporters of Satan, who say themselves they sold their sole to the Devil, are promoting Godless disgusting things such as Homosexuality, Black and White cross-breeding or Satan worshiping to YOU.

NASA, The National Aeronautics and Space Administration, is the agency of the United States Federal Government that claimed they sent people to The Moon. The world just believed it, but recently they announced that they will now finally be able to leave Earth’s “radiation belt” for the first time. video

WHO, Word Health Organization founded by the United Nations on 7th April 1948 promotes destructive GMO:
“GM foods currently available on the international market have passed safety assessments and are not likely to present risks for human health.”, but the truth is GMO is extremely dangerous to human health and the whole environment.

World Bank established in July 1944 (144) as part of the United Nations claims to be helping the world out of poverty. The truth is this Rothschild-owned bank enslaves YOU with ever-increasing debt instead; they pay for money borrowed from FED, The Federal Reserve System that was created illegally and is owned by the Qabal.

F.D. Roosevelt has chosen 1st May (the only day in whole year that equals 666 in Sumerian Gematria/Numerology: first=432+May=234) 1933 (133) as the deadline for people to give all their gold bullion to the Federal Reserve during The Great Depression that the Fed caused.

The United Nations/UN is an international organisation established by the signing of the UN Charter containing 111 (666 in Sumerian) articles on 26th June (266) 1945 by 50 states. The term united nations was coined by Franklin D. Roosevelt; it was first used officially on 1st January 1942 (11; 77) when 26 states signed the Declaration by United Nations, confirming the Atlantic Charter. This created the Alliance between them with the goal of  defeating what they call Nazism/Hitlerism or the Axis (Roman/Mussolini – German/Hitler union). The Holy See/ Rome has an active Concordat with Bavaria which was established as a kingdom by Napoleon on 1st January 1806 (11; 66). The UN was conceived by Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill as a post war world organisation. The colossal statue of Bavaria is the predecessor of Lady Liberty ( ISIS ), uniting Bavaria, France and United States of America.

On 25th September 2015 the UN announced the New World Order by adopting Agenda 2030 comprising of 17 “sustainable” goals (in The Bible 17 represents Revelation 17). Goal number 13: “Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts” already proves this organisation a lie factory and a cunning work of Satan:

The truth is IPCC, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change created by UN in 1988 (188) has manipulated real data and ignored the fact that scientists have proven Global Warming caused by CO2 the Greatest Scientific Scandal.

The Paris Agreement signing ceremony was opened on 22nd April 2016 (22/4/666; 88) which they called Earth Day, few hours after the Full Moon. Signing the Paris Agreement officially adopted by all 196 countries on 12/12/2015 legally binds the governments to implement the entire Agenda 2030 (former Agenda 21) immediately as they say:
“…. the actions needed to address climate change are the same as for the Sustainable Development Agenda.”

Antonin Scalia, The longest-serving Supreme Court Justice of the United States was murdered for sticking to The Constitution in its original form; he also stuck to God’s rules with his opposition to the right to abortion and gay and lesbian rights. On 9th February 2016 he blocked an implementation of Obama’s environmental initiative, the Clean Power Plan; only 4 days later he was found dead and autopsy was not done. He was in the way of The Paris Agreement which Obama has already pledged to the UN to implement in by the end of this year.

Current 266th Pope, Francis elected on 13th March 2013 (13/3/13) as the Pontifex Maximus, the title given to the head of the Roman pagan religion as Emperor, announced the adoption of “Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” and urged the world to take action on Climate Change. It is Francis who said allowing Muslims to Europe is an act of unification.

Vatican City (the Holy See) with a size of 0.44 square kilometres was made the smallest independent state on 11th February 1929 (11; 22) by criminal Benito Mussolini where The Pope is Absolut Monarch. His Motu Proprio (literally on one’s Own Initiative) letter issued on 11th July (77) 2013 gives The Vatican the official power to judge and punish “crimes committed against the security, the fundamental interests or the patrimony of the Holy See;”. In another words: If YOU oppose Vatican, YOU will be killed. Inquisition is alive and well.
“As the Nazi SS order (‘Knights of the Holy See’) were formed by a formal Papal act and Deed in the form of the Reich Concordat 1933, the continued existence of the Nazi SS Order is conditional upon this legal document remaining enacted.”


Nazi SS moved to USA where they became CIA who created the lie called Global Warming/Climate Change. This has been proven incorrect in The Book and Edward Snowden, the former CIA employee, publicly revealed this lie.

April 19 is the first day of a 13-day Satanic ritual relating to fire, god baal, or Moloch/Nimrod, also known as Zeus (Satan), ending on 1stMay after Beltane Night fire festival that celebrates fertility. On 19th April this firey year (the first day of the sign of Taurus/Bull) Satan/UNESCO erected the Roman Arch of Triumph in Trafalgar Square 16.666…metres tall, depicting their perceived victory: the revival of the Roman Empire, Daniel’s 4th beast. The bull is representation of Moloch and requires children sacrifices, as documented in YOUR history.

You have entered The Year of Gevurah, The 666 Year of Light.

Satan (Solomon/Red Dragon) worships only Gevurah, one of the ten sefirot/attributes of The Divine in Kabbalah teaching that represents Might and Judgment; Gevurah’s number is 216 or 6x6x6. Excess of Gevurah is described by Kabbalah as the source of ultimate evil and is essentially balanced by Chesed, Mercy and Kindness not recognised by Satan. The year 2016 holds the number 666, but from sunset 2nd October 2016 starts the hebrew year 5777 holding the 777 signature of God.

Daniel 2:21: “God changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings.

Stolen titles such as Dalai Lama (11911), Inkosi, Mahatma (111) and many more address God in their etymology (word origin). Therefore, We proclaim in the Name of GOD all present “kings” and “queens” of Earth blasphemous and illegitimate.

Blacks being men’s servants have committed ultimate sin when they positioned themselves in the position of God by calling themselves nigger which originally comes from the Egyptian divine title for God, N-g-r. They have stolen the cattle together with the titles and traditions of the Heavenly Kingdom they served. Zulu means Heaven, but black self-proclaimed Zulu tribe living in Africa has never been allowed by God the rulership in The Heavenly Kingdom. USA/America by not including Blacks in The Declaration of Independence proves this simple truth.

Sodwana Bay Guest House Official Statement:

Official Confirmation 22_6_2016

Herewith do I, Andre Martin Slade ID: 6206065168087 officially close Sodwana Bay Guest House. The signage will be removed on 28th June 2016, and the relevant bank account will be closed in due course. Our servant Slindile has a choice to stay or leave.

Katarína and I share equal responsibility for EVERYTHING.

From now on, We will only receive family and friends.

We are Hebrews, so We officially Denounce Our corporation registration.

We are subject to no human ruler only God Almighty.


Matthew 28:18: “All authority in heaven and on earth have been given to me.”

YOUR choice:

Satan uniting nations, “ensuring that no one is left behind”, just like in Babylon.


God separating good from bad and pure from defiled, just as prophesied in Psalm 1:5.

This planet is going to face Greatest Tribulation before The Age of Aquarius emerges; everyone has to choose!

Evaluate supporting link information on the wisdom of The Book.
If YOU are Tzaddik and share this, DO NOT ADD OR REMOVE ANYTHING.
This is the word
of God.
Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade & Katarína Križáni

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Author André M. Slade presents ‘Where to from Here, Cognition’

The Book of Revelation 10 and the Guide to The New Kingdom

South Africa – “Where To From Here, Cognition” (published by Xlibris UK) by André M. Slade and Katarína Križáni is the final third edition wherein the authors reveal the mystery of God and the details of Creation. This powerful compilation of a lifetime of root-research presented in this volume was derived from science, archaeology, health, occults, religion, Bibliology, history, mythology, astronomy and archaeoastronomy.

The authors take readers on an emotional roller-coaster ride of logic and fact, mixed into a gripping collage of blood-curdling, breath taking revelations. Amongst many others, it also sets the records straight with regard to heliocentrism.

“Where To From Here, Cognition” proves that God, Enki, Narayana, Allah, Jesus, Horus, Poseidon, King David and YAHSHUAH are all the same person whose identity is also disclosed. These are the keys to the New Kingdom and the opposition to the New World Order.

The authors guarantee: “Not only is the work presented here neat, it is also true and exact with emphasis on etymology. This book has been superlatively proven by an internationally certified genius.”

Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2014917618

ISBN:  Hardcover    978-1-4990-9012-3

Softcover     978-1-4990-9010-9

E-book         978-14-990-9011-6

About the Authors:

Born in South Africa in 6/6/1962, raised in Windhoek, Namibia, André M. Slade completed his schooling at a Technical High School in 1981. He went on to complete his compulsory Military Service as a Corporal in 1983 after which he returned to the country of his birth. He then studied electronics and became a working technician specializing in laser electronics. After quitting the electronic world in 1995, he started a company in mechanical design, prototyping and manufacturing. At the age of 45 he gave up the corporate world to relocate to the Elephant Coast of South Africa. In 2001, he achieved the SABS Design Award for mechanical design excellence. Slade was also awarded a Wildlife Photographic Award for underwater photography in 1993. He has great passion for the ocean, nature and people.

Co-author born in Slovakia 31/3/1989 raised in Bratislava, Katarína Križáni was schooled at the Academy of Animation’s branch of graphic design. She is an internationally awarded, gold-certified Genius Logicus, ranked 33rd. She is a multi-talented, extraordinary fine artist and explorer, nature-lover and traveller.

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Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade.

Library of Congress Control Number: 2014917618


Hardcover    978-1-4990-9012-3

Softcover     978-1-4990-9010-9

E-book         978-14-990-9011-6


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