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As a South African I write this summary based on events in current News. It is said that MSM is the main culprit for keeping the world in the dark; yet, knowing how to read between the lines and who and what the real enemy is, lays the cards wide open on the table. I said in My author page that Mmusi Maimane, Democratic Alliance Federal leader is the replacement “New World Order pawn”. Allow Me to show you the link. But first … “The Big Picture”

I found this article in News 24 wrt most and least applied for jobs. If you have read the book of ABSOLUTE TRUTH and my first case blog post, you will know that it takes a minimum IQ of 90 to run a civilization successfully. Africa was tested and found to have a average IQ of 70 (Do Africans really have an IQ of 70 on Youtube explains it well?). The jobs that are in highest demand here are; operator, sales manager, chef, nurse, mechanic, administrator, receptionist and last but certainly not least is a driver. With all the commotion going on in the universities in South Africa, it becomes evident that something is out of balance. Looking at these video feeds, one sees only black faces; perhaps because there is a ratio of 10 – 1 to Whites. Intellectual jobs find little or no recruits whereas the least educated have an overflow. The need to study to make it in today’s world has become the only way out for the younger generation especially the Blacks. One would imagine that after 22 years it would have settled into a routine by now, yet it seems an ongoing “struggle”. The fact that Whites are more intelligent on average than Blacks complicates South Africa’s educational system tremendously as all are said to be equal contrary to the Bible (Jeremiah 27: 6, Jonah 3: 8, Zechariah 8:10).

It has become evident that there is desperate need for revision of the system, but without cognition of the facts and with present moral misguidance it would be impossible to find solution within the present regime of leadership. Reading articles such as this on job creation, one is easily fooled by numbers and large figures, but upon closer inspection it is clear that plans like these are part of the brainwashing to keep You ignorant. To elaborate briefly; since 1994 the black population of South Africa has grown at a rate of almost a million per annum. The first offspring of the “New South Africa” is 22 years old at present. That means that last year there were almost 1 million 21-year-old black kids looking for work with very little prospect in sight. Adding to the fact that all lower end jobs are snapped up so quickly and that those who get them hang onto them, it is fair to say that these youngsters would rely purely on job creation and studying for better prospect. Off course there is also the the little bit of help from a friend who by now due to BEE is in a prime position to “pull some strings”. That in itself has created a beast of its own as the African syndrome is to retaliate intellect with aggression and/or corruption. I take the cabinet of South Africa as prime example; it is the biggest of all: Jacob’s family and friends.

In the interview with Jacob Zuma after the last G20 meeting held last month, he was asked why South Africa has close to 0% economic growth. He did not really have an answer and ignorantly blamed it on the suppression of Africa through Colonialism. Truth is though, Blacks are technically inferior and do not have what it takes to be innovative hence no development in Africa prior to the arrival of colonialism. Was it not for colonialism, Africa would not have developed at all.

When the ANC took over in 1994, they simply just took over a system of enslavement which was well underway by then. Those who are aware of that system are branded conspiracy theorists to make them look crazy; this label was created just the same as the hoax of Global Warming, and humanity ignorantly swallowed it as an easy way out of having to face the truth. Governance in itself is against God as God gave the world one King (Isaia 42: 2, Revelation 12: 5) who is meant to rule with an iron rod. Everyone who has any true interest in the Torah/Bible will know that, but it is covered up by religions. Leaders today are groomed to fall in line with what the “Shadow Government” wants. F. W. de Klerk was one of those puppets. As a president he was ordered to make that announcement. This shadow government has the agenda of defying the laws of God to the utmost. It is their drive to create a uniform humanity by blending and integrating black and white into one easily controllable kind. The catholic church, by accepting LGBT and cross breeding have defiled every rule of God. This blend has one goal; to kill the tribe known as God’s people, the blue eyed Israelites and stop the true King from taking his rightful place.

The leaders of this shadow government are known as Ashkenazis and are actually the rejected family of the Israelites (Romans 9: 6 – 16, Jeremia 49: 10). Remember the story of Esau in the Bible and the description of his looks. His offspring all have red hair and they are described in the Bible, in Revelation, as the “Red Dragon”. They are in control of money; they created the Dollar at first but now the Dollar is taking a hammering as result of the RMB becoming an IMF basket currency. which by the way was created by these same psychopaths to free themselves from their false Dollar system which is not based on Gold reserves. The bulk of the “elite” of the world are members of a Brotherhood sworn to secrecy and committed to lies. In short, if you have extreme wealth, you have extreme power and if you have power you have influence. To penetrate a county’s governance, all you have to do is breed and condition the leaders and make them loyal to your system.

Words I hear often: “Why would THEY do that?” when it is blatantly obvious that there is a definite Controlled demolition of the monetary system to make way for Digital Currency (IMF working paper). The Deutsche Bank is the 11th largest bank; it is trillions in arrears and part of the collapse. Interesting to know that this bank is in less trouble than most smaller banks. Now RMB is also taking a pounding, which is very well explained here, so shortly after it became an IMF basket currency. Greece and Venezuela is an example of whats to come.

The DA is funded by Nathan Kirsh, a feudalist. The one who has control of the money, has control of the people. The fact that Miamane has a white woman and a theology degree makes him very much a puppet of the feudal system; he is living the LIE. My transparent insults towards him for which I was threatened with a crimen injuria suit was never carried through as promised. He knows I am correct and he would not be able to disprove any of it; the information would also implicate the Catholic Church who is at the base of this swindle. With the last elections the DA gained popularity as the ANC loses face. The advantage of owning the leaders is part of the lie humanity has been subject to all their lives. Democracy cannot exist in a corporation; the corporation does not mind who the pawn is running the show, as long as they obey the corporation of South Africa PTY (Ltd). The people/BOFs/halfbreeds are happy because they, according to their false perception of “democracy”, “elected their leader” and the bulk happily follow like sheep.

South Africa was pulled into the BRICS bank yet it maintains its corporate headquarters in Washington DC; proving that they are one and the same and part of the LIE. Vladimir Putin will pull the plug on behalf of the New World Order and Africa is one of the 10 kingdoms thereof. The BRICS money will in no way be spent on “black engineered” projects as the corporation heads have a vision for Africa. Bill Gates already owns some of the countries through large farming partnerships with Monsanto and puppet “governments”. They need Holy See/Catholic citizens to do the work, and in Africa, there is no shortage of their “christians”, the rest will be taken care of. Through BRICS, Africa will gain railway and road networks that will link everything to assist shipping GMO consumables to the world, and as You probably know, GMO is not God’s product. Talks of peace and war is a distraction to take the focus off what is happening behind the scene; Syria being part of the decoy but fundamental to their plan of destabilising Europe.

All this to blame on the fact that God’s laws have totally been neglected and forgotten. How hypocritical are the courts to still be using “the Oath” when God has no place in a corporate society. Surely that proves that there is no separation between church and state. My common law fiance, Katarina, is currently being detained for fighting the system. The corporate governing body of South Africa has no regard for their law which they enforce like robots. They manipulate and disregard the system as they wish when it is applied to them; their friendship with Omar al-Bashir and court cases against Jacob Zuma is enough proof thereof.

Yet Proudly South Africans sleep while God’s published Divine Plan is coming to completion.

Horses, Zebras and Liberty

Children and Kids of God:

I write this because the word Racism lays heavy on Your minds these days.


There is a confusion amongst You that only has one resolve, read on.

No one is able to give You clarity as to who You are and where You come from. How can You know where You are going if You don’t really know where You come from? I will make this brief and simple as possible as I know that You don’t like reading much these days. But this, You will not find on any TV program for a very good reason, so pay attention!


Let Me start by saying that it is not Your fault or doing. It is the fault of Your forefathers which has brought about the extreme mess You find Yourselves living in today.

When God made all the animals on Earth, he made them to like only their own kind. He gave all of them a partner and they became One of a kind within their genus: “Biology. the major subdivision of a genus or sub-genus, regarded as the basic category of biological classification, composed of related individuals that resemble one another, are able to breed among themselves, but are not able to breed with members of another species”. What that is saying is that Horses and Zebras look alike in features. In other words, if You paint a Zebra brown all over, from a distance he may look like a Horse but when You look closely You will see it as a strange looking Horse, but it will pass if You are liberal.

Your forefathers set humanity on a path of liberty i.e. made You “favorable to progress or reform, as in political or religious affairs”. This was the start of creating a mindset of being free in every way just as God made You.

However, the motive behind this was to liberate You from God primarily. In doing so, You automatically become a fallen angel and a subject of Satan’s rule. This started happening thousands of years ago already so You only see one side at present. They call it capture bonding or Stockholm syndrome, where the victim actually falls in love with the captor. In this instance the Catholic Church is at the foreground.

They have been the primary captors of humanity trough propagating liberty within religion. They installed governance by adding Paul to The Bible to justify it in 325 AD, at the Council of Nicea, 1691 years ago. Prior to that the Torah (Hebrew Bible) was translated to Greek, the final version was released in 286 BC, the year Pyrrhus became king of Macedonia. This is where the TRUTH was removed hence the lie You live today.

Liberty is described as “permission granted to a sailor, especially in the navy, to go ashore”. I remind You that humanity lives on land and not on the ocean, they don’t need permission. Liberty is the marketing tool of Corporations through the use of a set of rules combined by the Jesuit army of the Catholic Church. A Jesuit is “a member of a Roman Catholic religious order (Society of Jesus) founded by Ignatius of Loyola in 1534”. They own the ocean/sea law and they have brought it to land. The only way to apply it on land is if you are a member of that “legal” society. This is Maritime or Admiralty Law. In order to liberate you from God’s laws, these Jesuits needed You to become a citizen of their law which was done through your birth certificates and by turning Your governments into their corporations. 

How this goes in contrast with the laws of Your Creator is that You become bonded to a system which does not include the Laws of Nature or God. To give You an example: The Horse would not naturally procreate with the Zebra because they have intuitive restriction to protect the purity of their bloodline. This is what is meant when the 10 Commandments speaks of honoring Your parents. The 10 Commandments are the laws which apply to all land creatures with conscience.

God gave You all a phenomenal gift which is speech and a brain to be able to use it. Before this happened, Earth was inhabited by speechless creatures. Two of these creatures received this gift. They were the Homo sapiens and the Homo erectus. Their intelligence differed somewhat as the Homo sapient showed a lot of innovation even before they received speech whereas the Home erect was stereo-type or should I rather say stuck in a grove of repetition. As time went on the Homo Genus became used to their gift, the innovative ones started becoming more innovative which led to an enhanced evolution and eventually civilisation.

All mammalians that evolved on Earth had black/dark skin and brown eyes. Proof of this can be seen in nature as all of them still have black/dark skin and brown eyes, just look at their lips. This creation of God is described in Genesis 1, Day 6. You are known as Kids of God. A Kid refers to “the young of a goat or of a related animal” in this case a primate, Homo erectus, with the ability to comprehend the word. It also means that You are part of the Animal Kingdom of God.

Child on the other hand refers to the offspring of Homo sapient “a person between birth and full growth”. The word “person” refers only to a Homo sapient (wise) as they are the equivalent of the Horse and the Zebra would be equivalent to the Homo erectus (up-right in every way it seems). They have their place in society. You cannot expect a Zebra to run in a race with the Horse now can You? It is wild and will not take to the rules of Horse racing, if they did then they would be there up front. The same goes for these two kinds of Homos. The Horse is domesticated because it is innovative and learns the rules easily. The Zebra was made to be in the bush because that is where God put them.

Then, in Genesis 2, God made Adam for a specific reason from dust. This means that Adam had the same basic features as the Homo sapient but because they were to be His Children, He gave them a different look. He gave them a light skin and blue eyes, the colour of the Heaven where He is from. He told them to multiply and fill the earth. But within them, He placed a spirit, the breath of God. The reason for this creation was to bless Earth with a Royal Heavenly Bloodline, Homo sapiens sapiens, to bring about civilization to Earth.

The propagation of liberty was set to convince You that it is alright for you to cross breed between different kinds against God’s Law. Everything that these people have done here was to erase God’s purity on Earth. They have defiled humanity and the food recourses through GMO. If You are liberal, You have turned Your back on God and that is a grave mistake! Liberty does not exist and never will because this is God’s planet. You cannot have two kings, and be faithful to both. Your choice?


All “quotes” taken from

Also read “Good or Bad, God or Satan”.


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