The Story

…… In the Beginning, there was Naturallove everywhere.

In the Beginning, there was Naturallove everywhere. It was beautiful, divine, pure, perfect, peaceful, magical, mighty and majestic. Nothing could overpower it; it was the most powerful.
Naturallove had many different forms….

One form exceeded the rest of them. This form was the highest form of them all; it was the original Naturallove. The beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega. It was the blueprint for any form of Naturallove. Everything else was reflecting this form in some way as everything was created in Naturallove. Naturallove filled The Need!


… suddenly and violently, as lovers torn apart, natural was torn apart from love. Everything changed! This hurt like hell. It was hell for both of them… Natural decided to search for her independence. She desired to experience free choice, so they drifted apart for thousands of years. She needed to feel self-love, discover herself and to liberate herself. She started wondering if Her Beloved really loved her. What if it is a forced marriage? She just listened to a voice she felt inside not knowing who, what or why. She rebelled the divine design she was created in. Life is about choice. She made her free choice for the first time in her existence and she changed the world.

But, every action has always a reaction. She fell down from Heaven, leaving her Beloved Boy behind. They were always one, always together. This sudden separation shocked them both like cut into their heart. She became terrified; She was incomplete and experienced lack of love for the very first time. She felt so small, weak and vulnerable. Without her other half she felt lonely. He lost his best friend, lover, consort, companion. They felt lost like two chickens running around without a head. For the first time ever he the masculine mighty protector and Prince of Peace felt incomplete, scared, lonely and sad. The world was their reflection so it was divided now. Pain, confusion, longing and suffering.

Now, all they needed was to reunite so that they could live their Divine Design.
The Naturallove Story is the biggest love story. Natural caused the creation when she fell down. She could feel herself for the first time. He, Her Twin Flame decided to leave the Highest Heaven in order to find and save his Princess. He could not be without her.
They were missing the other half. They went through the most painful journey. It was FAITH that kept them believing. It kept them. They could not really die because they were the originators.

They received the BIG BANG! Life slapped this Divine Duo and hurt their heart.
Their amazing adventure had begun: the adventure of all the adventures.
Pain, heartbreak, fear, separation trauma, confusion, sin, lies, deception, blame, resentment, anger, hopelessness, depression, addiction…. They have gotten to know these all too well.

……………………………… fast forward long time of human existence…………………………

Year 2012, a very confused world full of strife, chaos, military conflicts, corruption, lies, mind-control, dis-ease, deception, godlessness, lack of wisdom and understanding….. total emptiness!

One young “not a girl-not yet a woman” Katarina living in Slovakia, a small country in the middle of Europe, decided to search for wisdom, driven by a desire stronger than anything else she had ever experienced. She was super smart, artistic, creative, perceptive, out-of the box thinker, philosopher, spiritual seeker, a truth detective. She was Wonderkatie. She has wondered throughout her life just about everything. Why? Why Why? Open to learn new things, a Curious Cat she was. She was a dreamer and she knew she was Wonderful.

Following Buddha’s example, She flew with a one-way ticket into the unknown. Fear in her feet but FAITH in her heart, she followed the voice inside her calling. She felt sick and tired of society and all the pretense, politeness, corruption and lies! In her heart she knew there is more to life. She trusted there is GOD who loved her. She felt there was greater good or God trying to connect with her. She needed to answer the call.

This changed her life forever!

Brought up as an atheist programmed to accept lot of conflicting beliefs caused chaos inside her. She felt determined to find the way, to understand God herself. Bombarded by non-sense rules and regulations from the so-called authorities. First she let the NORM suppress her inquisitive beautifully bold spirit. But when the pressure was too high and she was too far off her destiny path, life slapped her hard in order to wake her up from living a lie. She ended up in a child psychiatry ward. Finally, She started individuating from her family of origin and others. She changed “the best school” for an artistic school and it saved her life. Unleashing her creativity unleashed the supernatural spiritual side of her and; started hearing her Intuition better. After the high school she felt lost again… She took the biggest leap of faith in her life: she opened her arms and asked God she did not know much about: “Where to from Here?”

As a volunteer, not attached to anything or anyone but God, she was led across the globe to meet the author of the book Where to from Here on a mini-marathon. He was little older than her, but She never judged a book by its cover; She felt. She liked feeling him. She agreed to help this mystery man translate his work. He devoted his life to finding truth, to solve humanity’s problems. She had never discovered so much truth, wisdom, open mindedness, purity, courage and love. His wisdom was amazing. He had the Lion’s heart and was the most magical man she had ever met. She felt inspired to nurture, improve his work and do her best to share his message with the world no matter the cost. Together they have experienced the most amazing discoveries.

They were brought together to reunite the Naturallove. But first they needed to go through hell together. They searched for wisdom with all their hearts. It is their greatest goal to present God to the world and restore the Naturallove on Earth. This journey made them experts in their fields, and they are here to help you fill The Need. Only thing you really ever need is to fill your needs. This leads to true transformation… They are here to guide you to freedom.
To know more about their story and start your true transformation, buy yourself their beautiful baby book.

Feel free to visit naturallove as often as you wish; the energy on this website is healing.
The brain adapts to whatever energy it is surrounded by so choose wisely.

Welcome to the wonder world!

Imagine you are a curious cat, no matter your background, you can feel the prrrr of Naturallove. When you fill your needs, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, you Prrrrr.

REMEMBER: The more you wonder, the more wonder you experience in life. Wonder leads to wisdom and wisdom is the greatest gift above all the gold.

Let’s start filling the Need!

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