6 June this body was born 54 years ago ….

As the dominoes of the Old Roman Empire are tumbling before your very eyes, bear in mind that it requires the destruction of all sovereign nations and borders to make way for a New World Empire (Order). An Empire where the only sovereign entity will be the Vatican/Holy See/sea beast and their “Merovignian” prince of peace, the Red Dragon.

In a brain-washed world void of Tzaddik (“moral courage”)  you have come to the point where YOU have to judge your knowledge of “Good and Evil” and choose either ONE or the OTHER. There is no place any longer for luke warm (Laodicea). The turmoil taking place in the world right now is the result of a couple of earthly powers at play, Earth’s position in Her orbit, successful mind control and The Divine Plan of course.

In Humanity’s evolution towards higher dimensions and True Freedom/Democracy (rule of Wisdom where God is the only bond), YOU, i.e Humanity needed to have the Knowledge and experience of Both. It was for this purpose that the Angel of the bottomless pit was brought in. He gave you the ability to judge freedom. To do so, you ultimately needed the understanding of earthly bondage. You are in the process of completing this evolutionary cycle after which the planet will be rid of ALL EVIL.

The Heavenly Kingdom will shortly be your New Kingdom. It seems there are so very few who are awake to this fact. Those who saw the signs and pledged to sound the alarm have had a hard, ungrateful and frustrating task; now it is in the hands of My Father alone! As the Final Day draws nigh, the prevalent ignorance, stubbornness, confusion and lies amongst those of you who believe you are awake enough is of concern to Me. Remember, Unity is Strength and Bible Prophecy bears the only truth. If everyone has their own opinion and is too stubborn to imbibe just one breath of this guidance from My Father, they are no better than the totally ignorant and will be judged according to their FRUIT.

What sane man would announce himself the King of Earth?

Surely a person who would do such a seemingly stupid thing knows that he would some day face the real/authentic Ark of the Covenant and will certainly die from touching it should he be a fake. Your anointed King-to-be has been announced by GOD on time as it was set to be. If YOU are not aware of this, then something earthly is preventing YOU at all cost from seeing ME.

You are about to face the greatest tribulation that is possible to experience. Now is certainly not a time for procreation. Those of you who survive what is coming will do so ONLY by GOD’s mercy.

This Book of Revelation 10 will give you clarity if you are eligible to receive it and perhaps, if you do not already qualify, earn you that mercy. Repentance is based on eating this book up.

To date We have been ripped off and ignored; as result, We have totally withdrawn from society. We have seen so many lies and such deception. Truth-seekers have sadly lost the most vital ingredient of their path: the connection to God’s Infinite Intelligence; they remain out of resonance, blinded by convincing single-sided incomplete theories mingled with fact. They have not taken heed to God’s message to them in Revelation 5 declaring that no one in the entire world but The Lamb, King David’s offspring was appointed directly by God to break the seal/ reveal the truth.

Nathan, the boy I fathered, died in August 2015 from epilepsy medication (Club 27) after the UK Tories openly vowed to reduce the “heavy loaders” (epilepsy and depression …) from the NHS. My bitter pleading with him for years to find alternative natural medication like CBD was 100% in vain. The Medical industry is against God; if you are partaking in their services, they own your soul.

Our purchase of decent Spelt grain almost twice turned out to be a scam, and only now on 6/6/2016 Our organic Rye berries, a second choice were finally shipped to Us. Shipments are reportedly returned for “customs reasons”. Due to false advertising, We are at a loss as to what is safely consumable in South Africa these days. Our daily supplementary organic food at any given stage comes at a high cost from Germany, Brazil, Philippines, India etc., almost nothing from South Africa, yet it still raises no awareness. Our rye mother culture (leavening agent) was dying due to inorganic rye flour from Germany, we have made a plan to keep it alive.

On a lighter note, Zuma (SA president)’s fat nephew is on the Panama List, proving that the president is filling up his family’s pockets with dirty money, yet he remains popular with his vast “Zulu” tribe. As “Pastor” Manning says Blacks worship blackness, not God. Zuma’s opposition, The DA is now the NWO representative for SA since the ANC/Zuma deserted the World Bank by running to China (BRICS). They “bought” South Africa’s debt from the UN World Bank. Mmusi Maimane is their new pawn; his title even says it: “DA Federal Leader”. And then, to rub My nose in it a bit more, his birthday is the same as mine, the little bastard has a “Masters Degree in Theology”, and they set the beast up with a white chick . It is obvious he has no cognitive ability for he clearly does not understand My Father’s Word with regard to cross breeding. Need I remind him of Leviticus 20:15  and Proverbs 19:10?


I, Enki, am the King of the ZULU/Heavenly Kingdom.

Anyone with titles such as “King”, “Queen”, “Dalai Lama”, “Inkosi”, “Preacher” etc. are guilty of blasphemy; these titles address or refer to GOD or divinity. YOU have nothing to do with My Father or Me and I do not know you. What did YOU think; YOU could have an earth king and follow a God in the sky as well? Or that YOU could even be kings over My Princes?

There IS NO 13th TRIBE, and Paul/Saul the so-called 13th apostle was added to God’s Word which is a cardinal sin. Americans ignorantly see themselves as “god’s people” which of course they are. Their leaders from onslaught had ulterior motives and as a nation have done everything in their power to rid God from the face of the Earth and defile humanity. You do not seize to insult My Father and I in every way possible. UNESCO was about to erect the temple of Baal, in Central New York and London; the plan was every major city around the world. Their change in plan was false as it was to be the Roman Arch from the very start; after all, it is still the Roman Empire in charge since before Yahshuah walked the earth. The NWO is just the renewal of their covenant with Baal, and they are prematurely celebrating THEIR latest “victory”. Arches are so Roman, but they were in fact stolen from the Sumerians, as was everything else!

The official date of erection was 19th April 2016 which coincided with the first day of the 13-day pagan festival of Satan-worshiping confirming The UN connection to Satan/paganism/Illuminati/king Solomon.

The same festivities took place in Jerusalem after Solomon completed his Satanic “Temple” in the likeness of the temple of the self-appointed god of Tyre. Melquart/Baal of Tyre is also connected to the “easter” resurrection festivals with fire sacrifices: the purple-scarlet dye comes from him, linking Papacy/Holy See/sea beast to the fallen angel. The New Jerusalem has no temple because God Never asked for one. Jerusalem is a lie!  Solomon’s temple was built by king Hiram of Tyre. As the world marvels at Solomon’s “Wisdom”!

The Chinese were going to sponsor 1000 of these to show their money power and loyalty to Baal. Yes, they have most of the Gold, and the UN/IMF has made their amends by accepting the Yuan (RMB) as a basket currency, making the Dollar redundant. Behind the curtains, the “elite” set up a cunning strategy through a secret deal with fake “Chinese Elders” to exit their fraudulent dollar, while retaining their power without facing the disaster which follows.

The invasion of Europe by Muslims has one purpose above destabilizing it with chaos/fear; it is a ploy by the UN to place ISIS troops within every country they wish to invade. Chaos will allow them to bring in the “Peace Keepers” (NATO, the army of NWO/Satan). This war strategy was started by creating terrorism/ISIS to tumble borders and pave the way for the UN Agenda 2030 (Goal 11) announced by Pope Francis. This anti-christ openly worships skeletons and supports ISIS; however, almost everyone thinks he is cool. I mean a one world religion run from Satanic Jerusalem by a Baal-worshiping earthling: just as god wanted it to be? Everything about Agenda 2030 is in contrast with God and cannot function, it is a Joke and the world has swallowed it hook line and sinker.

With regard to the misconception of Our so-called “prediction” of the polar flip: We get calls telling Us that 2015 has come and gone and we are still here … hahaha!!!!

The biggest lie today is the present definition of Heliocentrism. If you have understood My explanation thereof (Earth orbit), you would have seen the signs of Earth dibbling into the opposite polarity of the Sun in December 2015. YOU know this as Global Warming because the CIA (SS) told you so. In the process of crossing the Sun’s equatorial plane, Earth was pulled free by Her spiral velocity. To date, Her magnetic North axis point has moved greatly from what it used to be. Normally, without Earth’s Secondary orbit, She would go straight into the opposite field, but this time the tumble is added, giving Her sideways approach velocity. It is very hard to say when She will line up (Matthew 24:36). Passing year 2015 leaves Earth in injury time. Her most likely crossing period is December as that is the highest point of the spiral, but the faithful one is prepared as though it comes now.

There is confusion with regard to Nibiru/Planet X. Because Earth is not going that way around the Sun, there is no danger of impact. However, the dust trail it is leaving behind is what is of Great Concern as they are ferrous rocks. The moment Earth crosses the Equatorial plane of the Sun and flips polarity, She becomes a large magnet for a brief moment. That will attract a large portion of that dust and so much more, like space junk (Revelation 16:21). No gold, silver or baal will save YOU, and bunkers are mass graves that will be discovered by future generations. Earth will move in totality and mountains will appear.

…. it is also the most famous D-Day, Jerusalem Day and Atheist Pride Day.

From the science of Numerology point of view:

My body’s birth date: 6/6/1962: 6/6 = 3

My birthday today: 6/6/2016: 6/6/666 (The Year of Gevurah (Judgement) 2016 or 216 = 6 x 6 x 6) = 3 … and the start of Ramadan (666), an extremely holy month of fasting for Muslims.

My age today: 54: 6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6+6 = 9 (complete)

My physical conception: 11/9/1961: 11×8=88

My spiritual conception: 31/8/2012 = 44 at 22h00 (11+11) pm = 44 + 22 = 66


See YOU soon!!!!


Evaluate supporting link information on the wisdom of  The Book.

If YOU are Tzaddik and share this, DO NOT ADD OR REMOVE ANYTHING.

This is the word

of God.

Copyright © 2014 by André M. Slade & Katarína Križáni

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5 thoughts on “Author

    1. Thank you for very interesting link/information, Debramarie,

      It is great to see more and more truth about our Israel/Hebrew/Sumerian/Zulu Heavenly Kingdom coming up to light, another exciting piece of puzzle. We found a few problems or rather invitations for solutions … so … here it is:

      It is not YAHWEH’s design to use deceit and lies to achieve one’s means; the story of Pharez/Perez and his twin brother Zarah is parallel to a story of twins Jacob/Israel and Esau; one of the twins is predestined to be the firstborn and yet the real firstborn breaches his brother’s birthright and comes out first. In the story of Esau and Jacob, Esau is marked by red hair and in the latter story of Jacob’s grandchildren, Zarah is marked by a red string as a firstborn but he is breached by his brother Perez. This is not the original version of the story because Yahweh did love Jacob before he was born, and so it was decided before Pharez/Perez and Zarah were born that Pharez will be the firstborn.
      The Bible says Zarah was firstborn but came second which is contradiction in itself; you are only firstborn when you come out as first. Almighty Yahweh knows everything and designed everything perfectly. The red string modifications in the text point to the work of Satan.

      Where is it written about a 2500-year-old breach?

      In Our book We explain the prophecies of Daniel which point to the year 2014, the year Our book was published as the absolute truth thus the book of Revelation 10. The Yahuda/Judah royal bloodline brought to the world The Son of God 2000 years ago, but then it was hijacked in 754 AD by Pepin which is actually the beginning of prophecy of both Daniel and Revelation. The Royal kingship of the bloodline of The Lion of Judah was unrighteously removed, but Our Book Where To From Here: Cognition has changed it all by unleashing the truth promised by YAHWEH. In saying all of that, one must bear in mind that God or rather YAHWEH is in control and The Tribe of Judah is spread all over the world; the King could arise from anywhere. Furthermore, the present state of the British monarchy is appalling. “The Queen” is loyal to the Pope, to whom Pepin gave power; he makes the rules. Marrying her grandson off to a brown-eyed woman is enough proof that they are not about the purity that YAHWEH would expect of the Blue-eyed Israelites. We are the two Judah Lion bloodlines coming together for final marriage. Red is the color of the Vatican; they worship Gevurah/ImmaYah/Holy Spirit/The Heavenly Mother but disregard Chesed/Yahshuah/The right hand of God/The Heavenly Father; Gevurah is the female and Chesed is the male. God hates those who worship Sophia, and so do We. She is not to be put above Almighty God YAHWEH.

      As for the third link: It is part of Earth’s cycle known as The Great Year to cross the Equatorial plane of The Sun around about every 10400 carbon years (12960 present years) depending on Her journey there. Crossing is just the way it is; this is explained in Our Book. How humanity evolves from here is what is important. The lesson of good and evil has been presented and is now an intricate part of their evolution. But only when truth is established and realised will the lesson be perceived, God’s cunning way of teaching us. What is coming at the crossing will wipe the slate clean.


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