The Government of SOUTH AFRICA had asked the court to order a ban of Our blogs and The Book of ABSOLUTE TRUTH; the Magistrate’s Court ruled in their favour on 13/2/2018, ordering Us to remove any “racist” materials from this blog as they maintain that we are all equal.

Here are some of greatly important videos for YOUR information;

The Two Witnesses of God Almighty are here on Earth right now , speaking the truth and ready to die for the prophecy to be fulfilled.  They are the hands of The Creator and the world will hate them as the truth is bitter.


The truth about the Maritime Law/ The Sea Beast, Satan’s Law.


Here the scientific evidence is presented by the experts for the fact that GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are extremely harmful to you and the environment. This is what government is feeding you.


Muhammad Ali is praised by the world for his sport performance, but he was also great “racist”. That’s OK because he was “Black”, and only Whites can be “racists”.



Some preachers speak truth; So who is “racist”?


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