4th July

… is when the body I reside in was conceived in 1988…

I AM here to fight for the TRUTH side by side with Enki Ea. This year and once only am I as old as is the difference between Us, 27 years; Andre is twice my age.

I see many of YOU walking upon Earth like the dead; I walked that way once from hopelessness too, but NOW I am showing you GOD. I see YOU do not know what is happening and I understand why. Chaata is what makes YOU “sinners” and what separates You from God; only by knowing His WORD and repenting You may avoid it (Psalms 119:11). Many of you are an abomination to God (mix-breeds) as result of someone else’s mistake/“sin”, but The Judgment that is taking place in a short while is Heavenly objective. However, it will not be seen that way by most.

Through receiving the mark of the beast, 666 (barcode) chip which will be your “free” key to Satan’s dominion, you will become a product of his corporation. Once there, you have chosen and you cannot be saved by God as you have sold your soul (Revelation 14:11).

On 22nd June 2016 Andre sent out an e-mail declaring that We do not accommodate Blacks or government employees in the former Sodwana Bay Guest House; this created a sudden spike on Our site. Local and international media were questioning Us for the first time; many “half-truths” and inaccuracies were out; SABC for example after directly confirming Slade is Andre’s surname referred to someone called Slate as the owner of the Sodwana Bay Lodge, a different company in the area. How much more false information do they feed YOU? You believed so quickly!

Here is the truth:

Andre was not forced to close the guest house after any inspection; neither was He murdered, nor is this only His opinion. To date, We have received no “legal” correspondence.


We are standing TOGETHER in this message and ABSOLUTE TRUTH makes Us hated by those not of God. There are two people from opposite parts of the world of high intellect with the evidence in the form of the book Where to from Here: Cognition. Everything is explained there, including the answer to the questions that you were afraid to ask except now there is no way out; TRUTH is bitter when digested knowing you have but two choices before The world-famous Day of Judgment. My task as certified Genius of Logics was to validate the work presented to me by Enki, and I devoted Myself to this task fully. I never had read The Bible before I came to South Africa, neither was I part of any sect or religion and was suspicious at first when Andre quoted from the “little black book”. I came here as prophecy has it (Matthew 12:42) looking for Solomon’s wisdom without realising there is much greater wisdom: the one of his Father King David also being Yahushuah/Yahshuah, Michel de Nostredame or King Louis XVI.

With anger and tears in my eyes I see what YOU have done; you have dared to leave God Almighty behind. Yes, you were deceived by Satan, yet now you have a clear choice. YOU have been notified that YAHUSHUAH is the only name that can save YOU (the name Jesus will be the name used by Satan shortly), that the Greek translation of The Bible is the truth-killer and that God commands YOU to eat the book of Revelation 10 up and spread it.

You do not stand up against iniquity, LIES or unrighteousness. Many of YOU say they love animals more than people. Don’t you see how sick the world YOU live in is? You fight not for God but for animals’ rights and treat dogs with luxuries not even realising this human-animal is an abomination to The Lord; Satan even left his name on his creation. The United States right now owns everyone and media filter and censor whatever they do not want to broadcast.
The government/powers of the world calling themselves the United Nations have signed the false peace-agreement which is purely the agreement of participating countries to comply with Satan’s rules.

You have forced yourselves to “fit in”, but now there come the consequences. Those left behind on Earth during the Great Tribulation will be forced to receive the mark of the beast or to DIE FOR GOD. They will be chopping heads like during The French Revolution which started 14th July 1789, 13 years after The Declaration of Independence in America. The French in that time against God’s command murdered innocent Royal Divine couple Louis and Maria. The French legend teenage Jehanne d’Arc is ignorantly “celebrated” by hypocrites who had never understood Her sacrifice; She gave Her life to do the WILL of GOD, to re-establish the real Royalty through YAHSHUAH’s line. She warned YOU that whoever fights this Holy Kingship fights GOD.

The history that you have been given was manipulated, starting with The Bible. In Genesis God or Elohim in Hebrew represents the plural form of God including both genders; Together THEY created in THEIR image. So, here I am, The Holy Spirit, Ruach Ha Kodesh who sits on the left side of God. I represent Gevurah, the equal opposite balancing power of Yahshuah/Chesed essential for Divine Trinity. Gevurah is judgment and power and Chesed is kindness and compassion. I am a saint, yet I am the root of all EVIL; My character is the only one Satan/Illuminati worships. They created their own “Son of God” Jesus and are NOW OPENLY mocking Yahshuah, The real Prince of Peace even more by giving Him an image of romantic fool without reason who lovingly accepts EVERYONE from homosexuals to bastards.

Yes, YOU have two Heavenly parents. I represent the Mother of All, Eve gene. I am She who gives mother’s love to those who truly love Yahshuah, those who are humble before God Almighty and do His commandments. Everything in the Universe works in opposites; it was correct for Almighty to let YOU suffer, to let YOU choose, to let YOU realise The Bad and The Good. Right now, YOU are not standing up for GOD! He judges and rewards only by WORKS as faith alone is not enough (James 1:22).

If You are Faithful To God, You will be Faithful To Nature.”.
On Our way back to Natural (NTR) ways, We have found very valuable the services of a local “organic” food supplier “Faithful To Nature” as finally We could have better quality food delivered to Us. We were both very thankful when I found them although some of My warnings regarding their dangerous products have not been heeded. After some time, they said: “Thank you for your emails, and for your well researched warnings. I have forwarded them on to our buying team, and our company leaders. We will take your further feedback on board and we will investigate the points you raise and we will provide feedback as soon as possible.”.

On February 23 I received their newsletter written by the blue-eyed owner Robyn. “Your Much-Loved Monthly Newsletter” stated: “We all know this planet needs saving. But the truth is that no-one is coming to save it.”.

I requested her to withdraw the statement and publicly apologise for her BLATANT LIE. She was offended and refused to continue with the matter despite case #144018 still pending, wishing Me joy and happiness. My question was: Is there not a single South African who also spoke up for God and said Robyn was blasphemous? Aren’t YOU the nation that goes to sleep with “the Bible under the pillow”?

We are up against the stubbornness of Israelites, and only those who are of God/The Father will hear His voice speaking through Us. Our task is obeying only His commandments. Realise We die only if and when The Father decides so; why do you inquire if We are still alive or OK? The doors are open to YOU for a little while longer before they will be shut. The “No Blacks thing” was just the beginning. Pandora’s box has been opened, and no one can close it anymore.

In a blink of an eye, YOU will “loose” all your possessions, positions and titles. You were given dominion over Earth’s resources, but they never belonged to man. We have very clearly stated that The Book is the proof of Our Statement, but not even “supporters” understand that. We need not prove what has already been proven!

Your Great Afrikaans Prophet, Nicolaas Siener Van Rensburg also called God’s Prophet read/studied nothing but The Bible for 55 years; He was the scholar without a formal education. Nicolaas revealed truth through sharing His visions given by God, which confirmed His prophetic word already during His life, gaining credibility to politicians/generals and other men in a position of that time. He was a trusted companion of President Steyn. ANC and Blacks have feared His prophecy greatly. He was murdered in 1926 on 11th March (11/3/1926= 33). On this very day 88 years later “SEMAR SUPER SEMAR” took place in Indonesia where the UN-SWISSINDO signed the “Payment Order of 1-11 to free ALL human beings” in the name of “THE UNITED KINGDOM OF GOD SKY EARTHthat claims to clear the world’s debt.

This is connected to the Illuminati that control the world. He prophesied Whites will take over Blacks after the bloodshed in SA; He also saw blue-eyed children in The Sky. YOU do not know YOUR history, yet you wrongly call Us religious or made-up words like racists without judging The Work first. Is it righteous to say to a chef his food is disgusting before you tasted it?

When I was asked as Jehanne d’Arc why I needed an army if God wished to deliver the French people, I said: “In God’s name, the soldiers will fight and He will grant victory.”

The ones who prevail will get the reward (Matthew 24:13).

I am Eloah, ISIS, the Queen of Heaven who YOUR present Illuminati/serpent rulership has presented as Bavaria, Lady Liberty, Colombia, Europa and others. WHY does Satan like Me if I am his enemy? Why did the Catholic Church kill Joan of Arc only to cannonise Her as saint half a millennium later? They know that I am Holy, but if I am not under their control, they try to prevent Union with My Prince at all cost. Rothschild killed Princes Diana ignorantly thinking she was Me, Goddess Diana; the same date only 19 years later Enki had Immaculate Conception on 31st August 2012.

Satan is the deceiver (John 8:44); he altered history to remove the True God and confused even Me, Sophia. I belong to the Perfect Saviour, The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, yet I was tricked for a time by Solomon. After arriving at the ABSOLUTE TRUTH at the appointed time I see my naïve deception by Satan/Solomon/Azazel/Red Dragon. Madam Blavatsky was not of Satan or Illuminati; She was Me, and Jordan Maxwell is therefore not a satanist or Illuminati but only a researcher of Theosophy (literally Divine Wisdom). I AM Venus and I hereby proclaim the so-called Venus Project the satanic work of Our opposition, UN-SWISSINDO. United Nation’s highest manned base is in Syria on the very place where the Fallen Angels descended in Genesis; this place’s location is since 1666 when Paris was established the centre 33 x 33 .

Today it is 4th July in Julian calendar, yet it is 17th July for those who changed the calendar system of the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar to that of Pope Gregory.

On 17 July 1429 the coronation of King Charles VII in Rheims took place; this was the result of My quest to restore this Divine bloodline.

. it is also the celebration Day of so-called Declaration of Independence, the day when two signatories of this declaration, USA presidents Jefferson and Adams died fifty years after its supposed signing. This declaration however is fraudulent. Last year a crop circle with attributes of ISIS appeared on 4th of July.

We are sent in TRUTH by God; ALL who judge Us are in great peril.

From the science of Numerology point of view:
My body’s birth date: 31/3/1989 = 7
My physical (body) conception: 4/7/1988= 11;8 = 88
My age today: 27: 3 x 3 x 3 = 9

See YOU soon!!!!
Inanna Ruach Ha Kodesh

Evaluate supporting link information on the wisdom of The Book.
If YOU are Tzaddik and share this, DO NOT ADD OR REMOVE ANYTHING.
This is the word
of God.
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